1. efernandezjr

    Using HDFury Arcana to get LLDV to my Epson HC4000 projector with Zidoo X9S and ATV4K...

    EDIT: Hello again, fellow Home Theater nerdlings! So after doing an exhaustive search over the last day, I've discovered that it looks like the DV min/max luminance ONLY AFFECTS DV output. So if it's DV content or anything you've run through the VS10 processor, the DV Min/Max luminance setting...
  2. pressslav

    HD Fury Arcana for LG C1 65 + Shield Pro+ Sonos Arc setup lip sync issues?

    Hey, The HD Fury Arcana is advertised on their website as being able to fix the lip-sync issues between external HDMI devices and the Sonos Arc, has anyone here tried that for sure and it resolved their issues? I ordered the Arcana yesterday but I'm not sure if it will be the solution I need...
  3. K

    Sound problems with hdfury arcana, sonos arc and samsung tv

    Hi, I have a samsung ue55nu8000 4k tv with hdmi arc, virgin tv 360 box and sonos arc soundbar. i have connected the eArc out on arcana to sonos arc, hdmi out on arcana to hdmi in (arc) on samsung tv, and hdmi in on arcana to virgin tv 360 box. i am getting sound fine on the virgin box, but...
  4. A

    Lip sync issues: switch to use with Sonos Beam, Sky Q, HDFury Arcana setup?

    Sorry this is long. I thought I'd just put it out there as it may be of interest to others in the same boat; maybe someone has some bright idea of something else I can try. Right now, I do not have a solution to this. The problem: As others have found on various forums, lip sync is out using...
  5. B

    HD Fury Arcana

    Hi, all, I want know how to connect my lg arc TV and my Sonos arc speaker with the Fury Arcana I am using sky q as source as well as the tv.
  6. T

    Controlling Sonos Beam Through Arcana HDFury Switch

    Hi, I have recently purchased a home cinema set-up consisting of: Optoma UHD38 4k Projector Sonos Beam Amazon FireCube (CEC is enabled) Arcana HDfury switch (firmware updated to v0.84 and audio set to Sonos Beam mode) I am unable to control the sound on the Beam or power off the projector...
  7. T

    No sound on TV with Sonos ARC and HDFury Arcana

    Hi, Just recently got the HDFury Arcana in order to get Atmos through Dolby TrueHD. From my LG TV I only get it through DD+. Current set up on the Arcana is: EARC OUT: to Sonos Arc HDMI IN: to Sony UBPx700 4k blu ray player HDMI OUT: to LG C7 OLED I get Dolby Atmos with though DTHD when using...
  8. paulefox

    Sonos Arc HDFURY Arcana HDMI switcher

    Hi, does anyone have any knowledge of a good HDMI switch that the can recommend. I have just got the arc and the fury which work great but would like to add my Apple TV as well. thanks
  9. coliander

    Connecting Stereo Headphone Amp/DAC to HDFury Vertex²

    I'm currently using a Vertex² as a switch/audio extractor to send LPCM and HBR Bitstream to my Sonos Arc through an HDFury Arcana as seen in this image: This is perfect for listening at 'normal' hours of the day. But in the evenings I'd like to be able to switch over to some headphones and...
  10. Zev191

    HD Arcana Alternatives

    Hi all, For those of you more initiated audiophiles, I wanted to know if there's usable alternatives to the Arcana. Admittedly I'm using my configuration in a very unique way and just wanted to know if there were cheaper devices available, in order to bring out the full potential of my...
  11. A

    HD Fury Arcana will lose me my TV audio?

    Being a classic example of someone with a TV only supporting ARC but interested in a SONOS ARC soundbar then my attention was drawn to the HD Fury Arcana. This would seem to do the trick as I would get a way for the audio from an HDMI input to be presented as eARC to the SONOS. But am I...
  12. H

    HDfury arcana and Sonos Arc

    I have just purchased an HDFury arcana to sort out lip sync issues with Sky q also using an HDMI splitter. Can anyone suggest the best settings on the Arcana? Also do I need to upgrade to specific HDMI cables?
  13. coliander

    Question HDfury Arcana wall mount?

    So I've just purchased myself an HDFury Vertex² and waiting on a back order for an HDfury Arcana. There's a lot going on in my AV cupboard and I'd really like to be able to wall mount both boxes in order to keep things nice and manageable. I've managed to find a Diva wall bracket here which...
  14. coliander

    Question 4K AVR to HDfury Arcana to Sonos Arc - Viable?

    So I'm currently the owner of a Samsung Q9FN Television and a Sonos Arc. I'd really like to be able to pass through LPCM 5.1 from my external sources (PS5/Xbox/Shield) to the Arc, but unfortunately the Q9FN only supports Stereo PCM passthrough and Bitstream alternatives are less than idea for...
  15. mooperman

    HDFury Arcana

    so i have nothing but handshake issues with my soundbar (sammy q90r) and my philips hue sync box. I'm thinking about taking the soundbar out of it completely but putting one of these in.. So my cabling will look like.. Devices (apple tv/ps4/blu ray...
  16. E

    Sonas Arc, HDFury Arcana, Roku Streaming stick plus

    Hi I am planning on purchasing the Sonas Arc, though due to my Samsung TV UE49KS7000 not having eARC I am also planning on getting the HDFury Arcana together with a Roku Streaming stick plus to enable Dolby Atmos from Amazon Prime & Netflix streamed content Two questions : Is this a good...
  17. J

    Samsung Q80r 2019 QLED - is HDFury Arcana the answer for eARC?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone, like me, has just updated the latest firmware this week on their 2019 Samsung QLED (Q80 in my case) to the 1371 version and stumped once again at the failure for Samsung to incorporate eARC? Have read a few forum threads about the HDFury Arcana being the...
  18. T

    Question Vizio p65-f1 -> Arcana -> Sonos Arc

    Has anyone hooked these up? My tv has ARC but not eARC. I was hoping to use the ARCANA to bring eARC to my Sonos Arc. I’m lost what I should plug into what, every time I try Sonos says something is interfering with the signal. thank you!
  19. paultee

    Question Sonos Arc and HDFury Arcana Best HDMi splitter please

    Hi Just purchased a Sonos Arc and bought an HDFury Arcana to alleviate the lipsync problems. I have an Arcam Bluray DVD UDP411 player and a Sky Q satellite receiver HD downloading 4k content. The TV is an LG LG 55EF950 OLED ARC not eARC. I require a splitter for the 2x HDMi from the Bluray and...
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