anthem mrx 310

  1. One more thing

    4k 120hz HDMI 2.1 from PS5 but keep old AVR?

    Long time no posts as ive been enjoying my VT65 plasma for years so im out of touch with getting old tech to work with new etc, but ive been tempted into getting a new LG OLED that supports 4k 120hz for FPS gaming on my PS5. Trouble is I love my amp - anthem MRX 310 which drives my MK m7's...
  2. B

    Anthem MRX 310 / Arcam AVR450 / Cambridge Audio CXR120

    I have a budget of around £500 at a push, and I'm wondering (rather than buying a brand new amp) about getting one of these slightly older units. My thinking is that I don't need Dolby Atmos, or 7 channels, but I do value good sound quality and I hope I'd get a more 'musically' capable amp which...
  3. grizzuk

    A couple of questions for anthem mrx 310 owners

    Hi I bought an anthem mrx 310 and need some help with the menus, mine look slightly different to the manual. Am I confusing what I'm seeing with the 510/710 models. Mine doesn't list listening mode 5.1 sources in the menu and also in speaker config all I see is centre, surrounds and sub is this...
  4. J

    Answered Anthem MRX310 display question

    Hi Just got the Anthem MRX310 set up after purchasing off his forum. Seems a cracking little amp. One hing I don’t get. How do I know if it is decoding HD audio codecs correctly. I have an HTPC with Kodi and my old Yamaha displayed the name of the audio codec. This just says Multi PCM 3/2. Do I...
  5. Studmuffin

    Question Anthem MRX 310 - still best choice for small room 5.1?

    Looking for a new AV amp. Budget up to £1000. The questions is this: is the Anthem MRX 310 still considered the best choice for a 5.1 system in a fairly small room? The TV room is a converted single garage so massive amounts of power are not needed. Stylish looks and a reasonably small...
  6. P

    Anthem mrx 710 vs mrx310 with MCA 20 amp.

    Hey guys. I would like to get some opinions on what setup would give me the best sound. Im looking at a new pair of b&w cm 10"s with either a mrx710 bi amped(120 whatts per channel) or the smaller mrx310 with a power amp(mca20) which puts out 200watts per channel?
  7. DodgeTheViper

    Anthem MRX 310 / 510 / 710 Series Owners Thread

    Ready for you new owners :thumbsup:
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