1. was1m

    For Sale Monitor Audio Apex - 4 x A10's & 1 x A40 Stand

    Decided to sell my trusted and much loved Monitor Audio Apex 5.1 system due to re-arranging our room & kit. Just gone 5 years old & bought from Sevenoaks in 2015 - I only use for movies and TV. Collection only and happy to let potential buyer test them. Generally excellent condition a chip on...
  2. was1m

    Question Migrate from Monitor Audio Apex to Elac Uni-Fi Series

    I have been playing with a few ideas with regards to potentially moving away from my Monitor Audio Apex 4 x A10 1 x A40 setup to 4 x floorstanders as the kids are older and have enough pocket money to pay for damages! I wont be spending much more than i make from the sale of the MA's The...
  3. T

    Wanted Monitor Audio Apex A10 / A40

    As title I’m looking for at least two Apex A10s and one A40. Would need to be white, some good deals around online but unfortunately only for black!
  4. C

    Question Help with home theater system purchase!

    I am in the process of building a home theater system from scratch and after countless hours of research on different forums and watching reviews I was able to choose the speakers and receiver for my system. No matter how much I look online though there is nothing more important than the opinion...
  5. Razor

    Question Looking to Upgrade LCR from Monitor Audio Apex and include Atmos

    Hi, I seem to have an upgrade itch which needs scratching. I have just upgraded my reciever to a Marantz SR7012 and am now looking at adding Atmos into my setup. I am about to get my lounge refurbed so thought it would be a good time to add Atmos into the equation and maybe a rejig of my setup...
  6. devbias

    Question Apex 10 v SoundFrame 1

    My current set up is MA Apex A10 Front Left & Right MA Apex A40 centre MA Silver FX surround Left & Right. BK XXLS400 DF sub I wish to move my front left & right further away from the centre to centrically match the distance of the rears. However the A10 will not be an option for this due to...
  7. K

    Question Keep MA Apex 5.1, go back to silver or soundbar?

    Hi, A couple of years ago I had a pair of MA RX2 and a center all powered by a pioneer sc-1223-k with very good quality cables. Music was absolutely great (even for Mrs), we were redecorating and I wanted something more on the cinema side, so I have upgraded to 3xA40 + 2xA10 all powered by the...
  8. Razorclam

    Answered Move away from Arcam to increase budget?

    I’m looking for advice, My Arcam AVR400 needs replacing. The £2000 budget I have is on the cusp of being spent on a Arcam AVR390. As you can see from my sig I’m only running a 2.1 set up. I have put some feelers out to see if I can get a deal on a 390 and a third MA Apex A40. Initial responses...
  9. SRT

    Question Monitor Apex Dealers

    Hi, I have some Apex A 10 speakers and I wish to purchase a couple more. I have sent the original supplier a query but wonder if there are any dealers frequenting the forum who might care to offer me a figure for 1. Apex A10 - White 1. Apex A40 - White Not sure if this is the right place to...
  10. S

    Monitor Audio apex reviews. Who's using these?

    Hi new to the forum however always enjoyed owning good audio equipment for music and film entertainment. Changing my living room configuration to less noticeable speakers/speaker stand set up. Building tv wall and plan to house some good quality front ported speakers into wall with some quality...
  11. MikeKay1976

    Apex Construct play/help.......

    Hi I started this nice little shooter today. It is fairly polished and no regrets buying tho I have read posts such as this is one of PSVRs stand out titles.. it not THAT good by a long way on PC!. Anyway a quick question for the vets of it. In the 2nd mission (to get the level 1 security pass)...
  12. stewjoy

    Apex A10 as height speakers

    As the title says, has anybody attempted this ?they are very heavy if so what size screws or fittings did you use. Any help appreciated.
  13. Nivek TT

    Aperation Apex

    Saw this in Mike's weak review of the Vive Pro and it looked interesting. Steam user reviews describe it as TheBlu the game, which sounds awesome. However, its expensive though for what is described as an hour or two of content. Operation Apex on Steam Its on my wishlist. Anyone tried it...
  14. J

    Apex TV to ematic box

    I have a APEX gt2011s flat screen TV and an ematic at103b converter box. I'm trying to program ematic remote to apex TV for sound adjustment. Does anyone know how to program it?
  15. S

    Monitor Audio Apex A10 vs Kef T101 for surrounds?

    Hi folks in a bit of a pickle as I don’t have much space for rear speakers. So I was looking at the Monitor Audio Apex A10 or Kef T101 or maybe 301 for surround duty’s. I have Monitor Audio Silver 8s for fronts and a BK sub powered by a Denon x7200wa. Would either of the above be a good match...
  16. StefanBFC

    Question MA FX / Apex 10

    I need a little help choosing some rears, I'm stuck between some MA FX either silver or bronze really, or some MA Apex 10 (Including stands) I currently have MA Silver 1 & centre, I will get stands for these eventually, SVS PC-2000 sub, amp is Denon x2200w My room is 5.5 x 3.5...
  17. P

    Sub for Yamaha A3040 and MA Apex?

    Hi, I'm looking for advice on a good choice of subwoofer to match the equipment in the title. I've done plenty of reading of other posts but not found anything quite from the perspective I'm looking from, so would welcome advice and suggestions please. Thanks, Pete. Will be used with...
  18. N

    MA Apex wall mounting

    Hi, I'm considering getting a pair of A10s and an A40 for my front three and was wondering if any A10 owners could let me know how far you can rotate the A10s on their wall mount. I plan on having them mounted on side walls but facing forward. I'm not sure what the exact angle would be, but...
  19. Harkon321

    Monitor Audio Apex vs Bookshelves/Floorstanders

    I'm considering upgrading my existing BX speakers to Apex A10s and one A40 centre. I don't think I can use three A40s due to the walls being too far back form the projector screen, so stand mount A10s will work better. My other option is to go for the RX/Silver range, either RX2s or RX6s...
  20. Harkon321

    MA Apex A10s sat on TV Unit?

    Is this likely to be as much of an issue as bookshelves sat on a TV unit? Or do you think I'd struggle to notice, given they are a sub sat system? Imagine something like the picture below?
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