1. R

    URGENT: Connecting Soundbar and Google Chrome to old TV without ARC HDMI

    Hi there, I'm desperate for some help! I have a Panasonic Viera TH-P42s10z 42" Plasma TV, a Panasonic 2.1 Channel Soundbar + Wireless Subwoofer SC-HTB488GNK, as well as a 3rd Generation Chromecast. The chrome cast works great - however I have no volume coming from the TV through my soundbar...
  2. T

    Q60 TV ARC connection to Yamaha YAS109 keeps dropping

    I need some inspiration! I’ve got a Q60 TV connected to a Yamaha YAS 109 soundbar with HDMI ARC. However I keep getting the error message on TV that the soundbar isn’t connected / recognised. The soundbar then doesn’t work. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do to fix it? Thanks!
  3. C

    Yamaha RX-A1060 ARC Not working with Panasonic Smart TV

    I have a Yamaha RX-A1060 AVR connected to Panasonic TH-65GX600 Smart TV. I have HDMI 1 Out (ARC) of Yamaha 1060 connected to HDMI In 2 (ARC) of Panasonic TV. The TV will not detect the AVR in CEC menu, and there is no sound via AVR when the TV is playing Youtube or Netflix. I can only get the...
  4. T

    LG SK9500 ARC / Magic Remote issues

    Hi all, I've recently got a JBL Bar 5.1 to go with my 65SK9500. I'm only using LG apps for content (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube) and everything is updated to latest version. I want to use the Magic Remote to control everything for simplicity. When connecting the soundbar via ARC - there's a...
  5. mozart666

    Question Sony DH520 bravia sync (CEC) and ARC problem

    I have DH520 and XG80 and bravia sync does not work. TV in any case does not see the receiver. I can only send sound to the receiver via optics. PlayStation 4 works with tv BRAVIA Sync perfectly, visible in the list is controlled by the remote. (mean sync is work) sync on/off I tried all the...
  6. nickylewis

    For Sale Microsoft Surface Arc Wireless Bluetooth Mouse - Aqua - With Protective Case

    Selling due to lack of use - in perfect condition. Mouse comes boxed with included battery and a protective hard case.
  7. 8

    How to "fix" ARC issues

    I need some help. I'm asking this in the general section for greater visibility. Sounds like ARC issues are somewhat common so looking for any suggestions. tldr: What have you done, or read about, that fixed ARC issues. long version. I have an old plasma and a atmos soundbar. The TV Doesnt...
  8. M

    Question Advice for new AVR with ARC

    Hi all. I have a 65” Sony 900F TV, 3 Chane A2.4 speakers, 2 DCM cubes as surrounds and an SVS PB2000 sub in my apartment. I’m currently using a 15 year old Yamaha receiver to power everything and while it’s fine, it doesn’t have ARC so I have to use multiple remotes. I also run Apple TV and an...
  9. N

    For Sale NAD T758 (v2: 4 x HDMI, ARC, DTS HD Master, Dolby TrueHD)

    For sale is my NAD T758 receiver. It is essentially the V2 variant as it has NAD’s VM120 module and AM100nz, which give the lossless decoding formats of DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD found on Blu-ray, and Dolby Digital + found elsewhere. It also has arc, CEC and 3d passthrough. Please...
  10. BPohl09

    Question Marantz NR1608 - HDMI ARC & AirPlay Issues

    I recently purchased my first Marantz product, the NR1608 A/V Receiver, and have been having some annoying issues with HDMI ARC and AirPlay. I'm new to the A/V receiver world as I've always had a soundbar so it could very well be something I have setup wrong or am just missing. But I tried...
  11. M

    Does all soundbars suffer from loss, ARC, speakers etc

    Im planning to go from a full 5.1 speaker/amplifier setup to a soundbar. I got a Samsung Qled Q70R TV that the soundbar is gonna be connected to. Since i have a samsung TV i at first was looking for a samsung soundbar but has read alot of people having trouble with handshake ARC, loosing...
  12. F

    Help please. Q60 has no Dolby through HDMI ARC? Really?

    My new Samsung Q60 (43 inch) will not now allow me to choose Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus even though my AVR receiver supports those formats. Instead, those options are greyed out on the audio output menu on the Samsung settings screen. The problem appears to be independent of whatever...
  13. W

    Arc hdmi splitter

    Howdy all, new to projector home theatre setups and the forums. I bought a BenqW2700 projector but I have run into a problem. I run my Samsung tv through my soundbar via the ARC and wanted to run the projector through the same input. The guy at video pro said hdmi splitters that support hdmi...
  14. J

    Question Dolby Atmos Soundbar for a small TV room

    I’m looking to upgrade my current (upstairs) TV room, which is a small (9ft x 8ft) room which currently has: Samsung HD UE46D7000 2011 TV Wallmounted (purchased from Richer Sounds) Sony HT-AS5 5.1 Home Theatre System Plugged into this set-up is/will be: Sky Q Apple TV 4K...
  15. herbert mako

    HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) not working

    Hello everyone, am currently facing a challenge in connecting my Dav DZ350 home theatre system to my sony Bravia Tv using the HDMI ARC. the TV remote finally controls the home theatre system and the TV but with no audio output from the sound system. Any help please
  16. C

    Arc Problems

    I have a problem with my Samsung qe65 tv and my Yamaha rx- v675. I go to the TVs sound output and the hdmi connection doesn’t show up ,I’ve turned arc on, on both the tv and the amp. My amp doesn’t support [email protected] so I’m not able to run everything through the amp. I have my devices running...
  17. Original Star wars fan

    Question Anyone else having Denon AVRX-2600 turning into stanby while using ARC & Netflix from Panasonic FZ952 OLED?

    Having an odd issue - when using the ARC for watching the inbuilt netflix - after approx 20 minutes the amplifier goes into standby and the audio is transfered back to the OLED! It doesn't do this via XBOX ONE X or SKY Q... Tried turning off the HDMI controls and it still does it ... any...
  18. aab163

    Yamaha RX850 and samsung TV - Arc

    Hi I am having some difficulties to get a clear view on my Samsung N5300 TV connected to my Yamaha RX850A receiver. I have connected a high speed HDMI with Ethernet from the receiver to the TV using the ARC enabled HDMI ports on both devices. I have tried to enable/diasable the ARC...
  19. A

    Marantz SR5013 issues with ARC and much more

    Hello, a few weeks ago I decided to make a 'refresh' of my old system that was Panasonic ST60 plazma paired with Onkyo TX-SR508 7.1 receiver , Bi-Amped with PSB Alpha speakers and Energy sub (5.1). I was unlucky that some short circuit (could be due to the storm) burned my HDMI board on Onkyo...
  20. theboyroberts

    C9 Audio Issues Via ARC in Game Mode

    Hi folks, I have a LG C9 which I connect to my Sonos Beam via the ARC port. I'm using a xBox One X and a PS4Pro as my main consumption devices for Netflix, iPlayer and games. I am experiencing some problems with the sound which are driving me to distraction! When the TV is set to any mode...
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