1. aweir14150

    My TCL 4K TV is showing up as "1080p" in the settings and in those Android screen resolution checker apps.

    I purchased an open box TCL 43S434 4K TV from Bestbuy. I have it set up and it seems to work fine except for one peculiar issue. The TV shows as 1080p in all the apps I have downloaded from Google Play. The apps that I have used to verify if the screen is in fact 4K are ResCheck and AIDA64. Both...
  2. A

    DVD/BD upconvert with all the popular streaming apps (Netflix, Sling, Hulu, Disney+, etc.)

    Hi all! I'm looking for a good upconvert DVD/BD player that also has all the popular streaming apps. I picked up a BDP-S6700 recently and then found out that Hulu has been removed and Disney+ isn't available. I appreciate any recommendations. TIA!
  3. B

    Smart TV or Fire Cube for apps ?

    This might be a really stupid question but I just bought a Samsung QE65QN95A and was wondering if their is any difference picture and sound wise between using the apps in the TV or using the apps on my Fire Cube ?
  4. G

    iplayer , itv hub , more 4 apps not working?

    Hi all The other week my streamimg apps stopped working after an update i had to to get plex to work. They load up but will not play any video Now none of them show in the appstore either when i search them? Does anyone know whats happening?? Thanks Groggy
  5. D

    Low resolution on Webos and apps interface (NANO75 - 65")

    Hi Guys! So I just bought a 65" NANO75. It came perfectly and I'm really satisfied with the 4k images. The only thing that's been bothering me is that the Webos interface and even apps' interface like Youtube or Netflix seem like they are in a lower resolution than the TV can handle. The content...
  6. D

    Lg content +app wifi issue

    I have issues with content store not updating or re/installing apps and BBC iPlayer + my5 apps saying no WiFi after load up and show the content but wont play anything, WiFi is working well as I can watch prime, now tv and Netflix apps with no issues. What is going wrong with tv chatch up apps...
  7. Vindaluke123

    Phillips pus7855 recent issues after update possibly?

    Recently had a update on the TV and I have recently ditched my sky subscription as I always use the apps well now that i cancelled my sky box it feels like my TV apps are now breaking down. I tried screen mirroring with my Huawei p40 which previously had no issues and now it says connection...
  8. BPDan

    Flashy Apps

    Hey guys me again. Firstly really appreciate and I’m slowly adjusting to the picture quality of an OLED (it’s awesome) but I am having some what of a weird issue and can’t work out which is at fault. I’ve emailed both LG and Sky so I’m waiting to hear back from them. So what the issue? When I...
  9. M

    TV/Panel with no apps or OS?

    Hi, Is there such a thing as just a simple panel? Something at 65" plus ideally, everything I see seems to be aimed at advertising. I don't need any apps etc as I essentially just use the screen as a monitor. All my movies/TV are through either a PC or blu-ray player. I don't even need audio...
  10. B

    4k with mkv usb3 playback and smart apps such as netflix etc.etc

    what would you recommend?
  11. B

    AV Amp and Smart Apps (tv)

    is there such a thing as an av amplifier with built in apps like netflix, amazon and disney+ ? everything else that you buy these days has them all but it seems that there are no av amps that have them built it.
  12. D

    55H9G Audio output from built in apps HELP!

    Hi all, I have a new 55H9g. So far I'm impressed with the image output and I haven't even thrown a 4k signal at it yet! I'm (for now) using an about a 12 year old Sony Sound bar with this TV. It has 3 x HDMI in, and 1 x HDMI out. It has worked flawlessly with the previous 1080P Sharp Aquos non...
  13. E

    Any differences between using apps on Samsung Q6580R and Amazon fire cube

    Is there any significant difference between using the apps on my Samsung TV - Netflix, amazon prime etc rather than having a dedicated box such as the amazon fire cube? I know the using the Apple TV app meant I wasn’t getting Atmos so I bought an Apple TV 4K. I still get Atmos with Netflix...
  14. S

    VR iphone headset apps

    Hi I have bought my kids a Destek V5 headset each for Christmas. Im trying to find free apps for games/video content but Im struggling to find much at all. Could I have some advice/suggestions from anyone with experience? Both kids have iphones. Its getting close and I dont want...
  15. Rayfield1972

    Question KD65XH8196BU Sound Issue on certain apps

    I have a KD65XH8196BU but keep losing sound on YouTube and IPTV apps. Of o do a factory reset it's fine , I reinstall the apps and it's fine but after a week or 2 both YouTube and IPTV both lose sound. I can't even play a YouTube video it just sticks on pause. No other apps or normal sky is...
  16. Nobbler

    Dolby Atmos coming to BT Sport streaming apps THIS WEEKEND
  17. Q

    TCL & Android apps in the UK

    I have brought a TCL 32ES568 but cannot find any apps to watch UK TV programs. I cant find Freeview, All4, BBC Iplayer, prime TV, sky go etc. Are none of these supported? The only 2 I have that are recognizable are Netflix & Disney plus. I am thinking that I made a mistake buying this TV but...
  18. D

    Question Apps not working properly after DTS playfi update?

    updated my 8204 and now all the apps on my tv will pretty much not work, I am using an ethernet cable so it's not a wifi problem, have to restart the tv multiple times to get the app working only for it to crash when watching a film or show, its there anyway to rectify this? I have factory reset...
  19. B

    Humax apps not working to record TV

    Hi My Humax box is not recording TV shows that I set from my iOS and android apps. I phoned the Freesat helpline and they said the technical people are working on this problem. Are other people having this problem? I am away a lot travelling so I rely on the Freesat apps to set my recordings thanks
  20. RealityDysfunction

    Question LG 2020 TVs and UK Catchup Apps.

    Am I correct in thinking that apps such All4 and ITVHub are still not available for 2020 LG TVs? I think this is to do with dropping their connection with Freeview Play? I'm thinking of buying an LG tv, but would like to hear that this problem has been rectified before spending the dough. Thanks
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