1. Z

    Anthem MRX 1140 vs NAD T 778

    Any preference between the 2 - stability (bugs), sound, picture and ease of set up?
  2. Kevdix

    Anthem p5,p2 or mca 525 gen 2

    Hi all. I got my first ever home setup a couple of years back. I kinda ran out of money and settled for an ex demo Yamaha 1060, which is great but unsure if it's somewhat the weak point in my system. I do intend to add more in the near future, but not in this house. My setup is kef ci5160rl-thx...
  3. Boxinghris

    For Sale Anthem MRX720

    Photos to followbut for sale is my Anthem MRX720 in excellent condition with all accessories that come in the box. Just purchased an MRX1120 to replace it before a house move where I can fit the four Atmos ceiling speakers. I’m at postcode OL13 0HW in the North West and pickup is preferred, or...
  4. M

    For Sale Anthem MRX1140

    Hi Everyone I have an Anthem MRX 1140 for sale I purchased 2 One for me and one for a friend He couldn’t wait for it and bought something else So I have a surplus one Thanks
  5. K

    Using anthem ARC with 2 subs

    I have bought a MRX720 and I really like it - an amazing piece of kit. Today I have tried to add my older SVS Sub, a SB12-NSD to my new sub - SVS SB2000. Both of them are on the front wall, between the center and the front speakers. However, using the quick measure I got the following results...
  6. darklight00

    Anthem vs Lexicon

    I would like your opinion on what would sound better Anthem MRX 310 vs Lexicon MC-8. I know that the Anthem will have more features since it is a more modern product. But my main concern is soundwise which one would come out ahead? I know these are old products and most of you have past them...
  7. Boxinghris

    Wanted Anthem MRX1120

    Currently have an Anthem MRX720 but an about to move to a house where ceiling speakers can be installed easily for Atmos, so although I have a couple of nice little Quad 77 stereo amps I could use with the 720 it would obviously be neater to acquire an 1120. Can part ex my 720 for the 1120 but...
  8. Trophy hunter

    Anthem AVM70 owners thread

    Just thought I would do an owners thread as a few people have it now. I've got the AVM70 and JBL SDA-7200 power amp, and getting the anthem mca 525 gen 2 power amp on Monday to try. Let you all know how I get on with it. Will let it run for a few days to run it in before I have a good listen to it.
  9. bandyka

    Upgrade from Anthem MRX 720 to 740 or 1140 or AVM 70

    G'day, Soo, It was not my intention to upgrade as I am extremely happy with my current Anthem MRX 720, I am using it only as a Processor and powering the surround channels only, the power amp for the mains is an MCA 20, for the center is an Emotiva XPA-1 and an older Technics for the overhead...
  10. D

    Anthem MRX 500 sound issue

    Hello! I have a problem with the Anthem mrx 500.2020 I bought in December. From a reliable seller. The speakers came last week. Dali concept 2.1. The problem is that in many cases there is no sound when turned on.Dosent matter optical or hdmi input.In this case on fm channel no sound...
  11. T

    Very Buggy Anthem MRX 540 Receiver

    I know there's a few threads going on with issues regarding the new Anthem receivers. But I am very unhappy thus far with the shear volume of issues I've encountered in my first couple hours of use. Note: The first thing I did was update the firmware, got connected to my network, and then I...
  12. A

    Anthem AVM90 or Trinnov altitude 16?

    I had planned to get an AVM90 for my new home cinema but seems like a mission impossible so I’m considering a Trinnov Altitude 16 instead or possibly even an Acuras that will go well (apparently) with my speakers experiences and thoughts? Hold out for the AVM90 or go Trinnov?
  13. Sir Button

    Question eARC and Anthem MRX 740 with LG GX 65

    Hi, I've recently bought the Anthem MRX 740 in the hopes that I could reduce the connection to my AVR with 1 optical cable,by using the eARC connection between my TV and the AVR . I've run out of options of what to try. The issue is that I don't receive any audio signal between the TV and the...
  14. L

    Anthem MRX740 or Yamaha A2080 with Dirac live

    Hi, I am thinking about upgrading my soundsystem and honestly I am very undecided what to do and what to try. I have a 5.1.4 Setup with Nubert Nuvero (bottom) / Nuline (ceiling) speakers. I don't think they are well known internationally, hence a link to the front speakers...
  15. J

    Question Suggested 5.1 speakers for Anthem MCA525

    Hi All, Slow progress in trying to get my first 5.1 setup installed / completed in the living room. Got an Anthem AVM60 / MCA525, and will soon be out (when we're finally out of lockdown) looking for new speakers. Listening is probably around 80% music, 20% films so the front 2 are more...
  16. A

    Question Connecting Roksan K3 to Anthem MRX-720 to drive the front channels

    I'd appreciate some advice regarding adding the K3 to my Anthem MRX-720 to drive the front channels for music and also in the context of home theater(Atmos 5.1.4). I got my head around connecting the K3 to the pre outs of Anthem , simple enough, what I'm wondering about is how to distribute...
  17. H

    New Anthem STR preamp issue

    HI, took delivery of one of these on Thursday and had it set up and working over the weekend. Came to use it today and turned on the power and the unit failed to power up. There were a series of clicks (which I believe are some relays resetting themselves from HT bypass, then a small pop...
  18. A

    Question Anthem MRX700 remote

    Anyone know where I can buy a new remote from?
  19. J

    Question New Anthem MRX 740 subwoofer room correction

    This has probably been answered before but after a quick search I couldn’t find a definitive answer on this. As much as I would imagine the new MRX 740 does include room correction for a subwoofer as well as the rest of the speakers, can anyone confirm this please? If not I presume my current...
  20. S

    AVR Bake Off: Arcam vs Anthem

    Hey Team: ordered an Arcam 390 and Anthem 720 (I know they have differences and are older models, but I got them both reasonably priced for a trial). Wondering which you think I should demo first and any specific tips you'd encourage? I'm testing a 5.1.2 setup, obviously I'll run ARC and Dirac...
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