1. 152bobby

    Speeding app recommendation ?

    Hi, Many years ago I used to use a simple Tom Tom app that would keep an eye on my speeding in the car. I could set 3 speed limits for Urban, Dual Carraigeway and Motorway, but they have seemed to have discontinued it. I have tried numerous ones on the Google Play store, but most of them are...
  2. Money13

    Question Samsung TU8000 Freeview FV app support

    Hi, I just bought Samsung TU8000 model, I was use to watch Australian News Channel in my Mobile using an app called "Freeview FV". In fact I saw many cheap TV advertising Freeview FV support etc. I thought Samsung being such a leading brand must be having this app preinstalled. However, when I...
  3. P

    Netflix app on Samsung annoyingly encodes everything to Dolby Digital

    Quite a lot of older stuff on Netflix is made in stereo but whenever I watch it using the Netflix App on my Samsung TV outputting the sound to my processor using a fibre cable it is encoded to Dolby Digital meaning everything comes out the left and right speakers. It’s great if it is made as DD...
  4. JabbaNut

    Kodi Leia v18.8, ready for download new app version

    " You can download today a new official version of Kodi Leia v18.8 available for install in Windows or Android devices. This version that updates the previous official version. Since version 18 we have substantial changes in its internal code and makes for example that compatible skins for this...
  5. dkong0719

    Wanted Itunes App store Vouchers

    Hi all, Looking for itunes gift card codes. Let me know what you have Thanks Danny
  6. OneSon

    SKY app on PS4 vs. Multiroom?

    In the process of upgrading to SKY Q. We would like to watch Sky on two different TVs in the house. What practical benefit does multiroom offer over simply using the Sky app on a PS4?
  7. jrl

    Apple +. App

    Is the Apple + app now on the LG oled C8 and if so where do I find it ?
  8. RBZ5416

    Question NowTV App

    I have a UE55M5520 but I'm guessing the app is likely to be similar among other non-Android based sets. The issue I have is returning the app to a "home" state where the watch list is available. It sometimes launches in this state but is equally liable to either continue playing from where it...
  9. P

    Question Firestick 4k - Dolby Atmos on Prime app

    Hi, I'm trying to find a device that has support for Atmos for the Prime Video app? I tried the fire stick 4k and to my surprise that doesn't even have it. I'm not seeing the Atmos logo in the information screen for the movie/show (see image attached). From the specifications: Enjoy...
  10. burgeruk

    Nowtv app problems

    I have a Samsung MU7000 tv & for the last few months intermittently when using the Nowtv app watching National Geographic channel the picture pixelates sometimes it gets blurry, I recall this happening last summer when watching F1 on Sky sports,it’s now happening on Discovery channel, could this...
  11. Rasczak

    Ubisoft Club App (Xbox One)

    Hi guys, I am trying to get Just Dance Unlimited to work without much success. The game is installed (Just Dance 2019) and so is the app but, when launched, the latter doesn't do anything - it just slows a black screen with 'club' and a mouse pointer. Nothing else. I have tried rebooting the...
  12. Edkidd09

    Question LG 55B9 Disney+ app issue

    Hi had this TV for a month now really impressed with it Although today when trying to access the disney+ app this error message comes up "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it" I have no idea, tried reinstalling the app, other apps work fine. Any...
  13. H

    Wanted Anyone got apple app store codes?

    Want to sub to an app, about £30 for the year anyone got anything?
  14. N

    Question Changing LG TV Settings from an App

    Hello, When trying to calibrate an LG OLED B7 TV, is there any way I can change things like the Brightness/Contrast via a phone app or PC/Mac rather than bringing the on screen menu up all the time? Thanks
  15. S

    IPlayer and ITV on LG CX? AppleTV app

    I’m sure I’ve read that the UK terrestrial TV apps (iplayer etc) aren’t on LGs new CXs - can anyone confirm? Can anyone let me know if you can get AppleTV app with the C9? thanks in advance
  16. F

    DJI Fly App Mavic Air 2 Walkthrough - A beginners guide

    May be useful to some of you
  17. peter312

    Question Track order in Heos app

    I’m hoping that someone can help me with a strange issue I have when accessing my NAS drive with the Heos app On my iPad. If there are less than 20 tracks, they display and play correctly in track order. However, if there are more than 20, they show and play in alphabetical order instead of...
  18. MrMister111

    Missing iPlayer, is it in Apple TV+ app?

    As LG still hasn’t sorted the missing UK catchup services like iPlayer, the TV’s that have the app for Apple TV+ is it available inside this? I have an Apple TV at the moment and the TV+ app has iPlayer etc integrated inside it. Was wondering if this is the same for the LG TV as well? thanks
  19. crashcris

    Covid tracking app has not automatically D/L on all IOS iPhones UK

    I've just been made aware that somehow a Covid tracking app has been installed on all iPhones. It is switched OFF, but it is there. To find >Settings>Privacy>Health and you'll see it at the top. Firstly, is this a little bit 1984, having such an app being downloaded without my requesting it...
  20. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Chord Electronics Gofigure app updated ready for new firmware

    Chord Electronics has updated Gofigure, the set up app for the company’s portable streamer/servers, Poly and 2go. Read the news.
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