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  1. gingerninja72

    Arcam Solo - still a good option?

    Thinking of getting something to play my dusty CDs, the demise of Google Play music has hit my listening habits through Sonos. Wondering if this is still a solid choice? Can see that you can get a Solo Mini or Music pretty cheap these days (c £150 ish) & was thinking of pairing with Dali Spektor...
  2. G

    For Sale Arcam rPlay

    For Sale - Arcam rPlay Music Streamer Very good condition - still with original packaging. However, there are small marks which you might be able to see on the photos (on request unless I work out how to add them). Excellent device but I just don't use it enough.
  3. bootyman81

    For Sale Arcam AV9 *SOLD*

    Selling my beloved Arcam AV9 processor, I’ve owned it since new for about 10 years it was bought from Sevenoaks S&V in Hove & was the flagship processor at the time its in excellent condition, I’ve looked it over & I can’t even see a mark or scratch on it its performed faultlessly over the...
  4. S

    Wanted Arcam lead

    I hope this is ok posting here as I can not post in the amplifier classified section as I have an add running I am after the accessories lead for the Arcam A19 amplifier, 3.5 jack to 2 x 2.1 barrel plugs if anybody has one they no longer need.
  5. T

    For Sale Arcam AVR850 7-channel AV Receiver

    This awesome Arcam AVR850 is owned from new. Purchased from Sevenoaks Sound and Vision, Reading, in July 2019. It is in perfect condition. Includes original box, manual and all accessories. Arcam AVR850 Specification: Offering a level of sound quality that is far above competing receivers...
  6. LuvCVs

    Wanted Arcam FMJ P7 wanted, but only need binding post/posts

    Has anyone got this amp? I don't need for it to be working as I have this amp, so if you have it and can't be bothered to get it repaired and have it stuffed somewhere :D I need some speaker binding posts from it as 3 channels on mine were damaged when I bought it, they work, but look bad while...
  7. LuvCVs

    Question Arcam FMJ MS250 operating system on hard drive?

    Hi, I picked up this CD player for pennies because there might be a problem with the hard drive. Just want to know, does it have the OS stored on the hard drive or? I know it uses Windows ME, but I am thinking if it's stored on the HD then that is going to be one really hard fix? I presume...
  8. S

    Wanted Arcam DV-139

    Anybody got one of these knocking about they're looking to get rid of? Been keeping an eye on eBay but none have emerged for quite a while now. Strong preference for silver.
  9. H

    Arcam a85 does not power up.

    Hi, my arcam a85 did not turn on one evening. Changed fuse in the plug and popped cover off to check internal fuses which look ok. Any advice or where I could take it to be looked at. I live in Colchester. Thanks
  10. techted

    Question Recommendations for an amp to add to an Arcam 850 + P429

    I currently have a 7.2.4 setup with an Arcam AVR850 powering the LCR, surrounds and back (7 speakers) and an Arcam P429 powering 4 in-ceiling Atmos speakers. Am contemplating adding an external amp to power the LCR speakers and using the 850 to power the surrounds/back or maybe using an external...
  11. G

    For Sale QED, Atlas Speaker Cables & Interconnects, Arcam Microphone.

    I’m having a clear out! QED Revelation Signature Speaker Cable, Airloc bananas, 3m x 2 £50 QED Revelation Signature Speaker Cable 1.5m x 2 £25 Atlas Hyper Speaker Cable 2.0 1m x 2 £25 Atlas Equator Mk 111 Subwoofer Interconnect RCA - RCA 2m £35 Tower Audioquest RCA-RCA Analogue...
  12. S

    For Sale Nad 304 amplifier

    I have a Nad 304 Amp in very very good condition for its age , comes with instructions but no original box. It’s in full working order and I have been using it for about a week and would like to move it on now I have the Arcam I can post this or collection is ok as long as Covid rules applies...
  13. LuvCVs

    Wanted Arcam FMJ Gear

    Hi, Just after anything with from the Arcam FMJ range, even if it has a fault, but not a serious fault (blown up or caught fire) After remotes mainly, CR-80 for the FMJ AV8 also for CR-415 for the DV29 DVD player... Will pay for a courier myself to have items picked up so no going out to help...
  14. Scott J Lewis

    For Sale Arcam a29 amplifier

    Hi, I'm selling my Arcam a29 amp. Bought from Sevenoaks and has been very well looked after. It comes with remote and box. Collection only unless agreed a drop off if localish. Open to sensible offers Thanks Scott
  15. ahaydock

    Question Advice on Music Streamer for my Arcam / KEF Set Up

    I have an Arcam AVR550 and KEF R500’s in my living room for stereo. Currently use Spotify Connect on the avr or Tidal / Amazon HD via my Apple TV 4K for music streaming. I am looking for a music streamer and have looked at the Bluesound Node 2i, Cambridge Audio CXN V2 and NAD C 658 and wondered...
  16. O

    Last firmware ARCAM AVP700

    Hello I would like to upadate the firmware in my AVP700 that I bought recently . At this moment the version is 3.29 and I have some problems when the volume level is just above 78db in stereo mode ( but it's same thing for anothers modes but level is different ) , the sound become very strong...
  17. Jabwylie

    Arcam AVR850 Atmos Playback Question (Surround Mode Selection needed)

    When I got my 1st 2 Atmos speakers I couldn't get Atmos to play , after speaking to Arcam they said I had to enable 'surround' in the modes available and then the unit would kick into Atmos mode when the correct format was identified. From my Oppo 103 or Panasonic DMP-UB900 when playing back...
  18. U

    Arcam Alpha 9 Amplifier

    Hi, I have a 20 year old Arcam Alpha 9 integrated amplifier, and I'm looking to purchase a pair of Proac Tablette 10 speakers. I would like to know whether the amplier will do justice to the speakers,or whether I should purchase a new amp too? The system is intended to be used in a carpeted...
  19. M

    Arcam SA30 No WI Fi connection

    Hi guys, I’m just getting this new amp up and running but having problems getting it to connect to Wi Fi. when I turn on the amp and go into settings on my ipad there is no selection for Arcam? Any Ideas? Thanks, Mike.
  20. V

    Question Arcam fmj P7

    Hi. This is probably a rather long... long shot but i am after a “ damaged “ arcam p7 . I am actually just wanting the chassis in black really. thanks in advanced
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