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  1. ShardsOfMe

    For Sale Apple TV 4 1080p 32GB boxed, barely used

    Apple TV 4 1080p 32GB, barely used, latest issue (white box, Siri Remote has the raised circle Menu button). Was originally a ‘display unit’ but only insomuchas it was locked in a glass display cabinet - it was not a floor demonstrator. Reasonable condition, top and bottom fine but some nicks...
  2. NatTheGooner

    ExpressVPN for routers. Bypass geo-blocking for any device.

    If you need to bypass Geo-blocking for a streaming service from another country, this is the very user friendly solution I have found. ExpressVPN have firmware that you can load onto one of the supported routers - it has to be the router only version as I found out the hard way by getting one...
  3. O

    n00b needs help! Old Panny TV, what HDMI switch do I need for the best audio from Apple TV to Beam?

    Hi all, just got my first Sonos (a One SL) and love it! Now I'm considering a Beam for our smallish front room and old 42" Panasonic with Apple TV and a couple of game consoles. I think an Arc is probably overkill for us but still researching... Our sources are: Apple TV 4th Gen (not 4K) PS4...
  4. C

    Apple TV coming to PS5 and PS4
  5. A

    For Sale Apple TV 4K 32gb £110 posted

    Apple TV 4K 32gb Warranty to March 2021 simply selling as we’ve cut back on the number of TVs we use since moving house. this was in the family room and as such has picked up some small marks as per the photos, this is not for you if you like your tech immaculate. £110 posted RMSD
  6. FallOutBoy

    For Sale Apple TV 4K 32GB latest model, brand new & sealed!

    We don’t require this for ourselves so up for sale is a brand new, still sealed Apple TV 4K latest model (with the write ring around the Siri button on the remote) 32GB. Will be posted RMSD
  7. R

    Stutter with LG OLED 55CX & Apple TV

    Hi, recently purchased the LG CX. Am noticing severe stuttering particularly when viewing content through an Apple TV 4. Doesn't seem to matter if it's Netflix or iTunes and applies particularly to movies. Has anyone else had similar experiences and are there any fixes? I was reading that I...
  8. R

    How to get Jaws in 4K on Apple TV?

    I own quite a few movies through Apple TV, but Jaws is the first one I’ve owned that’s actually gone from HD to 4K without an additional purchase, which is great. But the only way I can watch the 4K version is to go into the store find it there and then watch it. If I click on my purchased...
  9. peepspud1

    For Sale Apple TV 4K 32gb

    Apple TV 4K 32gb great condition updated to latest firmware and reset to factory settings. Includes box remote, HDMI and power cable. Looking for £115 delivered
  10. M

    Apple TV 4K HDR issues

    I'm hoping someone may have a solution to an issue that seems to affect Apple TV and my current setup. I have the Optoma UHD51A connected to a Denon AVRX2600, and for some reason the picture will randomly become dark and washed out. Watching something on Apple TV+ for example will look fine at...
  11. FishDUDE

    Wanted Apple TV 4th Gen or 4K

    Hi all, I'm looking for 2 appleTV's, I don't mind if they are 4K or not but must be at least 4th Gen as I need them to have the non IR remotes as they are to be installed out of site. Boxes aren't important. I don't want to spend fortunes, what have you got and what price are you looking for?
  12. T

    For Sale Apple TV Remote (sealed, unused)

    Another item found in my clear out - a white Apple TV remote with part number 603-8821. Unused and still sealed.
  13. O

    Question Airplay to Apple TV issues

    I’m struggling to airplay any video from my phone to my Apple TV. I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max on latest software (14.0.1) and the Apple TV 4K (14.0.1 18J400) with Airplay set up on both and both on the same Wi-Fi network. I can Airplay video and photos from my phone but can’t mirror my...
  14. fruvos

    Wanted Apple TV 4K 32gb

    Looking for a 4K Apple TV. Ideally looking at around £100 delivered for a 32Gb model, but will consider a 64Gb for slightly more if available.
  15. G

    LG CX + Bose Soundbar 700 + Apple TV 4K = sound dropouts

    Hello, recently, I bought myself a Bose Soundbar 700, as new sound source for my LG OLED 55CX 2020 model. I have connected the Bose Soundbar 700 via (e)ARC to my TV's HDMI 2.1 port 2 (which also supports eARC). I am watching all my streaming services (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime) with my Apple...
  16. L

    Marantz SR6014 Sound issue

    First, I am a newbie when it comes to setting up AVRs. I just replaced my living room receiver (Denon) with a Marantz SR6014. The Denon worked great, but it was old and I wanted some new streaming capabilities. The Marantz was set up per the instructions, but when I am watching a TV show or...
  17. M

    Question Storage on Apple TV

    We have the latest 32GB Apple TV with 5-6 apps (news, Prime, etc.) installed that take up 500-600MB. When I try to copy over stuff to VLC, less than 5GB, it tells me I’m out of storage space, which simply shouldn’t be the case. Is there a way of purging cache and other stuff that’s filling...
  18. rd22

    apple tv and sony tv

    hello .. can anyone please tell if apple tv 4k streaming device can connect to sony android tv model X900H?
  19. A

    Draytek + routing

    Hi All, This is giving me a literal headache. I am trying to configure our network at our new home. I am running DSL plus EE 4G (Mikrotik SXT6) into a draytek vigor (non WiFi) which then feeds our BT whole home. The Mikrotik is in bridge mode and the Draytek is set with a gateway IP of the...
  20. gfplux

    Free 12 months Apple TV. Is it worth bothering with.

    I have recently purchased a new Apple device. Today I received an Email telling me I can have 12 months free Apple TV subscription. I have three months to decide. I already have Netflix and Prime. Those together with UK terrestrial TV makes for a busy life and I am retired. I hardly have time...
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