An anthem is a musical composition of celebration, usually used as a symbol for a distinct group, particularly the national anthems of countries. Originally, and in music theory and religious contexts, it also refers more particularly to short sacred choral work and still more particularly to a specific form of Anglican church music

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  1. A

    For Sale Anthem MRX 310

    Selling my Anthem MRX 310. It’s in good condition and in full working order. It sounds excellent with the ARC being an outstanding calibration system. It’s still in the cupboard at the moment but will remove soon to take some pictures. Collection is preferable but I will send by courier at the...
  2. J

    Wanted Anthem Avm70

    Just a thought, but is anyone out there looking to sell there Anthem Avm70. A long shot but if one comes up at the right price!
  3. F

    Question How to update ANTHEM MRX 1140?? Anthem is not updating.

    Guys, I have an Anthem MXR 1140 and I can't update the receiver. The receiver has the 2021 release update. When I try to use the Anthem Remote App, it returns a warning that I cannot use the App because the receiver version is not compatible. I go to the settings and click to update, the...
  4. D

    Wanted Anthem MCA amplifiers - 20/30/50

    Looking for last gen Anthem MCA amplifiers - Anthem MCA amplifiers - 20/30/50
  5. Indiana Bones

    Question Upgrade Anthem 710 to 540?

    Hi guys, I currently have the Anthem MRX710 which I purchased from here. Had it a few years now and been very happy with my sound for music and films. I have currently upgraded to 4k tv and Blu Ray player. Wondering if it is worth upgrading the amp to the new MRX 540? Going for 540 as I don’t...
  6. davisa

    Question KEF T101 to Monitor Audio Radius 225

    Anyone done this? Currently I have 3 x KEF LS50 fronts + BK sub, powered by an Anthem MRX 540. KEF T101 do surround duties, but they’ve been pretty terrible right from the start. They’re thin, weedy and just can’t handle the power, even at low levels. ARC room calibration is painful to listen...
  7. J

    Time to switch from Anthem

    After much going and froing, I think the time has come to move on from my Anthem 720. The sound it produces feels too bright for my ears. Also, it has broken once and my Anthem PVA 7 has developed a fault. All told, I think it’s time for a change. I only ever use it for movies and have an...
  8. J

    Anthem 720 and appropriate power amp

    Hi all, I’m about to trial a LCR 1723s series. I have a smallish room and tend to listen to movies at about -17. I’m running an Anthem 720 and though I have a separate Anthem PVA 7 amp, it has recently developed a fault in that only two channels are actually receiving power. , so I only have...
  9. liamgdr

    Anthem mrx300 as power amp alongside Marantz sr8015

    I have a Marantz sr8015 and I’m currently using 11 channels (7.1.4). I’ve got a spare pair of speakers and an old Anthem mrx300, my intention is to add front wide speakers and use the anthem to power the atmos channels. On the amp assign menu on the Marantz when choosing 13 channels it only...
  10. Stuart Wright

    Win an Anthem MRX-540 Receiver worth over £1,500

    Anthem’s pre-amps, amplifiers and audio/video receivers give you the most advanced tools available to easily connect, control, optimize and power all of your entertainment systems. And Anthem AV are giving one lucky AVForums member the opportunity to win the fantastic MRX-540 Receiver. The...
  11. M

    Wanted Anthem MRX-720

    Hi Guys, As per the title, I'm looking for a Anthem MRX-720.
  12. A

    Opinions/advice on moving from Anthem MRX-520 to Integra DRX-5.4

    [ I had posted this on another AV forum. In the hopes of reaching a broader audience, I thought I would post a (slightly edited) copy here as well.. ] I am considering purchasing an Integra DRX-5.4 and would appreciate hearing opinions from individuals who have experience with it. Here's a...
  13. inonefly

    Question AVR upgrade: X8500h or Anthem MRX740/540?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to upgrade my AVR (from x3500h) to X8500h or Anthem MRX 540/740 4K version. I have 5.1 setup in my living room (6.7*4.6m) currently, we are planning an extension which I may have a dedicate theatre room but at least anther year or two until it happens, until then I...
  14. P

    Anthem MRX SLM - new slimline processor?!

    Just came across this news on avsforum. New slim Anthem product coming this year at $1299. They are calling it a receiver but surely has to be a processor only? Limited info at the moment but hoping this comes to the UK too...
  15. H

    Anthem mrx740 or Yamaha A6A recommendation?

    Hi Guys, just bought a new OLED TV... which has now made me have to update the Amp, to get 4K passthrough Currently have an old Yamaha V863 which i have found to be great but i think its on edge of delivering full power to the fronts. It is a 7 channel amp (specs are great for this amp, but...
  16. F

    Another avr thread rz50 vs anthem mrx740 vs 3800

    I have just sold my rz50 as I had a good deal on an anthem lined up, but bad timing, it fell through after I sold my rz50. So now I'm looking for a new avr. I really liked the sound of my rz50, it was a big improvement over my yamaha, I think mainly due to DIRAC. I'm considering Getting...
  17. stevos

    Anthem - disable all but 1 speaker

    Is there a way to disable all but one speaker in the anthem or arc software? I want to do some experiments on the sound coming out of my centre speaker, but unplugging 10 other speakers and 2 subs is a bit of a pain.
  18. JDMav

    Anthem MRX1140 DAC

    Can anyone help with the quality of the inbuilt DAC and/or suggestions for high-res music listening?
  19. kaliturbo

    Home Theater Build Decisions

    Hello, first post here and been going through the AVforums like crazy the last few days trying to make heads or tails of what exactly I need for my theater. Room is about 15 wide x 24 deep. Here is what I'm thinking about, please give me pointers/feedback. 1) Cabinet/Rack 42U: will house the...
  20. R

    Sending multi-channel signal from Anthem Mrx 740 to Primaluna Evo 300

    Hi, I hope I'm posting in the right section. I would like to know what connections are to be made to send a multi-channel signal from ROON passing from my AV Anthem MRX 740 to Primaluna evo 300 where I want to reproduce the 2.1 signal, i.e. not only stereo but also subwoofer. Do I have to use...
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