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  1. T

    Anthem mrx 720 setup

    Hi. Is there anyone local to Harrow middlesex that can help me set up time anthem to get the best sound. At my age, all the techno speak makes little sense to me. I tried doing ARC setup but not happy with the results. Sound seems dead. Will keep trying but getting frustrated. Cheers. Deepak
  2. S

    HTPC to LG C1.. help

    Hi I just purchased LG C1, which is connected to Gaming-HTPC (RTX 2070 super) via MRX720.. the HTPC specs are as follows Various guides on setup instruct the change the input from HDMI to PC.. as it provides greater depth of options especially for the gaming mode.. However upon changing the...
  3. diamondtecusa

    Anthem MRX 720 vs MRX 740

    Hey Everyone, New here... I'm building a new 7 speaker system (LCR, two sides, two rears) and need an unvarnished opinion on the older Anthem MRX 720 compared to the new MRX 740 unit. I understand the MRX 740 has some new features that are not as important to me like Channel Re-Assignment...
  4. bandyka

    Upgrade from Anthem MRX 720 to 740 or 1140 or AVM 70

    G'day, Soo, It was not my intention to upgrade as I am extremely happy with my current Anthem MRX 720, I am using it only as a Processor and powering the surround channels only, the power amp for the mains is an MCA 20, for the center is an Emotiva XPA-1 and an older Technics for the overhead...
  5. F

    Anthem Mrx720, Samsung 4K, Comcast cable box

    ok here goes. for some reason comcast cable box and Anthem are not working on my Samsung TV. both are 2019 purchases. I also have an Xbox and Firestick attached I'm on my 3rd Comcast box, it is attached to the Anthem MRX 720 Input1. The Xbox is in Input 2 and the Firestick to Input 3. The anthem...
  6. X

    Airplay anthem mrx720

    Hi, Does anyone know how to use Apple Music with the MR X720, it looks like it cab be done with PlayFi, but I wasn’t successful yet. thanks, Bart
  7. zamlock

    Question On-walls / In-walls for Anthem MRX720?

    Hello, I recently got the Anthem MRX720 and a Rythmik FVX15 sub. Plan is to setup a 5.1.2 and maybe a 5.1.4 later. Although I couldn't resist getting this sub at a good deal, I feel it maybe overkill for my space, but I haven't hooked up anything yet as I am stuck out of my country without...
  8. cksv

    Getting audio but no video with Apple TV connected to Anthem MRX 720

    Hi All - Recently purchased an Apple TV 4K and can't seem to get anything other than audio from it. Some troubleshooting steps I've taken: * Connected the ATV to several different HDMI ports on the back of the receiver (I always get audio but no video). The front of the receiver shows 4K. *...
  9. Rocky 1

    how to connect the phono preamp of pioneer sx 1250 to my present system: Anthem mrx 720 with Rotel RB 1582 MK2 ampand pictorial illustration

    Hello All I have a pioneer sx 1250 , had it for years however at present it shuts down one channel when it warms up . I've had this supposedly fixed but no . at the moment i can't afford to have it completely overhauld . The anthem MRX 720 a/v reciever doesn't have a phono pre amp ...
  10. B

    Anthem MRX 720 CEC Control only off

    My Anthem MRX 720 only go off with the cec control. But it won't go on with cec control. I set the anthem cec controll for on and off Enabled. but it won"t go on. My screen is a LG 950V Did someone now what its about
  11. P

    Question Anthem MRX 720 or Arcam AVR 550?

    Hello, Without taking into account neither what they cost (here Arcam is slightly cheaper than Anthem) nor Dirac implementation controversy in Arcam AVRs, which would you buy, Anthem MRX 720 or Arcam AVR 550? I’m only interested in audio quality and power, no video processing or nay other bells...
  12. S

    Question Subwoofer for new/upgraded system

    Hi .. Im upgrading my 5.1 system (for music and HT) with the following: Speakers: Paradigm -Front Prestige 85F -Center Prestige 55C -Surround Prestige 15B AV receiver Anthem MRX 720 The only thing left is a subwoofer... Im looking to compliment the system in terms of sound quality and...
  13. SoundPaul

    Martin Logan Stealth Speakers + Anthem MRX 720?

    Hi all, I'm building a 5.1.2 Atmos system (please see below link to my build thread) and I have a few questions. Hopefully you guys have experience with Martin Logan in-wall/ceiling speakers and Anthem AV receivers - as I want to know if the kit makes sense or if I'm missing something and need...
  14. K

    Question Anthem MRX 720 vs Cambridge CXR 120 vs marantz sr7010

    Hey friends, I have a canton Vento 886 for music, And I'm looking for a stereo receiver to be used primarily, but also a home theater. This speaker: Vento 886 DC I'm wondering on three different receivers: 1, Anthem MRX 720 2, Cambridge CXR 120 3, marantz sr7010 What best sound for stereo? I...
  15. sparkle999

    Question Anyone got the Anthem MRX 720 to work with Virgin TiVo?

    I'm struggling to get the virgin media TiVo box to work with the Anthem MRX720 over HDMI. The amp is happily processing various other sources over HDMI, but when I connect the TiVo box to the amp over HDMI, the TiVo box throws a wobbler, crashes with all light lit up and reboots, looping...
  16. DrGekko

    Question Unable to programme Harmony One to control Anthem MRX 720

    Hey folks, Recently had my Anthem 720 installed and I'm so excited to test out various sources. Unfortunately I've been unable to programme my Harmony One remote to control it. The Logitech too finds the AVR and seems to have the correct list of inputs but the Harmony One simply fails to control...
  17. DrGekko

    Question Anthem MRX720 vs Arcam AVR550 - your comments please.

    I wish to upgrade my current Onkyo AVR818 to something higher end for my 7.2 speaker set up - MK MP150s fronts, S150T and M4T surrounds with a pair of V12 subs. Ideally I would like opinions from past and present owners, especially about the Arcam as I appreciate the 720 has only recently been...
  18. Jazz Monkey Jr

    Anthem MRX 520 / 720 / 1120 Series Owners

    I am looking to purchase a 720 to upgrade from my Onkyo 5010, like the look of ARC and just bought a power amp so looking forward to some decent improvements.
  19. PC Nut

    Bristol Sound & Vision 2016 Show report

    For those that didn't know 26th - 28th February 2016 10:00am - 5:00pm Who's going Brands | Sound & Vision - The Bristol Show 2016 Who's Not on the LIST Anthem (With new products on the market ??? )
  20. M

    Anthem 2015 Range Launch Event

    ANTHEM 2015 Launch Event 18th November 2015 The Movie Rooms in conjunction with Anthem AVS are proud to be able to offer the first real chance in the UK, for customers to be able to hear the up-coming range of new products from Canadian manufacturer Anthem. Tom from Anthem will be in...
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