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  1. P

    arcam irdac 2

    hi if anybody is selling there arcam irdac 2 please let me know and how much with p+p thanks paul
  2. M

    Question Newbie looking for the right remote

    I have inherited an old Arcam FMJ A22 which works like a charm, but sadly it came to me without a remote. I saw a post here talking about the remotes that works with it, but that was from back in 2008. Do you know of any remote that works with the amp that i can get my hands on today...
  3. J

    Arcam AVR550 vs AVR10

    Sorry I’ve posted several comparison questions recently but here’s another. I can get an AVR10 for £2100 and as it’s the latest thing is it the one to go for I know there are bugs but they will get ironed out, there are still a few avr 550 around at £1700 and from what I can see it still has...

    For Sale Arcam 550, Nord NC500 3ch power amp and Umik 1 Microphone

    I need more channels so I very reluctantly selling my Arcam 550, Nord 3 Channel power Amp and the Umik1 microphone. All were bought in August 2019 and are in pristine condition, the remainder of the warranties are in place. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– That's 4 years 7 months for the Arcam, 19...
  5. barrywi

    Arcam AVR 850 using atmos

    I have an Arcam AVR 850 used in 5.1 mode with spare amp channels bi amping the front speakers. No room for 7.1 side speakers. Vaguely thinking of trying to add Atmos using up firing speakers such as Dali ( to match my other Dali speakers) on the top of the current Rubicon 6 s. I would need to...
  6. Craig uk

    For Sale Arcam ~ CD37

    Moving to a one box streaming solution and as such my CD/SACD player is now up for sale. The Arcam CD37 is widely reported to be the best player Arcam have made, those of you who still prefers physical media will be right at home with the CD37, both cd & Sacd sounding excellent with no fatigue...
  7. J

    Yamaha RXA3080 or Arcam AVR10??? Also speaker location

    Hi all I posted I was looking at a few amps well I’ve demoed quite a few to day and basically I think I need to spend some money, I know for a lot of people on here paying out thousands is no big deal but for me at this point it is. I have had two Yamaha and the current one is an RXV673 which I...
  8. R

    arcam a85 users

    Hi , any users of the a85? I need some advice , i recently bought one used, one of the issues is the output volume. I have compared the a85 at 85 watts per channel against a marantz and a sony both at 40 watts per channel. I am finding that I need the arcam volume at around 45-50 out of 72 to...
  9. hamid22

    Wanted Arcam AVR-390

    Wanted Arcam AVR-390 Av Reciever
  10. P

    Bi-Amp Arcam Solo Neo

    Hi I have an Arcam Solo Neo and am looking to get some new speakers and to combine with a power amp in a bi-amp arrangement. I want to keep the Solo Neo as I like it and was thinking of adding a second hand Arcam P85 or P35 amp. Has anyone tried this combination? Will it work ok? For...
  11. Mroy62

    Arcam AVR390: Help setting up 5.1

    I have recently purchased this beautiful amp/receiver. My speaker configuration is: two front, one centre, 2 subs and 2 rear. I had assumed that the rear speakers are connected to the SBR and SBL. is that correct? Or should they go in the SR and SL? The reason I ask is that when I set my speaker...
  12. Cynar

    For Sale Arcam P7 Power Amplifier

    For sale is my Arcam P7 seven channel power amp. 150 watts per channel at 8 Ohms all channels driven. Superb beast of an amp that weighs 31kg. It’s in excellent condition with one slight rub mark on the front. I don’t think there are any elsewhere, but it’s in a cabinet so I can’t be sure. It‘s...
  13. AlexVOiceover

    Arcam A38. Worth repair?

    My much loved Arcam A38 is dead. I checked it in a local repair shop and they told me that has to be send to Arcam. Arcam has a flat fee of £275 for repairs. I would like to hear your opinions regarding if it worths to repair it or I should use the money to buy a new amp. Thanks!
  14. T

    Arcam Alpha7......upgrade...or replace??

    Arcam Alpha 7 player has served me well for 20+ years now:) (OK...had to replace the transformer a few years back...but hey-ho!) How much have cd players 'moved on' now, in terms of sound quality. Might I benefit from a more current DAC...and if so...where do I start to look? Opinions most...
  15. M

    For Sale ARCAM 10 DAVE Amplifier with 2x ARCAM 10 P3 amps

    I have the above 3 amps that formed part of my surround system (Bi-Amping the fronts and centre). All in good condition and working order, still producing a stunning sound in HIFi or 5.1 configuration. All in original boxes with manuals and remote. Anybody interested as complete or separates ?
  16. Soepy

    Arcam sr250

    Hi I have an old Arcam power amp PA10 and was wondering if I get the sr250 if I could bridge it for stereo listening please if anyone knows? Is it also virtual upfiring Atmos? TIA 👍
  17. R

    Arcam a85 vs old sony str-6055

    I have an old 70's sony str 6055 amp receiver and recently bought a used arcam a85 in the thought that the arcam would sound better , and be louder ( 85 watts vs sony 40 per channel) but have to say the sony is much louder and sounds better - the arcam is nice , its detailed but quite laid back...
  18. B

    Question Buzzing Arcam Solo Movie 5.1

    First of all merry Christmas everyone Just set up my solo movie 5.1 1st gen. When I first turn it on there's a buzzing sound from the speakers, and only the speakers not the reciever. Then after about 5 mins it disappears and stops buzzing. Does anybody have an explanation for this? Thannksss
  19. General Skanky

    Arcam AVR850 Remote Control

    How do you reset it please? –– ADVERTISEMENT –– Keeps freezing. Have to keep removing the remote control batteries. Or is it am amp reset/firmware thing? Thanks.
  20. H

    Arcam FMJ A39 amplifier and irDAC II best connections

    I have recently acquired the Arcam irDAC II which is to be connected to my Arcam A39 integrated amplifier. On the rear of the A39 are audio inputs labelled phono, CD, Tuner, SAT, BD, PVR, and AV. Which of these is the best for my irDAC? Arcam gives some advice on what to connect to which input...
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