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  1. L

    Arendal 1961 or Kef Q series

    Hi guys I’m looking at setting up my new house with 7.2.4 in the living room (floor plan attached), I’m totally new at all of this and slowly learning but I’d really appreciate your insight & wisdom. I made another thread about subs and I’ve all but decided on a pair of Arendal 1961 1S now...
  2. F

    Arendal 1961 1v dual vs svs pb2000pro dual

    I'm thinking about whether to choose between Arendal 1961 1v dual or svs pb2000pro dual. My room is not that big. (3.5 m × 5 m × 2.5 m) The ratio of movies and music is about 7:3. which is better?
  3. O

    Subwoofer Help - Focal 1000F or SVS SB-2000 Pro or Arendal 1961

    Dear All After almost a year of searching and trying to find tradesman to help with the room, I have finally ordered M&K IW950, IC95, M40T, M50 and Marantz 6015 for my home cinema with Sony 270 projector. Now, I am looking for dual subwoofer for the system. Through some friend I can get Focal...
  4. kenshingintoki

    Traditional looking speakers as deep as Arendal 1961 speakers

    Hey. I'm doing my front room up a bit. I've got some oak bookshelves I've installed. I need some speakers to put on them. I tried my Arendal 1961s and they fit beautifully but the look of the speaker is very modern, and its a traditional room so they don't really fit. Does anyone know of any...
  5. R

    Help me choose an upgrade path - from Klipsch to Arendal or XTZ?

    Background: My family and I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Sweden. Even though we someday hope to have a dedicated room, right now we are limited to a living room setup. The current setup is a pair of Klipsch rf-82 mkII paired with an Onkyo TX-NR609 AVR. While mostly fine for movies and...
  6. Patrik72

    XTZ Spirit or Arendal 1961?

    Hi, I am set up a small surround system in our newly built weekend home. We have agreed to install a small system with wall mounted speakers as there is no possibilities to fit freestanding speakers in the room. The system will be used 80% for movie/TV and 20% music and my refference is a...
  7. M

    Arendal 1961 1s vs Real T5i

    Hello.I need help choosing a subwoofer. Currently my set is a Marantz Pm7000n with Q Acoustics 3050 speakers and a small room of about 16 m2. I listen to rock, jazz, blues and sometimes hip-hop. The subwoofer needed more for the lower lows, sometimes gently for movies. I chose ARENDAL 1961...
  8. Patrik72

    Keeping XTZ Cinema 1x12 or go for Arendal 1723 1s or 2xArendal 1961 1s or Arendal 1961 1v?

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum so this question might have been up several times before. As we just have built a weekend home we will have a second smaller surround sound setup there. I have decided to go for the XTZ Spirit 2 and 6 as we have limited space and they have to be wall mounted...
  9. Rick84

    Kef r vs Arendal 1961

    Hi, Would I be correct or incorrect in saying that KEFs r series is a comparable match for the Arendal 1961 range ? I know there is a big price difference between the Arendal 1961 towers and the smallest tower from KEF which is the r5, but the Arendals are sold direct so does that make up for...
  10. T

    Question Help! Arendal 1961 1s vs 1723 sub 1 (decisions!)

    So I have to choose between the two, price is pretty much the same. Current room size 3.6x4.6m (may change to bigger) Using: Kef R700 for mains. The 1s seems to go lower, but compared to the 1723 sub 1 its not by much? Sub 1 EQ1 20-160kHz (+/-3dB) EQ2 34-160kHz (+/-3dB 1s EQ1...
  11. M

    Arendal or REL?

    Hi all, I am looking for a replacement sub as my M&K KX-10 finally gave up and has gone to sub heaven. After lots of reading I have narrowed it down to an REL T9i or a Arendal 1961 1S. I was just wondering if I could seek some opinions from you as to which you think will be most suitable, I...
  12. TB Rich

    BK XXLS400 Vs. Arendal (1961 1S or 1723 Sub1)

    Has anyone had these subs and able to pass judgement on them? Do the Arendals have better depth and general spl output levels? I think really the main problem with my setup is the location of the sub/seating is resulting in a big null at ~40hz, which I don't think changing subs would address...
  13. crimsoneagle

    Question NAD T778 with Arendal 1961 Towers/Focal 926 or something else?

    Soon to be buying a NAD T778 and I currently have Misson M35 that are showing some mileage. Which would be a good fit I play 70% Movie material? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks
  14. DodgeTheViper

    Arendal Sound Subwoofers - Owners & Discussion

    A thread for owners of Arendal 1723 Subs, which is currently the Sub 1, Sub 2 & Sub 3. 1723 Series I've created this new thread as the speculation about this exciting new range will very soon come to an end. So the real pics and real world testing & comments can go in here.
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