1. A

    Fire TV - Now TV app disappeared?

    Hi, I have had the NOW app (nee NOW TV) on my Fire TV 4K stick for some time, and it is working great. I recently tried to install the app on my new Fire TV cube and was unable to find the app in the app store. I searched in the 'Fire TV apps and games' section on the Amazon website, and was...
  2. R

    Smart share app

    Hi all, I've watched loads of videos on connecting my phone to my 2020 lg gx oled. All mentioned navigating to the smart share app. This app is not available on my TV of from LG store. Is it still in use? I would also like to know how to save images to internal storage. The photos and video app...
  3. C

    Android app for testing battery wear

    Can anyone suggest an App for testing Battery wear on a Android Phone. I see many phones for sale that claim they have only been tested and are good as new, just want to be sure that there batteries are near to 100% health, been caught out in the past with phones that look new but batteries...
  4. P

    Philips hue app on Google TV

    I'm trying to connect my Google Chrome TV dongle to my Philips Hue hub. I don't want to do anything fancy. Just turn light on and off using the voice command on the remote control. But I can't seem to find the app in the play store. Is it not available on this device, or geo-blocked, or am I...
  5. Timb1964

    App Store unavailable

    I’m getting the following message when I try to access the App Store “Contents is (sic) unavailable No contents” UN73006LC Solved.It is back up and running this evening,must've been a temporary glitch.
  6. mole

    Streaming Via TV App or other?

    So I have a Sony xh90 65" TV and have been so far watching Netflix via that at 15mbps 4k. audio earc to a Denon x1600h. Today I happened to watch Netflix through my panasonic dmp-ub700. Only compared an episode of Atypical 4K so far but the quality seems so much higher via the ub700 - clearer...
  7. M

    App kettle

    Hi everyone I’ve also got an app kettle I’m thinking of ringing Amazon to get a refund I’ve only had mine 9 months I deleted the app so I tried to download it again and it says it’s not available in my country but I’ve been using it since I downloaded it the first time sounds to me that this...
  8. interbear

    Technics Ottava speaker and app connectivity

    I’ve had a Technics Ottava SC70Mk2 and SC30 for a couple of months. Delighted with the sound quality,when I can get them working it’s great. But I am increasingly infuriated by the Technics Audio Centre app (I’m using the iOS version) and speaker connectivity. The app rarely finds the two...
  9. Real Ramona

    BBC Sounds app stuttering when playing on network

    This has started happening, and I cant figure it out. I have a Raumfeld Connector wired by CAT5 direct to router, and a decent enough connection (36 down and 9 up) When I play anything on BBC Sounds and cast it to the player it will start getting dropouts, but only after its been playing for...
  10. S

    Red5 app

    Hi, I got this red5 flying drone, RED5 EAGLE FOLDING DRONE WITH FPV I'm unable to connect it through WiFi in order to use its camera and record while flying, I need the right app for it, but I can't find any on the net, despite dislodging many of them, but not working with mine, I contacted...
  11. timoat

    Problem with MS Film&TV app, picture too dark

    Ok, so trying to play a movie (Blade Runner 2049, dl with Atmos track)) from my Laptop, on to my samsung screen. Ive just bought an JBL 9.1 Soundbar, bc I wanted Atmos. I bought the Dolby Access app, and can get Dolby Atmos to work if i play the movie with Microsoft Film&TV. I cannot get Atmos...
  12. Ilovewaffles

    Google earth app show old images

    I have the free Google earth app on my ipad The images of the places I’ve searched for are more than six years old- frustrating! On Googling, there doesn’t seem to be a way of seeing updated images, or is this only available on Google earth Pro?
  13. chenks

    apple podcasts app - not showing the correct "up next" episode

    can anyone help with making the apple podcasts app show the correct "next" unplayed episode? it seems always put the most recent unplayed episode as the next one to watch rather than the next unplayed episode based on release date. i've tried changing the sort order of each podcast to "older >...
  14. L

    I get no Dolby Atmos from the Netflix movies with the DA logo on my 65Q70R using a Sonos Arc

    Hello. I am currently facing an issue that I hope you can help me resolve. You see, I have a 65Q70R Samsung TV and recently purchased a Sonos Arc to watch Netflix Movies that support Dolby Atmos. On the Netflix App on my Samsung TV I get no Dolby Atmos from the movies that display the Dolby...
  15. bailey87

    Hue disco lights - which app for 10+ lights in sync with music

    Hi I have about 20 Hue colour lights I would like to have respond to music (e.g. like a disco). However I can't find any apps that are able to handle more than 10. e.g. ILightShow seems decent, but can only have a maximum of 10 lights responding at any one time, with the others just set as...
  16. M

    Lack of good nutrition app

    Hi folks, First time poster in this community I was wondering if anyone else feels like there are still no good basic nutrition apps available in (at least in the UK) ? Usually I want to see if I am in a calorie surplus or deficit on a weekly basis, but I don't feel like anything out there...
  17. Obiit

    Marantz iOS app strange behaviour?

    I have just updated to the latest version of the Marantz iOS app and its constantly saying “It appears that you are not currently subscribed to Apple Music. Please subscribe to Apple Music and then re-open this app. This App will close when you touch OK.” You press OK and it randomly closes the...
  18. J

    Samsung Q90T Owners - Do You Have This Problem with the Prime Video App?

    I'm having some problems with IMDb TV, and am trying to figure out if it's my TV that's the cause. In case you didn't know (I didn't), IMDb has a selection of free content accessible through the Prime Video app (Amazon owns IMDb). I'm having two problems, one common to everything I've watched...
  19. H

    Is anyone having problems accessing Blu-Ray.Com and their app?

    For the last couple of days my app has not been connecting. This is annoying as it is where I note down all my films and use as a record of which ones I've seen and which ones I haven't. I've tried going to the site and I get a warning that the site might be compromised...
  20. M

    Smart STB app on LG TV

    Hi, does anyone know how to access the smart STB app settings on an LG TV? I need to amend rendering etc as IPTV freezing. Tried all buttons on remote and holding down ok but nothing. Was also the same on samsung TV. Can access the portal settings on main menu but can't get into the main settings.
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