1. Nobbler

    Dolby Atmos coming to BT Sport streaming apps THIS WEEKEND
  2. Q

    TCL & Android apps in the UK

    I have brought a TCL 32ES568 but cannot find any apps to watch UK TV programs. I cant find Freeview, All4, BBC Iplayer, prime TV, sky go etc. Are none of these supported? The only 2 I have that are recognizable are Netflix & Disney plus. I am thinking that I made a mistake buying this TV but...
  3. D

    Question Apps not working properly after DTS playfi update?

    updated my 8204 and now all the apps on my tv will pretty much not work, I am using an ethernet cable so it's not a wifi problem, have to restart the tv multiple times to get the app working only for it to crash when watching a film or show, its there anyway to rectify this? I have factory reset...
  4. B

    Humax apps not working to record TV

    Hi My Humax box is not recording TV shows that I set from my iOS and android apps. I phoned the Freesat helpline and they said the technical people are working on this problem. Are other people having this problem? I am away a lot travelling so I rely on the Freesat apps to set my recordings thanks
  5. RealityDysfunction

    Question LG 2020 TVs and UK Catchup Apps.

    Am I correct in thinking that apps such All4 and ITVHub are still not available for 2020 LG TVs? I think this is to do with dropping their connection with Freeview Play? I'm thinking of buying an LG tv, but would like to hear that this problem has been rectified before spending the dough. Thanks
  6. Stumpy72

    Question Denon AVC-X6500H - Won't discover in Apps

    Hi, just bought Denon AVC-X6500H and while setting up I'm having problems with it being discovered in the Denon AVR 2016 Remote and HEOS apps, the amp connects perfectly to my home network, either via wifi or by ethernet connection and has already offered to update the firmware which I haven't...
  7. n0166895

    Freeview play apps have disabled on pus7304

    Hi all Noticed this morning Freeview play app had disappeared from my TV. After looking on Google play store I found it and it had been disabled. I enabled it and then went to open but now getting an 'accept terms and conditions' notification and when o go to accept the app crashes. Can't use...
  8. M

    Question Recommendations for music playing apps for Android devices?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently looking for an alternative music app, to organise and play my mp3 library on a HiBy R5 device. At the moment I'm using the HiByMusic app, but I'm having issues with playlist syncing. Also, this app insists on scanning and re-initialising my entire music database...
  9. G

    Denon 6700 h LG oled no volume through cinema speakers when smart apps

    Please help I can only get volume through tv speakers when trying to watch amazon/YouTube etc within the tv smartapps it is connected to the AVR via arc . any help would be much appreciated
  10. M

    Question Any decent TV guide and remote control apps?

    Hi All, A few years back I had quite a nice TV guide / remote control app on my IPad - you could set it to show a decent “now and next” EPG. Then you could click on a program you wanted to watch and it would switch my Samsung TV to that channel. However, I don’t recall the name, and I can’t...
  11. Te23

    Question Why do get judder on tv but not on apps or movies on usb ?

    samsung Q70 tv. i get judder on some channels, using a sky hd box. However i have never seen any judder using inbuilt apps like netflix, disney + etc and perfect playback on a usb stick too. Is there a reason for this ? Surely i should see judder on all sources ? If anyone could explain, could...
  12. Flashgordon1982

    TV apps V sky Q

    Hi which gives the best picuture quality? Netflix via Sky Q on HDR.Or Netflix in my Samsung Q70. Thanks
  13. Morkrah

    *UPDATE: TV NOW DEAD* I cannot recommend LG OLED to ANYONE, Sorry - CX 65 OLED screen dead after less than 1 month, C9 previously died at 4 months old

    TV died just like the C9 i had before. GG LG Only 26 days old *top pic C9 *Bottom pic CX Hey all, just wondering if anyone else has this issue or has encountered it before? Got a CX yesterday but we cant really watch it as we cant find any of the on demand apps, BBC iPlayer 4 OD etc etc...
  14. S

    Adding apps to a Toshiba Smart TV

    Hi, Wonder if anyone can help me please? My Toshiba Smart TV has some apps already on it (Netflix, YouTube etc) but I would like to add Plex. There is an app store on the TV but it does not include Plex. Is there anyway of side loading Plex that anyone is aware of? I had a similar issue with an...
  15. H

    Controller apps (generally, but Teufel in particular)

    It's been observed elsewhere, but it's such a shame how poor the user interfaces tend to be for the apps that allow you to control your streamer of choice. I've recently acquired a Teufel Connector, and I've been going through the various service and controller choices. They're all a compromise...
  16. L

    Question Should kit reviews have a separate rating for their apps?

    As more and more kit relies on an app to control it I am proposing that kit reviews should take this into account and have a rating on the quality of the app. A piece of hardware should not get a 9 out of 10 if the app is an unfinished, unstable nightmare that so many are. The...
  17. Q

    LG apps and sling box for LG 55UM7000PLC

    Hi I have the above Tv and would like to stream my sling box that is in another country to my Tv Is there an app do this which I can install on the TV?
  18. M

    Question Samsung Q90R apps from another country

    On a previous Samsung TV I was able to press a sequence of buttons on the remote to reset the TV and choose which country it is from so I could get the apps from that country. A new Q90R is being delivered to me tomorrow in The Netherlands and I want to switch its region to the UK. Is there a...
  19. broona

    Question LG built in apps vs standalone Android box?

    Just ordered a 65" C9, and I'm trying to work out the best way to get it set up, either using my existing kit, the apps on the TV, or potentially an Nvidia Shield or similar. I currently use the following :- Netgem HD box for Freeview, catchup, and Prime TV Himedia Q5 Pro for IPTV, Plex and a...
  20. O

    ITV hub and 4OD apps for 2015 LG 65EG960V

    I have the above tv that came with Netflix and iPlayer installed but Ive never been able to get the ITV hub or 4OD or More 4 for that matter. When I got to the LG App store they don't appear to be there but on my other LGTV and phone they are there an can be installed. Is there something I'm...
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