1. jsilv

    Silly question but struggling to get antenna connected

    We’ve just moved into a new property and it might seem silly but the antenna doesn’t fit into the slot on our Samsung TV. What am I doing wrong and how can I get it to fit in? It seems like both pieces are like the same size so won’t fit in to one another… pictures attached. any help much...
  2. Hugofrogboy

    Old antenna tv (Sony Trinitron kv 1430E) need help!

    I've just found this old antenna TV with only one input, an antenna input. I wanna use this as TV for retro games but I don't know if i can do that. Please help me!
  3. A

    Sony KD55x9005 - No signal, check antenna

    Hi, In my quest to get away from overpriced cable tv providers, I got an aerial company round to make my Freeview reception as good as possible. They checked it out and fitted a masthead amplifier and power supply. When they left I was flicking between cable and aerial to compare picture quality...
  4. J

    Help with connecting TV to antenna

    Hello, I have moved into a flat and there are two cables sticking out of the wall in the living room. I think they may Coaxial cables? Please see image If yes then they are TV aerial/tv antenna cables? and so wish to connect my TV to them. My TV is a Samsung UE46F5300AK. Please see image...
  5. Z

    How close should a router be to an external/outside antenna

    I have an broadband antrnna on the outside Wall of the house and was wondering how close my router should be to it. ?
  6. skirpydoink

    Roku TV Antenna settings?

    Hi there, just bought a hisense roku tv for the bedroom, I've got everything working fine apart from the live TV, the antenna and cable worked fine on my old TV but this TV doesn't pick up any channels on Freeview HD. I had a hisense TV before that never picked up my antenna but changed the...
  7. Pipber

    Voice control reverts to antenna live TV

    Just got LG OLED55C14LB 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV. I get my live TV via Freesat, but when I try to use voice control to change programme the TV reverts to antenna and consequently goes to the wrong programme. Is there any way to get around this frustrating quirk.
  8. moneybanks77

    5g antenna advice

    I am currently experimenting with a few 5g devices, mifi, routers etc but I'm very new when it comes to antennas. I can get 5g inside my home but it is around 10mb, I step outside and I can touch around 280mb. I'm looking for an outside or inside antenna that will boost 5g signal strength so I...
  9. Z

    Scale of dbi for broadband antenna

    Hello I was trying to find a scale for the dbi of 5, 7,8 dbi omni directional antenna. I seem to get different figures with different searches I do on the net. Can some tell me where to get a good scale of dbi. I do not mean an exact measurement. But a good rough measurement.
  10. D

    Poynting 4G-XPOL-A0001 Cross Polarised 4G Omni LTE Antenna setup help!

    Hi everyone, hope you can help. I have just bought this antenna as I need to boost my mobile broadband speed and currently using a TP Archer MR600 router. It might sound silly but has anyone struggled to stick the antenna to a window? You get 4 suction pads and 4 rubber ends that don't even...
  11. I

    Philips 7900; easy way to switch between antenna and satellite?

    Hello, I'm based in Ireland so I've an antenna connected to the TV for local TV and also have satellite connected for the UK channels. Is there an easy / seamless way to switch between the two? At the moment I'm having to press menu then across to settings then to channel then to channel...
  12. D

    DIY AM antenna, for receiver-help?

    I've misplaced the loop type AM antenna (like the one in photo) that came with my receiver. i know i can pick up another for there a DIY solution? It's a 2-wire connection to the receiver. Will a simple length of say, speaker wire work? or a coat hanger? something else? AND...
  13. spike47

    32 Samsung TV not detecting the Antenna

    Hi I have a oldish 32 Samsung TV, LE32R73BD it has always been connected to the HDMI socket via Sky box , but have moved it to another room and there is only a TV socket in there, but it is not seeing the DTV connector, the cable feed is ok, have tested on leades that feed my Freeview to my...
  14. R

    Antenna tv not auto-tuning

    Help! I am currently trying to connect my LG webOS TV UN73006LA to antenna, but it is not doing anything. I did an auto tune on antenna cable and satellite, but none of them did anything. My location is set to United Kingdom, and I am selecting DTV, but it detects zero channels. One thing...
  15. pdxambassador

    SMSL SU-9 Bluetooth antenna replacement?

    Hey folks! My toddler stole and hid my SMSL SU-9 Bluetooth antenna. 😆 SMSL doesn’t seem to sell replacement parts in the USA. Does anyone know what to buy as a generic brand replacement? I see SMA and RP-SMA Bluetooth antennas (antennae?) available on Amazon etc, and I am hoping one of those...
  16. W

    Budget External 4g Mobile Aerial / Antenna for Router

    Has anybody tried any budget external Antenna's they could recommend? I'll only be using it as failover on the occasional basis and ideally would want something I could just feed cables through the window when I need it as oppossed to drilling holes in the wall, we're a bungalow with a flat...
  17. kaelibaen

    External antenna connector type on old radio/tv

    Hello! I bought a cheap old MARK radio/tv. I want to connect a video source through a RF modulator to the external antenna input on the radio/tv but I have no idea what type of antenna connector it is? It looks like this and the outer diameter is around 6 mm and inner diameter is 3 mm.
  18. S

    What type of connectors does my new 4g MIMO antenna have?

    HI, Im upgrading my Bmw shark fin car roof aerial from a gsm to a 4g MIMO + booster Despite searching for an absolute age every night for a week, I cannot find any info on the type of connectors I need to connect the aerial. My car used the fakra type so will need adapters or new cables. Any...
  19. H

    Fix broken DAB antenna - Outlander

    Is it possible to replace the on-windscreen antenna ? The one on my Outlander is broken and I don't know if I can easily replace the whole cable all the way too MMCS While DAB works, it is very patchy compared to one on the Leaf
  20. F

    Do I need a TV antenna when I buy a new television?

    I'm clueless about this and would be grateful for your advice. In my new home, there is no antenna connection. Meanwhile, I need to buy a new television. So will a new TV allow me to watch normal channels like BBC? Or do I need to install a TV antenna in my house as well? Thank you
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