1. L

    85" TV Budget upto £3k and compatible with Sonos Arc (eArc)

    re. 85" TV Budget upto £3k and compatible with Sonos Arc (eArc) It'll be in a windowless room and used solely used for watching Films and Sport and maybe some intermittent gaming. Is there anything out there for that budget? *also to add I haven't bought the Sonos Arc and SL pack.. My...
  2. P

    Question Sonos Arc - Does it require a square room?

    I'm considering purchasing a Sonos Arc and a pair of Sonos One SL's. Some of the reviews I have read suggest that for the left and right Arc channels to work properly you need a square room, ie the left and right channels ideally should bounce off the walls. Is this true? Please see my proposed...
  3. Mizzymooma

    Question Panasonic x750 into Denon x3500 no sound over ARC. Help needed please, details in comments..

    Checklist: Hdmi input on Panasonic is arc Same with the output on the denon Denon has everything turned on in the HDMI section, audio switching on etc. Panasonic has Viera settings turned on. Mostly I use my xbox for all media so this hasn't been an issue, but recently I have used the inbuilt...
  4. blueberryjoe

    Denon AVR-1712 - Can't Select "TV" Input for ARC

    Hi, I have a TCL 5-Series TV I'm trying to connect to a Denon AVR-1712 using ARC. The TV has built in Roku, so I want to send audio over HDMI ARC to the Denon, while using apps such as Netflix on the TV itself. I've connected HDMI from the ARC port on the TV to the ARC port on the Denon...
  5. P

    65 sm 9010 arc issue

    Hi, I have a new 65SM9010, every time I try to set the arc on the tv, it reverts back to internal, managed to get it working by unplugging the hdmi, but not working when tv was switched off and on, amp is Pioneer vso-930, I’ve switched on the arc in the settings on the amp. Any thoughts would be...
  6. R

    LG UH625V ARC issue

    Hi, I have a LG55UH625V and a Yamaha RX-D485. I can’t get the ARC to seem to work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. T

    HDFury Vertex2 and Sonos ARC question

    I am upgrading my LG Plasma HD TV to an OLED LG65GX (eARC) and currently also using a Sony HD Projector (only 1 viewed at a time).. So I will need a new 4k 4x2 switch like an HDFury Vertex2 to upgrade from my old 4x1 Octava hd41 switch which the output currently goes through another 1x2 switch...
  8. GaryPSU

    startup audio delay on arc connection

    Any way to avoid startup audio delay on arc connection from my LG C9?
  9. P

    LG lcd 49UM7100PLB - hdmi arc - drop outs requiring power cycling

    My LG TV was swapped into a Sony fhd set up that went HDMI ARC to ARC and had three sources connected to the av amplifier. Speakers are floorstanders and subwoofer. The Sony tv required only one HDMI to be used and the amplifier managed the sources. This worked with great audio and no lip sync...
  10. 2

    No sound from Sony HT-XF9000 soundbar when connected to LG B8 OLED via ARC HDMI

    When I connect my Sony HT-XF9000 to my LG B8 OLED using the ARC port, I get sound through the sound bar for about 10 seconds and then the tv automatically switches the sound output to TV internal speakers, and then even when I manually switch the tv output to ARC there is no sound, I have to...
  11. dougan

    ARC and Atmos, DTS HD etc

    I am a little confused regarding this. If your TV is connected to your AV amp via ARC, it will not play any of the lossless audio types? If I want to watch a Amazon prime program with a Atmos sound track, how are you meant to listen to it?
  12. C

    Sonos ARC crackle conundrum

    Hi Guys - getting a crackle from my Sonos arc when watching blu ray movies in Dolby atmos. Watching the movies on a Xbox one linked to a 65PUS8204/12/12 via HDMI to ARC port. Then HDMI to ARC port on the sound bar from the TV. I can see via the Sonos app I get Dolby atmos signal however at...
  13. W

    some very basic help needed with arc.

    I have an lg b9 and an old yamaha rx-675 av amp. Plugged into the AV is my virgin box and a 4k firestick. The output from the AV is connected to HDMI 1 HDMI 2 is labelled ARC and there are other HDMI ports. So i could plug my firestick and virgin box into the TV however how do I connect the...
  14. T

    Question Extract HDMI-eARC audio while not disturbing HDMI-eARC feed

    I need to extract the audio signal from HDMI-ARC cable that connects my TV to a sound bar.This will allow me to send the audio signal to bluetooth transmitter while others lisen to the sound bar output.The extracted audio can be analog/SPDIF. Is there a device that will allow me to do this?
  15. B

    LG OLED C9 -> Sonos Arc -> Apple TV Sound Problem

    I searched the C9 forum before posting this but could not find a reference to this problem. I have the setup shown in the title and the Apple TV is the latest version. When the Apple TV is set to Dolby Atmos, it plays Dolby Atmos content perfectly. However, on that same Apple TV setting, Dolby...
  16. A

    Sonos Arc + Sub + 2 One's setup dissapointing - Replacement suggestion?

    Hello, I've recently upgraded my living room audio setup from a Sony HT-ZF9 which was ok but the Dolby Atmos was not that present. Because I already owned 2 Sonos One gen 2 i've decided to buy a sonos arc and a sonos sub which i have paired with the Ones for a full home theater. After many...
  17. A

    Question Arc soundbar - strange issue

    Hi all, after a long time I eventually managed to pair my connect amp to the arc and sub to get it to provide the surround channels - turns out the sonos wireless was creating a network loop of two. After finally sorting now I have a very strange issue and was wondering if anyone had any...
  18. S

    Question Yamaha RX-V681 ARC compatibility with newer tv's (E-ARC)

    Hi, So I recently upgraded my 2015 LG tv to a 2020 NANO90 model and the audio return channel feature has never worked on this new tv, everything is set up on the tv & the amp for arc to work but there's no sound. Regarding the arc settings on the tv though, there;s an option to turn on eArc...
  19. S

    Question LG 55NANO906NA Hdmi Arc Issues

    Hi, Been using my new LG 55nano906na for a few weeks now and I'm having major issues with trying to use the hdmi arc feature, which was was working fine with my previous LG (a 2015 model 49uf850v 3d tv paired with a Yamaha rx-v681) . Now I'm sure it was working at one point with the new nano90...
  20. Captainkrk

    Please explain LG C9 ARC

    Ok...I just bought an LG C9 not to long ago and I am having some issues that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I have my Xbox one X hooked up direct to TV (for vrr and dolby vision and other things as my onkyo receiver doesn't support eArc only Arc). Now I'm confused as I know normal arc...
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