1. T

    Wanted Argos vouchers

    Looking for up to £1800 in argos vouchers. Would prefer a couple of larger amounts over loads of sub £100 ones.
  2. Jukesy01

    Argos care on ps5 controller?

    Hi Does anyone have any experience of Argos care on a PS4 or ps5 controller? im getting lots on issues with controllers (either springs going or drift) and would like to know if Argos will replace the controllers on there care policy multiple times? sounds like a good option for two years...
  3. L

    Best place to pre-order an Xbox Series X?

    Hi all, I was just wondering what the best place will be to pre-order an Xbox Series X (when they're available to pre-order)? I haven't ever pre-ordered a console before, and I haven't even bought one brand new in years, so I don't know which places are best? If anyone has had any experiences...
  4. kBm

    Trip down (Argos) memory lane Argos have created a back catalog of catalogues - proper nostalgic trip down memory lane. :smashin: Takes me right back to thumbing through the toy section at the back, wanting every Ninja Turtle merchandise going.
  5. pinnocchio

    Bargain Expired Chromecast Ultra - Argos £54 collection

    Argos are doing the Chromecast Ultra at the moment for £54 Buy Google Chromecast Ultra | Smart TV boxes | Argos
  6. A

    Argos TV recommendations

    Hello forum, Ive rtn to seek advice, as you lot are ace at angles ect Im not clueless to tek but Budget sub 500 2 viewing distances 1 directly in front 2.6 m est other angle 3 foot to the right from center & 3 m , center of tv is about 5 foot high est. Only freeview netflix no dvd...
  7. Joe Pineapples

    Question returning to Argos for a refund

    Not actually bought a tablet yet, but wondering if anyone has any experience returning one to Argos under their 30 day refund option, even if the item is unsealed, but obviously in a re-saleable condition.
  8. rousetafarian

    Bargain Argos Philips Hue White Ambiance GU10 Spot Lights - Double Pack £44.00

    Playing with some numbers here adding quantity 3 @ £44.00 to the basket means 6 bulbs for £88.00 so £29.33 each. Other combinations maybe available as it seems to be along the line of buy 2 get 1 free. Delivery may apply obv.
  9. B

    Question Which TV to buy when you're restricted to Argos? Samsung/Panasonic/LG?

    Hi all Newbie hoping for some help please! I've got a problem in that I bought a Phillips 55PUS6272 from Argos after reading the 5 star review. Unfortunately I have a couple of problems with the Phillips (tiny lip sync issue on built in apps, an audio stutter when using the receiver) and I...
  10. A

    Question Argos warranty for LG b7 oled tv.

    Can anyone help? Is the one year warranty for an LG b7 bought from Argos transferable? Reason for asking I spoke to LG yesterday and they told me it was as long as you have the receipt. However they have also replied via email stating its not.
  11. D

    Bargain Mini SNES @ Argos on eBay £ 79.99 14/01/18 check store pickup

    Will not last long, read terms etc. Nintendo Super Nintendo SNES Classic Mini Console | eBay
  12. F

    Bargain Switch price Error at argos

    Edit: looks to be expired now As others have said if you add a switch plus mario oddessey it takes it down to a bragain £89 Act now
  13. Basildon

    Answered 55 inch 4K TV from Argos around £600

    Hello, I'm after 4K TV for my Xbox1X. Due to a staff discount I'd like to stay with Argos. For mu budget I can go for huge range of products, but I'm not an expert in terms of quality. All I know it must be HDR10 for X1X. I would go for Samsung 55MU6400 or LG 55UJ670V, however I checked few...
  14. A

    Question Argos 55 Inches Television Help!

    Good afternoon, I intended to buy over 50 inches 4K television from Argos. Please help choose value for money. I intended to put it on the wall. I am into football and like amazing pictures. I have looked at (1) LG 55 UJ651V with argos reference 699/2930 and (2)Hitachi 50 HK6T74U with reference...
  15. staaiphone

    Argos cancelled but still delivered?

    I ordered a item 2 weeks ago, however after being told it will be delayed for a week or two I called in to cancel and they said yes sure and then refunded me. 5 days later I receive a email saying my item has been dispatched? Anyone experienced this before?
  16. 273K

    Question Is this a good deal? Argos Motorola dash cam

    Argos have a "special offer" on this Motorola MDC100, £90 for 2. Can't find much info about the camera online. Buy Motorola MDC100 2.7 Inch Full HD Dash Cam Silver at - Your Online Shop for Dash cams, Sat nav and in-car entertainment, Technology. I have a 12v socket in the boot so...
  17. degeneration

    N5300 at Argos

    The N5300 model at Argos - it's not on the Hisense website, so it is some re-model of an existing model that's done for exclusively for Argos? Does it have an equivalent model that I can read more about?
  18. smasha7

    Question Broken TV - Argos asking for Independent Report - Advice Needed

    Basically bought a TV from Argos in November 2015, it's packed up last week, I have sound but no picture, think the backlight has gone. Contacted Argos and they said as it's outside it's 12 months warranty I need to get an Independent report done before they will look into it any further...
  19. C

    Question LG 55LF652V for £500 in Argos - any good?

    Argos is selling new LG 55LF652V on their ebay store. I was wondering if anyone has anything to say about this TV. Thanks
  20. aVdub

    Bargain Expired TP-Link wifi plug

    Currently at Argos for £16.49 Buy TP-Link WiFi Smart Plug at - Your Online Shop for Smart plugs, Smart home, Technology.
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