1. T

    Add MA silver 300 or upgrade all to Arendal 1723s

    I currently have a monitor audio silver 5.1.2 setup with bookshelfs and centre for LCR an Arendal sub 2 and MA radius for heights. I am in the process of sorting out a proper cinema room so will be able to go to 7.x.4. So the question is do I just buy a pair of silver 300s(and eventually a 3rd...
  2. J

    Wanted Arendal 1961 Bookshelves

    Afternoon guys, putting some feelers out to see if anyone wants to part with a set of these. Preferably in white. Only looking at the bookshelves as I'm space limited. Cheers.
  3. E

    1x larger sub vs 2x smaller subs, Upgrading my subs

    I've been researching and posting quite a bit for the past week or so. After carefull deliberation I'm down to 2 choice, but first some context (since most of you ask these relevant questions) -Usage: 70% Movies / 30% Music which is why i'd like to opt for a hybrid subwoofer that can have it's...
  4. bungieben

    M&K M90 or Arendal 1961 monitors advice req'd

    Had the Kef's since May 2007 so maybe time for a change but i'm limited due to the size of the mantle piece for centre speaker. Currently 5.2 system detached house drywall walls Marantz NR1509 AVR and no interest in 4k or above until the KRP 500m dies and not interested in more than 5.2 in this...
  5. Patrik72

    Need advice on going from 7.1 to 5.1.4 or 7.1.4 in a difficult room?

    Hi, my current AV receiver, an old ONKYO TX-NR 3009 is on the brink to give up so I have started to look for a replacement and are probably aiming at Denon avr-3700 or similar. Currently I am running it in a 7.1 setup as seen in the picture below. I have a mix of speakers that works surprisingly...
  6. paulgyro

    M&K S-150THX vs Arendal Sound 1723 Monitor THX vs Monolith by Monoprice THX-460T THX : The battle of old, new, and high value THX

    Good day everyone! I know there are a lot of M&K fans around here so thought it the best place to have this discussion. I recently sold my Forte IIIs and am waiting for the Arendal 1723 THX to be delivered, no ETA as of yet. As I wait I'm of course keeping an eye on the used market as...
  7. Smurfin

    Any got any experience with Dali in-walls? H80/E80

    Hi all Need to make some decisions soon on my surround and atmos speakers for my dedicated room. I've got JBL 3677s across the front with a dual driver PSA sub...but I'm wondering what surrounds to install. Firstly, the room is small - 2.4m x 4.5m, and there is a timber frame being installed...
  8. shanieboy69

    Which speaker stands for Arendal 1723s Monitors?

    What stands are 1723s Monitor owners using? Not Tower type base. Thanks
  9. Santho

    Arendal 1723 THX LCR harsh «S» sound in vocals

    Just bought a used LCR setup consisting of Arendal 1723 THX monitors a week ago, i’ve noticed a tendency of sharp «S» sounds in the vocals when watching movies, or «sibilence» as it’s called if im not wrong…😅? It’s very noticable on some movies, less in others… movies in particular i found this...
  10. jason1wood

    From old M&K single sub to newer dual SVS 1000 or higher end single sub?

    In the next month I'm going to be looking to get new sub/s and upgrading my M&K Sound VX-1250sfx My issue is that I live in an old converted Chapel apartment with open plan 3 floors, live on my own so volume isn't an issue, but can't get pressurisation at all so fitted a couple of transducers...
  11. walshy77

    Sub Dilema...

    Morning all, So I'm in somewhat of a pickle :( Moving house in about 8-10 weeks and the missus has just told me she doesn't want my beloved Arendal Sub 3 in the living room :eek: and as we are going for the extreme minimalist look, I can understand why. I do love this sub though. We will have...
  12. B

    Help : Arendal 1723 vs B&W ct7.4 advice

    Hi, Hoping for a bit of advice. I’m looking for a set of speakers for a 7.2.2 setup. I have dedicated room 6.6x3.6m for movies and music. I’m looking at Arendal 1723s thx tower,centre,triple surrounds with sub1v and sub3 Or B&W CT7.4 LCRS all round With 2x SVS2000 pro sub
  13. Patrik72

    Keeping XTZ Cinema 1x12 or go for Arendal 1723 1s or 2xArendal 1961 1s or Arendal 1961 1v?

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum so this question might have been up several times before. As we just have built a weekend home we will have a second smaller surround sound setup there. I have decided to go for the XTZ Spirit 2 and 6 as we have limited space and they have to be wall mounted...
  14. sanjualf

    Arendal 1723 dual Sub1S vs SVS Dual SB3000 any thoughts?

    Hi All , I am wondering ( still early days) about a possible Subwoofer upgrade. I currently have dual XTZ 12.17 Edges which by the way gives nice output, but thinking about may be going back to sealed and try something different. My Current living area is 8.6m X 3.25m and a Single Subwoofer...
  15. Daddy k

    About to order svs sb3000 or arendal 1723 subwoofer 2s or others?

    So sold both my b&w pv1ds. About to order my new baby this week. So seriously help Needed. so it’s going to be either svs sb3000 or an arendal. All speakers must be white. So it rules out the rest of the higher up svs range. my budget is £1300 - £1900 My main sensible choice is the sb3000 The...
  16. salaminizer

    Question Yet another XTZ Cinema M8 vs. Arendal 1723 thread (dialog clarity & dispersion)

    Hey folks, Hope all is well. Like many of you, I'm debating XTZ (Cinema M8 Towers/Center) versus Arendal (1723 Towers/Center) for my front sound stage, but am open to any suggestions (I live in the USA). My absolute biggest requirements are: *dialog clarity from the center channel *wide...
  17. Daddy k

    svs sb3000 or arendal 1723 sub 2

    moving on from another post where i considered going dual pv1d subs, im undecided between the svs sb3000 or the arendal 1723 sub 2. they both come in at around £1300 in the white finish i need,( as the arendal has been updated so the legacy one is reduced) but the arendal has a slightly larger...
  18. M

    Best speakers LCR on-wall/in-wall speakers up to £ 1300?

    Morning all, Need some advice from the knowledgeable members here as I have no clue what the speakers below sound like.....would appreciate some advice from people who have heard or own those listed below. So my list is narrowed down to (LCR) : MK LCR either the slim/regular Ken Kreisel...
  19. mb3195

    Forum members open day - 2021 - Sony Laser, Lumagen, Trinnov, Arendal +more

    Quite a few of you would have seen my build thread over the last 3 years. Over this time I’ve exchanged quite a lot of PMs, but have only actually met a few people, so I think it will be a great opportunity to put some names and faces to peoples usernames and for fellow forum members to...
  20. crimsoneagle

    Question NAD T778 with Arendal 1961 Towers/Focal 926 or something else?

    Soon to be buying a NAD T778 and I currently have Misson M35 that are showing some mileage. Which would be a good fit I play 70% Movie material? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks
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