1. IndianaBlues

    5G Mifi -> Deco Mesh -> Archer Router Config Suggestions?

    Hi, long story short I usually have an Archer VR2800 from a Sky FTTC connection, with a Deco mesh in Router mode connected to it by ethernet. The Decos predominantly control my lights, echos and smart sockets, while the VR2800 is used for work VPNs, Sky, Netflix etc. Sky disconnects on Friday...
  2. mr starface

    Sky Router vs Archer VR600

    I am upgrading to Sky ultrafast next week and have just received a new router, model number SR204. I replaced my last Sky Router with an Archer VR600 so was wondering if I should stick with the Archer or if this latest Sky router will be a better option? That is assuming the Archer can be used...
  3. exponential

    Question TP-Link Archer VR900 v3 & VR2100 v1 comparison.

    Hi all. I'm looking into replacing my BT Home-Hub 6 as I find it very frustrating to use within the web interface. I have numerous smart plugs and WiFi extender sockets but it fails to recognise half of them even though they are the same manufacturer and type. When I do get it to recognise...
  4. cjx

    Question VPN on a TP link Archer VR 2600

    Quick question, hopefully someone can put me out of my misery. Can I setup a vpn on a Archer VR2600 as Ive googled and seen some people saying its possible but no actual instructions. I do own one but cant see anything in the main menu apart from ipsec which I assume(after googling) uses...
  5. jammie*dodger

    Question TP-Link Archer D2 - No LAN after FW upgrade

    Hi, does anyone else have the TP-Link Archer D2? I updated the firmware today and now have no LAN connectivity. Wifi is fine but nothing on ethernet has a connection. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Rob.
  6. I

    Netgear N600 v TPLink Archer C9

    Hi I've been unhappy with the wifi coverage at home from my Netgear N600 WNDR3700v4 and have seen the TPlink Archer C9 at PCWorld for 79.99. Can anyone advise if the TPlink will be significantly better than the Netgear or would I be wasting my money upgrading. We have Kcom superfast fibre and...
  7. J

    Piggybacking a TP-LINK AC750 Archer C2 on a Sky SR102

    After reading 100 s of posts on this and other forums can someone please confirm that what I propose doing is correct as I am now more than a bit confused.(Not difficult for us pensioners) We are on a Sky Unlimited Fibre service using their SR102 Hub. Along with a lot of people we suffer from...
  8. R

    TP Link Archer C9 Router - Cant Connect

    Hi guys. Ok I am not that dumb (apparently) but I just cant get my new router connected and working properly. Its a TP Link Archer C9 and it keeps telling me that the WAN port is unplugged. I have simply swapped over from my previous Voda supplied router. The modem cable coming in from the...
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