1. S

    annke vision app on fire stick?

    Hi does anyone how to get the annke vision app working on the fire stick?
  2. J

    Judder on Now TV app

    I’m increasingly using my Series X for Smart TV streaming. Everything is fine except the NOW TV app. Playback is stutter - as if it’s constantly catching up with itself. It’s connected to an LG CX TV. Thoughts welcome!
  3. Thug

    Any decent mobile games?

    Are there any decent games that really show off the ability of todays hardware? I have an iPhone 12 max plus and an 11" iPad Pro and want to get a few games to put on them to take on holiday. Not really bothered what type of games, as long as they are fairly pick up and play and good for a quick...
  4. Thug

    Fantastic free app for scanning documents.

    Genius Scan. Got this app a few years ago and my wife and i use it quite regularly for work and home. It uses the phone camera (iphone in my case) and auto detects the paper you wish to scan. Chose your document It then auto scans it crops it, straightens it, cleans it up and saves it...
  5. Thug

    Anyone tried Procreate?

    Just bought myself an ipad and thought i would give my artistic flare a go and i had already bought Procreate years ago, so this felt like the natural choice of software. Well, here is my effort. It was surprisingly easy to do, i just followed a tutorial on Youtube. Please feel free to post...
  6. Thug

    Welcome to the new Apps section

    This is a new section to discuss mobile apps, whether its for phones or tablets etc. This way we can have a dedicated place for app issues, recommendations or just general discussions.
  7. Loopy68

    google play app

    i bought a 50 inch philips tv PUS7556/12 50, BUT I CANT FIND GOOGLE PLAY APP on it, anyone help
  8. bobbymax

    Facebook watch app?

    Can anyone explain how I can get the "Facebook-watch app" on my LG Oled B9, please?
  9. andycc72

    Octave RTA App - Pink Noise

    I downloaded an app primarily to see what db the system was playing at. Db measurement aside it has an RTA graph. I genuinely have no real idea what most of it means. I downloaded some pink noise and did a measurement. Can anyone interpret that. What frequencies are lacking etc? I’ve read that...
  10. P

    Onkyo TX-RZ710 connecting to new Iphone using Onkyo controller app

    Hi, just did the big move from Android to IOS. I was previously using the Onkyo app with no problems at all. Today I downloaded the Onkyo controller app and tried to find my receiver. I couldn't find it, my receiver is connected to my router via LAN, I then changed the receiver to Wi-Fi and I...
  11. H

    Is there a way to get SiriusXM app on EU model of Yamaha or Denon?

    Hello. I'm going to buy a new AV receiver in Europe. I also subscribe to SiriusXM (streaming), although it's not officially available in Europe, therefore I think the Yamaha and Denon AVRs might hide this app on EU models. Onkyo supported SiriusXM app in the past but I could never get it to show...
  12. beecee

    YouTube App Issue

    just recently my YouTube app has these symbols next to the function, dont have anything like this on my firestick/cube etc
  13. djpaulc247

    Bargain Amazon - £10 Off for Using App for First Time

    Was just browsing Amazon and this popped up, used it to bring Robocop 4K down to £25. I think it's invite only as it says "eligible customers..." in the T's & C's, but might help some. UK Nudge 70 Sign into the Amazon App for the first time between 7th March 2022 and 31st June...
  14. benali

    Is there an avforums app available for win11 pc?

    Is there an avforums app available for win11 pc?
  15. Aryn86

    Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar

    Looking at a May release for this so by all accounts it should be available next month, is anyone interested in getting this? seems very expensive at £2499/$2499 but some early reviewers have said it sounds immense.....guess we'll have to wait and see, anyway thought I'd make a dedicated thread...
  16. johnnyvxr

    LG un8500 Disney plus app, DV keeps going purple

    Hello all, question for you, I have the 75un8500 and whilst using the Disney plus service, the Dolby vision films keep turning purple and green. Had any body else had this? And does anybody know of a fix, please?
  17. OneEyedStuart

    Apple TV app - LG BX

    Apple TV app on an LG BX tv... not sure to post here or in the LG section, but we'll kick off here... Watching a show which I've added to my "Up Next" list, similar in fashion to Netflix's "Add to my list" feature. 2 seasons in the show, 10 episodes in each season. We watch say S1 Ep1, S1...
  18. T

    Apple tv app dd+ died :P

    Hello all :) Suddenly,withought make any changes, my apple tv application stoped streaming dd+ (5.1) and turned to dolby digital(5.1). I tryed reinstall the app, turn off/on reciever, unplug/plug hdmi cables,restart router...with no luck. Any ideas? (never had that "problem",netflix also with...
  19. T

    Now TV app and 5.1 on Sony A80J

    Good morning all Took the plunge this morning to get a Now TV subscription to watch F1. Took the boost option to get the best picture and sound but when I turn on Dolby 5.1 I get an android error when attempting to watch a live channel. I could not find specifically for the A80J something...
  20. TB Rich

    Audyssey App results

    I've just finished doing a second play through now I have XT32 and the Audyssey App - I've got 3 different curves, interested to know which one most people may choose? - Is this broadly how other people are setting up their systems too? Red line is the as-is XT32 output, so mains were set as...
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