anthem mrx 300

  1. Duggs

    Anthem mrx300 inputs

    Hi, I've just bought a used mrx300 for a garage setup. I'm trying to get a cd player to work. I've tried both analog1 connection and optical1 connection. Went into setup to #2 cd input on the menu, tried the input as both analog1 and digital1. When I set to cd on the remote it says no signal...
  2. shomilt

    Question APPLE 4KTV MRX 300

    URGENT HELP NEEDED I have just received my GZ950,i have anthem MRX 300 which is non 4k but has ARC i have not getting any sound from APPLE 4k TV to receiver..and not being able to use my speaker system,can you please advice as i read earlier in thread this can be done. Thanks in advance
  3. Dr. Robert

    Question Anthem MRX300

    I'm Looking for a HT Processor for a reasonable price to output to my two Naim and Meridian Power amps for 5.1. So far I cannot find one to suit my budget. Would the mrx300 with its preouts suit me? I need HDMI in and a set of pre outs for around £150. Room correction or at least auto stup is...
  4. M

    Question Anthem MRX300 broken? Replacement ideas.

    My MRX300 has broken ( PWR Protection, powering down message ). Ideally I'd like to fix it but I've got a nasty feeling it's not going to happen and it's had a decent run. I've tried unplugging everything, factory reset, new power cable/source. Any ideas welcome though. So I'm starting to look...
  5. Smurfin

    Anthem MRX300 no HDMI output?

    In the last 24 hours I've just lost all output in my system. I've got multiple sources, 2 displays (projector and plasma), a Lumagen XS-3D video scaler and the Anthem MRX300. All sources run into the anthem, and all video output runs to the Lumagen. The problem is I'm getting no audio and no...
  6. Molly

    Question Anthem MRX300 Audio Return Channel Problem

    Hi I currently having stability problems setting up the audio return channel to a Panasonic CX802b. I have set up the following: HDMI cable from HDMI 2 on the TV (ARC) to the HDMI OUT on the Anthem (is this correct or should it be say HDMI 1 on the Amp?) Set the the Amp HDMI CEC: On Set the...
  7. MovieBoy75

    Question Mrx300 and setup of sub

    Just got a anthem Mrx 300 off another member and just wondering how the sub should be set before running the arc measuring. It's a rel tzero It is connected to subwoofer channel via single phono. Do I turn crossover all the way to max along with volume? How should I set prior to arc measuring...
  8. Molly

    Question Anthem mrx300 No front left and right

    Just purchased a 2nd hand Anthem MRX300. I have a problem with no sound from the front left and right channel? Tests to date: Run manual signal test - no sound from front left and right but sound from all other channels Run ARC test - does not pass 1st step as it starts with front left Rest...
  9. M

    Anthem MRX300 stopped working, "no signal" and no output

    Hi All, My Anthem MRX300 seems to have stopped working ( and strangely also my XBOX360, not sure if connected, I just get an orange light on the power supply ) . I haven't used my set up for a month or so, last time I did it was doing strange things with the video output from the XBOX...
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