A&R Cambridge Ltd. (Arcam)
A&R Cambridge Ltd (Arcam) is a British manufacturer of AV and hi-fi equipment based in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire, England. It was formally established in 1976 by science and engineering students from the University of Cambridge.

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  1. kenshingintoki

    Wanted Trinnov or Arcam AV41

    I'm interested in a Trinnov or Arcam AV41. For the Trinnov, to get deal over the line I'd be prepared to do cash + a very competitive trade offer. I have 2x Arendal 1723 Monitors, 2x 1723S heights, 4x 1961 Atmos heights, 1x JVC N5 projector, 1x Arcam AVR390, 1x Denon 2700H and 1x Yamaha AVR...
  2. W

    Deal Agreed Arcam SA30 with warranty

    Selling my 6 month old Arcam SA30 amp as doesnt suit my current set up. Boxed and as new with remote etc. bought from Richer Sounds and has balance of 6 year warranty (will confirm date when home). Amp has been kept in my av cabinet and is unmarked, and smoke free pet free home. Looking for...
  3. nicks951

    Question Arcam AVR380 with 4k

    Hi all The heart of my AV system is an Arcam AVR380. It outputs to a Panasonic 55VT30 plasma screen. The VT30 has now developed an audio fault, so it’s being replaced by a Sony XR55A80L. However, I’ve just noticed that the 380 is only HDMI 1.4. Can anyone clue me in as to what limitations I...
  4. Zarf2007

    Bargain Arcam AVR30 for £2424
  5. N42

    For Sale Arcam AVR550 FMJ DIRAC AV Receiver

    Arcam AVR550 for sale. All complete with Remote. Power cable. Dirac calibration mic (newer version) still sealed. User Manual. Outer Box/ packaging. Originally had a problem with excessive heat build up, this was repaired and is now working flawlessly and has been given a full inspection all...
  6. Zarf2007

    Bargain Arcam AV40 for £1995 and £75 extra off these are typically brand new sealed with 5 year warranty.
  7. S

    Arcam AVR11 and PA420 set up

    Hi All I have just upgraded from a denon x4700h to an Arcam AVR11 and PA420 power amp. I run a 5.1.4 setup with four Dolby upfiring kef speakers. Unlike the denon it has been a nightmare to set up. I’m almost there but have a few questions if you would be so kind as to help. 1- if I use earc...
  8. B

    Arcam Red Light Fault

    Hi, I just purchased an Arcam AV40 from the forums. I connected my Anthony Gallo x 5 + Sub to the Amp. I noticed not much sound was coming out especially centre speaker. so I turned the volume up to 55 the amp when into Protect mode and rebooted. I logged into web ui and run the speaker...
  9. D

    Arcam Alfa One not reading cd's

    Hi, I have an Arcam Alfa One that is not reading cd's I have cleaned the laser. However if the side casing is tapped the unit starts reading. Is there an alignment issue?
  10. D

    Arcam Alfa One cd tray drive belt.

    Hello, Arcam Alfa One cd tray drive belt needs replacing. Hard to get at, any advice please? Dave
  11. K

    Arcam A15 vs SA20,- a real upgrade, or?

    I am considering the new model A15, but unsure if the sound is significant improved compared to SA20? Will be using wiim pro plus and Rega Planar for inputs. Arcam SA20 now available several places on sale. Thanks
  12. S

    For Sale Arcam AVR390 - £350

    A recent purchase as I have always wanted to try DIRAC in my system. However, I did not much care for it and felt the AVR390 sounded better with DIRAC disabled. Bought from eBay but, annoyingly, it sustained mild cosmetic damage in transit to the lower side casing - I have tried to capture...
  13. G

    For Sale Arcam AVR20 4K DV Receiver

    Hi all I‘ve got my Arcam AVR20 for sale - I’ve got this and a lesser model and realised I don’t need the power of this, hence the sale. The unit is in very good condition - I bought it privately a few months ago and I’ve had no issues with it at all, and in fact the sound quality is absolutely...
  14. B

    Arcam AVR31 - Atmos and HDMI config queries

    Hi all, been a while since I’ve been on AVForums but need a bit of help. I’ve got a Samsung 950r 8K and just ordered Sky Stream and want to upgrade my Arcam AVR600. Seen some deals come through on the AVR31 and obviously know about the AVR30 plus board upgrade deals around too. But wanted to...
  15. M

    For Sale Arcam AV9 Processor

    I've owned this from new. Purchased because it does as promised do Music every bit as well as its Home Cinema. I had the Phono board fitted which seems quite rare so it will do your vinyl as well As new condition it comes in the original box with Original Manual and Arcam CR100 Programable...
  16. D

    Arcam Alfa 7se cd eject.

    Hello, I have an Arcam 7SE cd player. Occasionally a cd is retained in the player and does not come out in the cd draw. Advice please.
  17. D

    Kenwood KA3020se or Arcam Alpha 1

    For many years the base of my system has been my trusty Kenwood KA3020se amplifier, it's done me proud in that time and (other than coveting an Audiolab 8000a) I have never really thought of replacing it. Recently however an Arcam Alpha 1 has come into my hands and I'm wondering whether it's a...
  18. kutsanagi

    For Sale Arcam AV40 2.1 HDMI and ATI AT525NC 5 Channel Amplifier.

    Hi All, I have the following for sale and they're not being used so need a good home! Anyone who knows me on here, knows I like to experiment with equipment and these are now surplus as I am happy with AVM 70 and Primare A35.8. AV40 Pristine reconditioned (the box denotes refurb, the unit is...
  19. GMAN40

    For Sale ARCAM AV860

    Hello, Selling my mint Arcam AV860 which has not missed a beat since I bought it in 2018. I am selling it due to upgrading to the AV41. It’s been in a dedicated hifi rack since new. i have the original box and all accessories. i am looking for £1000. Thanks GMAN40
  20. mehstg1319

    Arcam AVR10 vs AVR400

    Hi all I currently have an Arcam AVR400 that is quite old, but is still working perfectly. The HDMI board long gave up, but i'm feeding the TV signal in to it via optical. Obviously it doesn't support Atmos or anything modern....but sound quality wise I've been happy with it, even for hifi...
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