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  1. Dave Taylor

    Recommendations for a Decent Windows or Android app to Download & save podcasts

    Title says it all really, just want to be able to download podcasts as MP3's Used to use Feed Demon, I have tried Juice a gpodder, for the PC both aren't great. Sp many Phone stuff around but can any one be recomended. Regards, Dave
  2. G

    Chrome search history problem

    Hi all, Im using Google chrome on my phone and I'm trying to clear the search history by clicking the 3 dots and then clear browsing history. It says it cleared the history but when I start using chrome again the history is still there. What am I doing wrong Kind regards Mark
  3. W

    Question Volume Matching Help Please

    I want to back to back some amps with an amp switch, what's the best/ simplest way to volume match them and is there a decent App for a phone / tablet (Apple or Android) that's fairly accurateand if so which one? I'm guessing I also need to find some sort of a test signal to play so it's a...
  4. chaz

    Can not Download AV Forum on to phone or tablet

    I have downloaded AVF app on my tablet & phone but as soon as i open it it says no Permission Granted. What could I be doing wrong and how do I fix this?
  5. A

    Question Can’t log in to app

    I have been trying to log in to the app without success. Nothing happens when I click log in or anything else within the app. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling but that didn’t help.
  6. N

    Issues with Netflix app and random scrolling

    I have a Panasonic 65hz-2000b and for some reason out of the blue the Netflix app seems to be malfunctioning. I can long in ok but when selecting icons as soon I press a direction button on the remote the app seems to randomly scroll from one line to another. Anyone else had the same problem and...
  7. G

    Pedometer recommendations

    Hi all, My wife wants recommendations for a pedometer app to count her steps. She uses an android phone and I have already installed sweatcoins and cashwalk which I use and the pedometer app but none of them don't seem to measure the correct amount of steps. Can anyone recommend an app that...
  8. P

    Google OS has a greater impact on a Sony TV than I imagined: Google TV Home app WRECKS my picture quality?

    I’ve had the Bravia 50X90S for nearly a year now, and I’ve had nothing but trouble with the internal apps since. Eventually I gave up, relying on a Roku, and then an Apple TV, which provided superior results despite using the exact same settings. But it never sat right with me. The first few...
  9. chaz

    Missing Clock Samsung 21 ultra

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 Suddenly I lost my clock on the phone when I open it its there on the lock screen but when its open it is no longer there including the wheather as well any ideas how to get it back
  10. X

    LG Oled C3 - App Service Currently Unavailable

    Hi Folks, I have a LG C3 65 that was working fine until 2 days ago, No changes have been made on the TV. All the apps are unavailable, even the "apps" store... "This app or service is currently unavailable In your country, please contact the customer service centre" I have factory reset the TV...
  11. seoras

    Question Samsung Galaxy A15 sound

    Hi, I just bought a new Galaxy A15 phone yesterday and I can’t get it to stop playing sound through the speaker when headphones, earphones or my JBL earbuds are connected. I get sound from the headphones and from the phone’s speaker. Is this normal or is there a way to have the sound just from...
  12. Member 749941

    Is NowTV app missing something or is it me?

    Is NowTV app missing something or is it me? I have NowTV ap on all my TVs and they're all logged in to my account but fit some reason they aren't in sync, which makes it difficult to "continue watching". I
  13. A

    App to cast to TV!

    1. I have 4 Samsung products: A Tab A tablet. An A03 core phone (no SIM only used for Wifi). An A14 4G phone. A Smart TV. 2. The tablet has smart view in the drop down menu and casts to the tv fine! 3. I've installed every app on the phones that has the words smart and view in the...
  14. M

    No Dolby via Disney+ App Sony AG9

    I am unable to get Dolby 5.1 via the Disney+ App on my Sony AG9. I can confirm I get Dolby 5.1 via the Amazon App & Apple TV App on the AG9 so it would appear this is a Disney App issue? I have uninstalled the Disney App and reinstalled it but still no Dolby output? I have today logged the issue...
  15. D

    New Sony Bravia Living Decor App

    Hello I'm posting here video about new Sony Bravia Living Decor App. It's very nice and picture quality is amazing. Also for fans of moder electronic music there is great soundtrack for some backgrounds ( specially those animated) . Didn't try it before but I must say I was very surprised how...
  16. LFC Jon

    Question Anybody using MSDefender

    I've just loaded this app on my phone and basically want to know what "Pro & Con" has anyone found by using it.
  17. snerkler

    Music App on Mac not grouping album properly.

    I've just added an album to the music app on my MBP (running Ventura) and one song has made a duplicate album with just that track on it, as you can see in this screenshot I've gone into the "get info" section and checked the artist and album etc are the same as you can see in the below...
  18. boardtc

    Mubi on 49UM7100PLB?

    My friend has a 49" LG ULTRA HD 4K TV, model 49UM7100PLB. He is not very technical and would struggle with changing inputs to a firestick. I saw Activate MUBI on your LG TV Is there any way of getting a Mubi app installed on this TV?
  19. A

    Question Advice for adding Somfy/Diaz Vertical Blinds to Tahoma App

    I recently bought a DIAZ Vertical Blinds Rail and it has a Somfy motor to drive the opening/closing and rotating of the vertical slats/louvers. I just bought the Somfy Connectivity Kit to integrate the blind into my Home Assistant. BUT…. When I go to add my vertical blinds to the Somfy...
  20. H

    Led Strip issues with WLED app

    Hi, I just recently bought from Aliexpress 1 metre of WS2813 led strip and also GLEDOPTO ESP32 WLED LED Controller. This is the first time of using the products as i wanted to experiment of using these and want to use these things for future DIY project. I need help with how to connect the led...
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