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    Question Sound drop out issues Samsung TV/Sony Atmos Soundbar/AppleTV 4K

    Hi Guys! I’m at the end of my tether with this one so desperate for any help you can offer! A few more the ago I noticed the sound kept dropping out when watching TV on my Samsung UE65KS9000 with Samsung HW-J6500/1R soundbar. It seemed to drop the bass every now and then - sometimes once or...
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    Pioneer VSX-930

    Hi all, Well lets try to find a solution here then. :) My setup: Panasonic 55'' 3D Smart 4K LED-TV TX-55CXC725 Pioneer VSX-930 Pioneer BDP-LX58 Apple TV gen4 Playstation 4 (all updated with latest firmware) All the devices is connected with Bandridge HighSpeed HDMI cables. Now to the issue...
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    Question Arcam avr600 HDMI connections

    hello everyone, I'm a complete newbie to AV and recently bought an Arcam avr600. The manual isn't particularly helpful. I have a Panasonic plasma, Oppo bd103, Rega deck, Virginmedia cable, Apple tv4 and Amazon tv. I've connected the amp to my speakers, and connected the Oppo, Virginmedia and...
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