1. G

    Soundbar with Sharp Aquos ARC won’t work properly

    I have a Sharp Aquos LC-60LE925UN with a Vizio 2.1 Soundbar connected on HDMI4 ARC port. I activated the Aquos Link and then tuned back to an input channel ( I have tried this with the AppleTV4 and the Xbox One ) and it works fine. No other devices or receivers are used. If I power cycle the...
  2. S

    Sharp Aquos: How to turn off click sound?

    Hi All, I recently bought a Sharp Aquos 55 inch model: 55BL2EA. In general I'm impressed with the value for money I got, but there is one thing that really annoys me: Whenever you press a button on the remote the TV makes a loud "booong" sound. I've searched through the user guide and all the...
  3. M

    Question Sharp Aquos LC-43LE653U stuttering on YouTube then restarting TV

    When playing YouTube the video pauses then goes and sometimes restarts the TV. When it pauses the remote doesn't work or takes a long time to work. This is the only device it is happening on. I don't know if it matters but I just got a new modem and WiFi6 router. Thanks.
  4. smegsaiah

    Question Sharp Aquos displaying colors way too dark unless on “dot-by-dot” mode, but dot by dot displays way too small

    I recently bought an AV to HDMI converter so I could play my PS2 on my sharp Aquos, but when I use the fullscreen resolutions and any aspect ratios the image quality is awful, dark games are way too dark and display little to any colour range. but when I switch to “dot-by-dot” mode the colors...
  5. T

    Question need help finding compatible HDMI switcher for Sharp Aquos LC-46D65U

    Hi, my first post here. Sharp Aquos LC-46D65U purchased new in 2009, mounted on wall with no access to rear HDMI inputs, trying to get a switcher to connect multiple devices to side input (5). All devices work fine when connected directly but not through a switcher. I've tried a few no-name...
  6. M

    Sharp Aquos LC-80LE857U power supply

    I'm looking for advice. Our power board blew a while ago. I ordered a replacement online with what most sites were saying should work. I knew there was a chance it wouldn't but thought I'd try. The power supply came in and I installed it and now there's power, but the tv still doesn't...
  7. N

    Answered Sharp LC-32FI6522E VA panel?

    Does anyone know whether this TV has a VA panel?
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