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  1. M

    For Sale Apple TV 4K (5th Gen) 32GB

    For Sale. Apple TV 4k (5th Gen) 32GB. Excellent condition, some small scratches on the base. Includes power and remote charging cables, original packaging and rarely used remote with protector (I used a harmony remote for daily driving).
  2. JTibbz79

    Ps remote play is this feature able to be used on Apple TV

    I am just check if anyone in the forum knows if I am able to use my ps5 remote play on another tv through the Apple TV I tried to get an app through the Apple TV like I would on my Microsoft surface but was not to find one. I called around nobody really answers the question well. Running os14.6...
  3. T

    Yamaha V6A/TSR-700, Apple TV, delay in recognizing ATMOS

    I upgraded to a TSR-700 in May and, while everything is working fine in my setup, it always takes the Yamaha at least 45 seconds and sometimes several minutes to recognize in is getting an ATMOS stream from my Apple TV4K (Gen 1). During that time, the Audio Input on the Yamaha shows "DD" in the...
  4. P

    For Sale Apple TV 4K Gen 1 32GB

    Good condition, just a few light surface scratches and scuffs on the unit itself. Remote has been kept in a rubber case since new. Includes unused USB to lightning cable.
  5. raigraphixs

    Invasion (Apple TV+)

    I’m sure not linked to the old E4 series of the same name. I love sci-full shows but they do tend to get cancelled quicker than most other genres. Sam Neil stars Hails from from Simon Kinberg and David Weil. October 22 | 10 episodes
  6. lemonswhatever

    Apple TV app glitchy on pus8555

    Is anyone using the new Apple TV app on a Philips Android TV? It works on my 50pus8555, but two niggly issues. First one is on the sound - first episode of a show plays fine, then second episode has no sound. Need to change audio out between TV and the hdmi out a couple of times and it comes...
  7. N

    Apple TV App Availability

    I own a Phillips 50PUS8204/12 Android TV and read that the Apple TV App should now be available on the Play Store. When I check the Play Store the Apple TV App isn't listed at all, just no sign of it? I initially assumed the TV wasn't compatible for the App but then I saw, on another thread...
  8. EssentialParadox

    Does your Philips TV work with HDMI CEC?

    So I got a brand new Philips 70PUS7805 TV a few months ago but my Apple TV doesn’t turn it on via HDMI CEC (I’ve quintuple checked that all HDMI / ‘Easylink’ settings are all turned on). Also never had this issue on my old TV. I spoke to Philips customer service about this and they told me it’s...
  9. M

    BT Sport app on Apple TV > Sonos - commentary during games only coming through the rear channels

    Hi, when watching football through the BT Sport app on my Apple TV, during the buildup everything sounds normal. As soon as it's handed over to the game commentary team and the game kicks off all ambient sounds come through the soundbar and the commentary and noise of the ball kicks etc come...
  10. B

    Will the new Apple TV app work on my Hisense H55B7500UK TV

    Will the new Apple TV app more more TV's out this week work on my Hisense H55B7500UK tv thanks? Can't see the app anywhere.
  11. S

    Apple TV help

    Purchased an apple tv at weekend, and looking for some help with it. I am in the UK and it appears to have set itself to 4k HDR 60hz Should it be set to the 50hz option instead? When I try to do the Dolby Vision test, it just goes blank and nothing else then happens until such time as I try...
  12. Hamad138

    Internals App vs Apple TV

    Stupid question but do Internal Apps always have better Picture Quality then a separate Streaming Divice like ATV 4k? Or is it the same
  13. C

    How common is it for Apple TV to develop a hardware failure?

    Hi everyone - I’m wondering if buying Apple Care for Apple TV is a good idea or waste of money. On the one hand, Apple TV has very few components with a decent heat sink for a small-ish processor. On the other hand, this small processor is always on and is responsible for delivering high...
  14. D

    For Sale £90 - Apple TV 64gb 4K HDR & 2 x kaleidescape Cinema One’s

    1 x Apple TV 64gb HDR comes with remote, power supply, charging lead and box £110 2 x Cinema One Second gen players. Both are grandfathered. In good condition with some small age related marks. Drives on both units fail to read discs when inserted. Players work fine independently or when linked...
  15. J

    For Sale Apple TV 4K - 64GB

    For sale is my Apple TV 4K 64GB (4th Gen) which is in a perfect condition and around a year old. It'll come in it's original box with all its accessories and leaflets. Please note a HDMI cable isn't supplied with the Apple TV for some reason.
  16. pob

    For Sale 2 x Apple TV - 4th Gen and 4K (both 64GB)

    Selling both my Apple TV devices due to upgrade. Both in excellent condition with original boxes. Item 1: 4th Gen Apple TV 64GB (black box) - £70 Item 2: 5th Gen Apple TV 4K 64GB (white box) - £110 Prices include delivery. Thanks Phil
  17. N

    Sony A90J and google or pro for apple tv

    Hello all, and sorry for the thread, but I have watched youtube vids on sony pro settings, gone through the forums here, and I am still none the wiser. I am about to get the new Apple TV. I am about to cancel all Sky. The only access to 'tv content' will be from my Apple Tv and playstaton. My...
  18. MrHood

    Panasonic HX600 TV Remote behaviour with Apple TV

    Change Panasonic 50HX600B TV Remote behaviour with Apple TV Currently my TV switches on when I switch my Apple TV on using the CEC link, this is fine. However, I have a small issue with the TV's software getting in the way initially. Once switched on, the TV displays a banner about being able...
  19. C

    Apple TV 4K Search Menu Has Moved...How to Move Back?

    Most of the time the search function in my Apple TV 4k has been on the left side of the scrren. Now it's moved to the top of the screen. I didnt' ask for a change. How can I put the search menu back to where it was at the left of the screen? Thx!
  20. RobTi

    Harmony help re adding Apple tv

    You have to use the harmony app to pair this device comes up now after changing WiFi password, so then reset the hub back up and everything else works okay bar this
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