1. RedDevil85

    The Apartment (1960) 4K UHD

    Link: Coming soon Release date: TBC
  2. N

    Neighbor Friendly Soundbar for apartment

    What would be a best “Neighbor Friendly Soundbar ” setup? I moving to a top floor apartment and I guessing a subwoofer will penetrate sound to the neighbour's below. Also the main tv lounge is 6m x 6.5m, so fairly large, and I really like my music aswell as moves and sports… So quality of...
  3. P

    Apartment alarm system

    I'm looking for recommendations please for an alarm system for an apartment. Specifically one that can : be set at night when home with an audible alarm to wake us (not just mobile phone alert), with door open and movement sensors. be set when leaving the apart to make NO audible alert but to...
  4. danny daniell

    Spanish Apartment tv can anyone recommend for me please?

    Hey guys, as above I am looking for a tv for my Spanish apartment I love Oled there is a Philips 55 705 Oled available here for €999 although I would really like a 65 inch the cheapest here is a LG Bx65 at €1500 which is above my budget (which is €1,000 maybe €1,200 for something really...
  5. T

    Best option for physical media only throughout an apartment?

    This is a physical media question. I'm not looking for streaming service suggestions, we don't use them at all. We're moving into a new place soon and my wife and I have noticed that because of the layout, our stereo where we listen to mostly CDs, records, and a large collection of music...
  6. blueberry99

    Replacing Old Apartment Intercom - bitron video AV4005

    I live in an apartment block so obviously I cannot change the whole intercom setup, but I am looking at potentially changing my receiver if possible with something that could connect up to my phone / alexa / google home. I'm looking at replacing a (pretty old) bitron video MV3000 handset with...
  7. G

    Critiques on a 5.0.4 apartment setup

    Hey guys. Buying my first HT setup after years of just using built-in TV audio, wanted to do a sanity check before pulling the trigger. Setup : 5.0.2 5 x OG KEF LS50 units from Ebay Ceiling mounted KEF T301 for atmos Denon x4500h Generic Amazon Speaker Stands Area : 12 x 12 x 8 area in...
  8. T

    Struggles with the new setup and apartment layout

    Hello! I'm trying to plan the purchase of a new audio system. The problem is, that I've recently moved and didn't have much choice considering a new apartment. In my opinion, it has a horrible layout for listening, but I'll be staying in it at least for a year. The room height is about 3.3...
  9. Z

    Question Subwoofer advice for open living room space

    I'm looking for a subwoofer to serve as part of a home theater in our living room. The thing is that the apartment has an open space that combines the living, room, kitchen, and dining room areas (see below). The gray area behind the TV is a balcony, separated by glass sliding doors. I think...
  10. lifereinspired

    Audyssey LFC

    Hi, We live in an apartment building with 40 units. We currently have an Onkyo TXNR626 7.2 Channel AVR for our home theater. We've had it 6 years & it was a previous model year when we purchased. We're having issues with sound. Basically, a lot of the stuff we watch has the music and effects...
  11. jason1wood

    Upgrading Sub in open plan apartment

    Any help is greatly received I'm running a 7.1.2 M&K system with a VX-1250SFX sub, in my apartment. Its an old converted chapel so has a central staircase through the levels to a mezzanine bedroom, with vaulted ceiling so I know I won't get any pressurised LFE. My question is would going...
  12. eyal1506

    Question 5.1 speaker package for new apartment.

    Hey all, I'm new here and looking for 5.1 speaker package for new apartment. The room size: approx. 60 sqm ( Living room + Open space kitchen, the living room is 30 sqm) sound preferences: I like QUAD/KEF/B&W( for example DALI is not for me), never heard MA. Speakers preferences: Front-...
  13. P

    Looking to build a speaker set for 1 bedroom apartment , advice?

    Looking to build a speaker set in my one bedroom apartment. It would be in the living with plenty of open space, however it can’t be too loud of a set as I don’t want to disturb the neighbors. I’ve been looking at around a $1500 budget and would be using it for movies and games. Any...
  14. J

    DIY Apartment Home Theater

    First time doing anything like this, very pleased with the results! Before After:
  15. Danial

    One Bed Apartment: B&W Formation Duo

    Hello All, I've not upgraded any part of my system since 2014 (see here) and recently, like many others with a significant amount of time spent at home, I got the itch to spend some money. It begun with persuading my wife that if we got a new TV we could replace the awful TV stand we used to...
  16. klaxhu

    Need speakers suggestion for apartment

    Hi all! I would need a recommendation for changing my speakers, I am currently on the following setup: Speakers: Monitor Audio Silver 8, Amp: Yamaha RN-602, Record player: Pro-ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB I also use Spotify but also play vinyl occasionally. I have a separate setup with an LG...
  17. Mayandi2

    Question Getting private Sky Q in an apartment block

    I just discovered that the communal Sky dish in the apartment block to which we are moving has not been upgraded for installation of Sky Q. The Management Company told me that in order for this upgrade to take place, I have to apply to the directors who will then consider this in a meeting and...
  18. davedavedave99

    Very simple AV receiver for Airbnb apartment

    Hey, so I have an apartment that I rent with Airbnb most of the time and occasionally live in myself. It has a nice surround sound system and I have a fantastic Pioneer SC-LX79 receiver. The problem is that people fiddle with the amp, and change the settings. The next guests usually can't get it...
  19. N

    Need your help - Stereo Amp with Spotify Connect

    Hello all, I'm relatively new to HiFi systems but I want to start with it and learn about it. I have an apartment with a living room of around 60 sqm / 645 sqft. I just got the Q Acoustics 3020i speakers and now looking for a new Amp. The TV will be connected to the HiFi system, but it will be...
  20. offby1

    Question Smart outlets for the security-conscious apartment dweller

    I have a category of problem that Google has failed to solve for me, and I'm hoping you wise people can help me establish the criteria for it and then ideally satisfy them. I live in an apartment flat that has poor wireless signal reception in general; it's hard to get a steady wifi signal from...
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