1. D

    For Sale Anthem MRX 500

    Bought this great amp on here last week for a family member, however they have decided to go with something new, so now not needed. I've plugged it in to check there were no issues in transit and its all good, sounds lovely. Complete boxed with all accessories and in fantastic condition. More...
  2. morenish

    Is it time that England had it’s own anthem ?

    I was at a session of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. An English athlete was awarded a gold medal and I was taken aback at the anthem that was played, ‘Jerusalem’. I was not aware that this anthem was played at this event It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, I couldn’t...
  3. J

    Anthem 720 & Fire Cube TV

    I'm considering buying a Fire Cube TV (4k) and intend to plug it into my Anthem 720. I've found threads online suggesting there are problems with this set up but no threads documenting a solution or confirming a fix is available. Does anyone here have the definitive answer? Has anyone got a...
  4. IGC

    Wrath of Man (Guy Ritchie, Jason's Anthem, UK Blu-ray June 2022)

    UPC: 5055761915761 I liked this no classic but worth it for the story and cast. Shame there's no 4K (options below).
  5. T

    Anthem mrx 720 setup

    Hi. Is there anyone local to Harrow middlesex that can help me set up time anthem to get the best sound. At my age, all the techno speak makes little sense to me. I tried doing ARC setup but not happy with the results. Sound seems dead. Will keep trying but getting frustrated. Cheers. Deepak

    For Sale Anthem MRX 500

    Fantastic condition 7.1 100 watts per channel amp. This has some decent power, way better than anything up to at least 500 quid even now, I'd guess, seeing as it was originally £1600 rrp. Room setup mic and software in a different league to Audyssey and YPAO. Full size microphone and stand...
  7. NXT

    Wanted Anthem MRX 710 MRX 720 MRX 1120 or AVM 60

    Looking for an Anthem MRX 710 is anyone has one available in good condition with ARC accessories etc. Depending on distance may be able to collect but would prefer courier delivery Thanks in advance
  8. Richard2761

    Anthem mrx740 remote extender

    I’m trying to find the best way to control my mrx740 from a different room in my house. As far as I’m aware the remote is infra red not radio frequency. Which quality ir extender/ receiver would you recommend. I’d prefer to use the original remote and not the Wi-Fi app
  9. H

    Should I upgrade from Yamaha A3070 to Arcam AVR550 or Anthem MRX-1120?

    I have a Yamaha A3070 currently and running a 5.2.4 setup. It does everything I need it to do, although I wish YPAO can do more for my room. I have the option to add surround back also if I want to. Now, there is a used Arcam AVR550 and Anthem MRX-1120 in market. I find myself having...
  10. B

    Upgrading Denon 4700h to Anthem

    Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to the forum and am looking for some advice. I have a dedicated home cinema room currently running Arendal 1723 monitor THX as the front 3 speakers with the 1723 THX S surround speakers arriving later this week to replace my Dali surrounds. I've also got 3 x SVS subs...
  11. silouette

    Yamaha 3050 as pre or go Anthem AVM70 ?

    Using a 3050 as apre with yamaha 5100 power amp, considering getting a dedicated pre for example Anthem AV70 Any Thoughts Guys ?
  12. popesweetjesus

    Anthem MRX 500 as DAC for Music

    I moved from digital to Vinyl a while back and sold my DAC which was a very good Chord. I'm now wanting to start listen to my CDs and HiRes Flacs as well as vinyl. Has anyone any experience of the Anthem as a DAC? It will output into my pre/power stages so wont be using the Anthem for anything else.
  13. Nupe1911

    Anthem MRX 1140 issues

    Hello, Been having many issues with the MRX 1140. So MANY bugs with this 4k system, here is another issue if I could get assistance with. Anyone know how to get rid of this? Every time I press the volume, etc. I get this...any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. M

    Newbie(ish) advice please - Arcam vs Anthem vs NAD vs Denon

    Hello all (second post) I've posted elsewhere about centre speaker positioning and mentioned that I was going with an Anthem MRX740 driving MA Silvers. But I’m still thinking about it. .. I cant find anywhere that sells all of the Anthem and the Arcam AVR20 and the NAD T778 (we’re SE London)...
  15. R

    Anthem MRX 1140

    I’m new to the Anthem receiver world and was hoping someone can help me understand how Anthem assigns the audio mode. I recently purchased an MRX 1140 receiver and have gone through the calibration process and the receiver performs amazingly. However, when I watch Dolby Atmos programming on the...
  16. mjcmt

    Anthem MRX-540 sound quality?

    I wondering if those owning the Anthem's entry MRX-540 can tell me if the sound quality is a step up from the main stream AVRs? I have a 4 yr old Yamaha RXV681 AVR and my 10 yrs old Rega Mira3 sounds clearly better than the Yamaha w/ 2 speakers. I'm only looking for a 3.0 system for better...
  17. J

    Anthem ARC software constantly crashing - Solved

    Hi All, Got an issue with Anthem's ARC software constantly crashing, which has prevented me from setting up my AVM60... I’ve installed ARC Genesis (V1.5.4) on my PC : Open the software Click Launch ARC Select my AVM60 Go through ‘Configure Measurements’ I’ve downloaded the calibration file...
  18. T

    Problems routing/seeing desktop via my Anthem MRX710....struggling!!

    Having problems connecting my HTPC (with GTX1050ti) to my Anthem MRX710. Desktop fails to show correctly...cursor disappears too... I can't successfully connect the PC....via HDMI to the MRX710. Trying to discover what I'm doin' wrong! Could it be an EDID issues perhaps...(found this while...
  19. DodgeTheViper

    Anthem MCA Amps

    From what I read, there appears to be two generations of these amps. Is there anything that distinguishes one from the other ?
  20. Duggs

    Anthem mrx300 inputs

    Hi, I've just bought a used mrx300 for a garage setup. I'm trying to get a cd player to work. I've tried both analog1 connection and optical1 connection. Went into setup to #2 cd input on the menu, tried the input as both analog1 and digital1. When I set to cd on the remote it says no signal...
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