1. B

    Sony XH90 with Sonos Arc - Lossless Atmos

    Hi All, Just taken deliver of a Sonos Arc and G3 Sub, connected up to a Sony XH90. Been running a number of tests using the internal apps and pretty happy so far, with Dolby Atmos (compressed) feed via Netflix. I’ve been trying to run through some lossless Atmos to hear the difference (plus...
  2. M

    Sonos arc position

    Hi I am building a chimney breast with a 65 inch LG TV. I want to add a Sonos arc. My problem is that due to my fire I have a minimum height I must place the tv and arc from. The tv on its own is fine at this height but if I add the arc in it pushes the tv too high and the viewing angle is...
  3. reklor

    For Sale Sonos Arc (3 months old/JL 2 year warranty) - £630 delivered

    Sonos Arc (Black) Purchased November 2020 from John Lewis and includes 2 year warranty (will include printed receipt). Mint condition with original box and same shipping carton it arrived to me in. £630 included insured courier delivery
  4. N

    For Sale Sonos Arc, Sub Gen 3, Pair of One SL, Brand New

    As above, new, sealed boxes, Sonos Arc Surround Set. All units are black. Collection only please (from York).
  5. C

    For Sale Onkyo TX-RZ820 AV receiver THX

    Bought new around April 2020. Includes power cable, remote and calibration microphone. THX 4K Dolby Atmos ARC HDCP 2.2 Works and looks great. Sounds amazing. I switched it out because I need HDMI 2.1 now for my components. Sell for $750 plus shipping. Thanks.
  6. CWEBB


    Hi, I own an LG C9 television with eARC. It's connected to my Nakamichi Shockwafe ULTRA SSE 9.2.4 soundbar via the ARC connection on the soundbar. My devices - Xbox One X, LG Blu-ray player, and cable box, are all connected via the HDMI ports on the soundbar. I am wondering if I am...
  7. C


    Hi, Embarrassing question I'm afraid! I have been using this setup for the last few years in bi-amp mode. Unfortunately about 6 months ago the 9C developed a fault so I took it out of the system. I finally sent it off to be repaired and it is due back in the next couple of days. The embarrassing...
  8. M

    Sony Strdn1080 with a sony xbr-65x930e arc issues

    So, I am having a issue with my tv and apps on it such as netflix amazon prime video and hbomax. I have everything connected with high speed hdmi using earc. My tv will only pass audio through the digital optical. Without that connected connected I get no audio from the tv. I have tried dolby...
  9. goodjob

    ARC error with Samsung TV and Yamaha AV

    I have the following setup: Samsung UE50TU8510 TV - 1 year old Yamaha RX-V583 Receiver - 2 years old I have started seeing an issue with the following error being displayed on the TV Receiver (HDMI) Your audio device is connected to a port that does not support ARC. Please connect your...
  10. L

    EARC vs ARC confusion

    Hi all, Im sorry for the question if has been covered, I am just a little confused and need a little help. My tv has earc, LG oled, so after a long wait we decided we are going to get a sound bar with subs and rear surrounds for our tiny room and set up. I know I know but this is the situation...
  11. A

    For Sale Sonos ARC sound bar in choice of colour - Brand New in sealed box.

    Hi all, Strange offering here but I'll give you the full truth so you can choose for yourself if it's of interest. I had a 30% off voucher from Sonos due to a previous upgrade. I needed a sub so I bought one, but thought I will probably find myself wanting another ARC sound bar at some point...
  12. D

    No Volume control on HDMI ARC on 50PUS7334

    Has anybody managed to get HDMI ARC working with the TV remote controlling the volume on a 50PUS7734 (or any other philipps tv). ? I have mine connected to an HDMI ARC adapter with the output to a powered speaker. I get audio but the TV volume controls do not work. Not sure if the issue is...
  13. username123

    Yamaha AV receiver and LG OLED B9 - weird ARC issue

    I’ve probably spent about 3 hours today trying to troubleshoot this problem, and have spent hours searching for a every possible answer. Hoping someone here mIght have a solution. Would really appreciate any input. I’ve taken delivery of a refurbished (by manufacturer) Yamaha RX-A680 today...
  14. D

    Sonos Beam: Dual Audio connection to TV (ARC) & 4K Projector

    Hey! I really hope some of you kind people can help me please? In Spain, moving to a new house, having lots of building work done, so have the opportunity to future proof the cabling.. My issue is a have a ViewSonic 4K Projector, a fairly std Samsung 65" TV and want to upgrade to a Sonos Beam...
  15. Stuart Wright

    Alex Kamal (Cas Anvar) story arc - The Expanse - Spoilers

    These are some thoughts about Alex Kamal's character arc in The Expanse. Major Season 5 spoilers.
  16. H

    HDfury arcana and Sonos Arc

    I have just purchased an HDFury arcana to sort out lip sync issues with Sky q also using an HDMI splitter. Can anyone suggest the best settings on the Arcana? Also do I need to upgrade to specific HDMI cables?
  17. M

    Setting up a hi-fi system with TV ARC

    My current set up is a wall mounted TV with 2 HDMI cables connected and hidden in the wall. I also have a ATLP120 and some old Mission M72s and a Marantz PM4000. My aim is to have a good set up for listening to music (vinyl and streaming) and utilise the same speakers for TV/movie watching. I...
  18. S

    Question OLED55CX5LB and Yamaha YSP-2200 soundbar ARC problem

    Hi All, Well I took the plunge yesterday and finally upgraded my decrepit and clapped out Hisense 55m7000 and bought a LG OLED55CX5LB, which was delivered today. I got it setup in next to no time - but the one issue I have is with the ARC passthrough function. I have a Yamaha YSP-2200 sound-bar...
  19. C

    Increasing Or Decreasing Individual Channels On Sonos Arc

    I currently own a Sony soundbar. Each time I’m watching a film, I have to constantly turn the volume up (when characters are speaking) and down (when the action starts). Years ago, I had a 5.1 system, which allowed me adjust each separate channel, so I raised the one with the dialogue (the...
  20. C

    Sonos Arc V Samsung HW-Q90R V LG SN11RG

    I'm currently deciding between these three systems. Does anyone have any experience? Is any of them significantly better than the other? I did want a system with individual speakers, but I'm now looking for a system that has three speakers in one (at front) at two at the back. These look like...
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