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  1. S

    Question Apple TV 3rd/4th/5th on 1080p

    Streaming is not my specialist subject and I’m trying to find out if 1080p feed will differ in quality between the different Apple TV boxes?
  2. gavinhanly

    Central Park (Apple TV+)

    From the man behind Bob’s Burgers, this has just launched on Apple TV+ (first two eps). It’s essentially a cartoon musical, with some heavyweight musical voices like Josh Gad, Kristen Bell, Daveed Diggs, Lesley Odom Jr. Only watched the first ep but it‘s hugely promising - well worth a look...
  3. W

    Apple TV app not loading on samsung tv

    Hi. Just got myself a samsung Q80R. Set it all up and logging into all my apps one by app. Has anyone had issues with the Apple TV app? Might just says loading then the loading text disappears. Tried reinstalling from the app screen. But still the same. Any ideas?
  4. K

    Question [Samsung HW-Q60R] Best way to plug Apple TV

    Hi everyone, I recently acquired a Samsung HW-Q60R soundbar to use with my 4K Samsung TV, my pretty old Apple TV 3 and other devices like PS4 and Nintendo Switch. I had a pretty hard time discover the way to plug everything more or less correctly but in the end i opted for this setup : PS4 <-...
  5. cksv

    Getting audio but no video with Apple TV connected to Anthem MRX 720

    Hi All - Recently purchased an Apple TV 4K and can't seem to get anything other than audio from it. Some troubleshooting steps I've taken: * Connected the ATV to several different HDMI ports on the back of the receiver (I always get audio but no video). The front of the receiver shows 4K. *...
  6. A

    Rx-V585 and Apple TV 4K Sound

    Hi all just upgraded the Av amp to rxv585 but still using 5.1 speakers (until i purchase new ones) Apple TV is the 4K one. as I’m only using 5.1 speaker should the Apple TV sound out put be set to atmos or Dolby 5.1? On the Yamaha the signal info when an atmos title is playing via Netflix is ...
  7. Adlopa

    Question Fire TV Stick 4K movie playback problem in Apple TV app

    This is a weird one. I bought the Mission Impossible 6 movie collection from Apple to watch on a Fire TV Stick 4K (2018) via the Apple TV app. Movies 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 all play, but movie 3 won't. I get a black screen immediately after starting to play (the Dolby Vision logo appears, but that's...
  8. jedifozzie

    For Sale Apple TV 4K 32Gb ** sold**

    Selling my Apple TV in mint condition fully boxes with remoted that has been in a skin, Which will be included. The actual Player was replaced under apple warranty about 2 years ago and works perfectly and not really used much in the last 12 months due to smart TV.
  9. mckee74

    Question Apple TV app on Firestick 4k

    Right, I'm clearly being stupid and I put this down to working too much at the moment, and having little recent experience with Apple products. So, I realised I had quite a few iTunes Digital Codes so redeemed them to watch through iTunes on my computer, and through the app on my TV. When I...
  10. C

    Apple TV 4K With Epson PowerLite 3000 Projector?

    Hi everyone! First-time poster here and I'm hoping you can help me out. I have a basement theatre room with an Epson PowerLite 3000 projector and a 110" screen. The Apple TV I have running in that room is a second-generation one since it's not upgradable with apps to put the content on there...
  11. M

    Question Yamaha V-685 audio cuts out when TV (HDMI out) is powered off

    So I just got a V-685 and am having a strange problem. I generally airplay my music to my Apple TV (latest gen) which runs into the AVR via HDMI. AVR outputs to my TV (8 yr old Samsung plasma). When the TV is on, I have no issues. But when I turn the TV off and continue to airplay to the Apple...
  12. Dwarfboysim

    LG TV Apple TV 4K & AV Receiver

    Hi all, New to 4K. Have an LG TV that supports 4K plugged into my Harmon Kardon AVR-151. As inputs to the AV receiver I have: Apple TV 4K, Raspberry Pi, Toshiba Blu-Ray Player and Humax PVR. I have recently updated all HDMI leads to 4K compliant and the AV Receiver has 4K pass through...
  13. Goooner

    Trying (Apple TV+)

    Couldn’t see a thread about this, but binge watched it over a couple of nights, only 8 eps, 30 minutes each. Nice easy watch. The two leads I thought were great. Really enjoyed. Goes without saying, it looked great, as does pretty much everything on ATV+. Well worth a watch.
  14. I

    Atmos via Apple TV, Netflix and Amazon from Samsung Q70?

    I am aware that the Q70 does not have eARC capability, but if I have an Atmos receiver can I stream from the TV via the HDMI ARC that will be decoded as Atmos at the receiver? I have Netflix premium and Apple TV as well as Amazon Prime Video running through the TV apps -Netflix can also run via...
  15. JohnWB

    Harmony Elite with Apple TV 4K button assignments

    I am using my Harmony Elite with Apple TV 4K which works very well I was wondering if there is a chart or table anywhere which shows the beta software button assignments as I would like to add some commands but i don't know if they are already there What i would like to do is to be able to...
  16. ahaydock

    Pioneer SCLX83 Vs Apple TV 4K

    Firstly mods feel free to move this if its in the wrong place (I have already asked in the Apple TV 4K owners thread but no joy). So... I bought an Apple TV 4K last week and having terrible lip sync issues when trying to use 5.1. I have tried using HDMI out of the Apple TV into the TV to...
  17. TributeAle

    Pearl Jams current album GIGATON free on Apple TV

    For one week only Pearl Jam have made available their latest album GIGATON free on Apple TV in DOLBY ATMOS. Simply enter GIGATON in the search box on Apple TV it’s also accompanied with visual interpretatio.
  18. I

    Is Apple TV (app) capable of 4k?

    If I buy a 4k movie on my apple account, will it play in 4k, when using the app on a samsung TV? I remember something about apple TV wasn't true 4k, but that might have been only the hardware.
  19. C

    Question Apple TV / Netflix / Disney+ Reduced Bitrate in Europe

    Has anyone measured how much the bitrate has dropped on various services or in comparison with the US? Thanks
  20. Andrey Simonov

    Yamaha Receiver + Wireless Headphones - need help

    Hello, Greetings to the people in this forum. I cannot connect my Sennheiser RS185 wireless headphones with my Yamaha RX-V481 receiver. It seems like the receiver only has audio outputs for speakers. It doesn't have digital output. We can use the headphones with an old Samsung Blu-Ray player...
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