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  1. D

    Wanted Arcam P429

    Above amp in my interest, if you’re looking to sell for fair price please let me know
  2. Sab

    Problems connecting PS5 to LG C1 OLED with Arcam 550

    Hi. I am trying to connect my PS5 to my LG C1 tv via HDMI 2.1 input on the TV but my Arcam 550 reciever only does HDMI 2.0. I know that the LG C1 can do eARC and my Arcam 500 can do ARC. There is one HDMI cable going from my Arcam to the LG TV's eARC enabled HDMI input. When I connnect my PS5...
  3. Sab

    Connecting PS5 to LG C1 OLED via HDMI 2.1 using Arcam 550

    Hi. I am trying to connect my PS5 to my LG C1 tv via HDMI 2.1 input on the TV but my Arcam 550 reciever only does HDMI 2.0. I know that the LG C1 can do eARC and my Arcam 500 can do ARC. There is one HDMI cable going from my Arcam to the LG TV's eARC enabled HDMI input. When I connnect my PS5...
  4. Countryman1972

    Wanted Arcam A19

    Looking to source one for a friend. Must be in good to excellent condition, complete with original packaging and remote. Delivery or collection to Suffolk. Alternative Arcams considered. Thanks.
  5. Y

    For Sale ARCAM SOLO Music Gen3 in Silver - excellent condition *****

    For sale is an excellent piece of equipment :) The key features of the ARCAM Solo Music Gen3 are: – 2x 80WPC (both channels driven – 8ohms) Class G amplifier – Ultra-quiet fanless design – SACD/CD playback – Dedicated subwoofer output –...
  6. E

    Is my 5+ year old Arcam SR-250 up to date on the latest video codecs? Or is it time to buy a new one?

    I have an Arcam SR-250 AVR which doesn’t power on. I’m trying to decide whether to junk it or repair it. A lot depends on how out of date it’s video display capabilities are. Am I missing very much? The specification for it says 4k (UHD) HDMI 2.0a with HDCP 2.2. HDR10 I know it doesn’t do...
  7. K

    For Sale Arcam FMJ A28

    Arcam A28 in excellent condition Owned since new around 10 years ago. Complete with original box, manual and remote control. Tech Spec: All electronic input switching Studio grade volume control stage with +/- 0.05dB Six line level inputs plus high quality MM phono input Pre-amplifier outputs...
  8. Porschecraig

    For Sale Arcam P7 Power Amplifier Black 7x150w

    After a recent upgrade I am now selling my beloved Arcam P7 Power Amp. I have the Arcam box and outer box with packaging so easy to courier. No manual but it can easily be downloaded from Arcam website but I can email a copy if required! The unit was serviced and repaired by Arcam 3yrs ago...
  9. Ellisdj

    For Sale Arcam P429 Class G 4 Channel Power Amp Hardly used boxed mint condition

    I am selling a few of my Home Cinema bits, all have hardly been used. In this listing I am selling my Arcam P429 4 Channel Class G Power amp. I am the original owner I have the original box. I will scrutinise the physical condition more when I do the photography but I will say its in mint...
  10. Hevanna76

    Arcam AVR20 with LG G1 TV & Airplay issues

    Hi Everyone Ok so we upgraded our tech recently & I am trying to use Airplay 2 for picture & sound, I can play movies from my iPad Pro & get sound from the Arcam & LG but what I want it to do is have the sound from the Arcam & picture on the LG. If I turn off the Arcam I can use Airplay 2 to...
  11. UnseenArchives

    I'm a bit confused about the role of a power amplifier. Can you help?

    So I am currently rocking an Arcam A85 and have been recommend to pair it with a P85. However, from what I have read an A85 is just a P85 with a pre-amp and controls – so how on earth could it make sense to bypass the amplification of the A85 and use the same of the P85 and expect to see a...
  12. G

    New Receiver - moving on from a deceased Yamaha RX-A1030

    I'm facing a bit of multifaceted kind of dilemma.... My Yamaha RX-A1030 died a couple of months ago, and was around £500 to fix, so that was written off... So I need to replace. The Yammy was driving B&W M-1s with a REL T-5; with the front L&R M-1s presently being driven my an old Denon...
  13. HariSeldon

    For Sale Arcam P349 - 3 Channel 200W - Class G

    Arcam P349, 3 channel power amp for sale. Fully working, in excellent condition.,fmj,power-amplifiers,p349.htm £1699
  14. J

    IR extender Q

    Can anybody point me at a suitable IR extender for an ARCAM AVR10 receiver, one that plugs plugs into the back via cable rather than a repeater dot if possible (for keeping it all tidier in a cupboard)? It'd just be made up of the IR receiver, a power supply & cable that plugs into the AVR...
  15. T

    Arcam avr5 vs avr390

    I have a small window to return my recently purchased avr390. The avr5 is $500.00 more with Bluetooth, wifi, apple play, google play. No 2nd room and dirac which i must pay for although at a 50% discount.(the 390 came with a basic dirac package) My question is, Is the 390 a better unit with less...
  16. Wowarning

    Arcam atmos question

    I'm considering an Arcam AV10 or AV20. I'm aware that they don't allow reassigning the amplifiers, but don't know how that would impact my intended use. I'm currently running 5.2 but would like to add 2 atmos ceiling speakers. Will I be able to use the internal amplifiers for this, or are they...
  17. Rick84

    For Sale Arcam AVR30

    This is a very reluctant sale of my Arcam AVR30. Purchased from PT in Aug of this year as a refurb unit. The amp itself is in perfect working order with zero scratches/scuffs. I have the box, manual, setup mic & usb cable, remote and both the antennas for wifi & Bluetooth. I paid £3500 so I’m...
  18. C

    Power amp for Arcam Solo Mini

    Looking to add more power to an Arcam Solo Mini, using the output option to add a power amp. Ideally looking for a half-width size format to roughly match the Arcam size and fit in fairly tight space. The Cyrus power amps look ideal, but would they match in terms of impedance/ matching gain etc...
  19. aq111

    Replacement U-Link for Arcam 8P power amp?

    Hello, could someone give me some advice here please. I recently bought a used Arcam 8P power amplifier online only to find the U-Link to convert it to mono operation is missing. I've searched the internet but can't find a replacement. I need one because I already own an Arcam 8P and I want to...
  20. C

    Arcam stereo amp with Pioneer AVR

    I’ve bought a vintage Pioneer SC LX82 to join my Arcam 8r which I use for phono and cd (I do stream as well, it’s not all 1990s!). I want to continue using the same floorstanders for both. Given most of my listening is when watching movies would people favour running music and surround setups...
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