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Android TV
Android TV is a smart TV platform developed by Google. Running the Android operating system, it creates an interactive television experience through a 10-foot user interface. It was announced on June 25, 2014, at Google I/O 2014 as a successor to Google's earlier attempt at smart TV, Google TV.
Android TV can be built both into TVs and into stand-alone digital media players. Users have access to the Google Play Store to download Android apps, including media streaming services Netflix and Hulu, as well as games.
The platform emphasizes voice search to quickly find content or to answer queries (such as which movies were nominated for an Academy Award in a specific year).
The TV interface is divided vertically into three sections: recommendations on top (which update based on viewing habits), media apps in the middle, and games on the bottom.
The interface can be navigated using a game controller, remote control, or the Android TV mobile app.
Android TV also supports Google Cast, the technology behind Google's media player Chromecast that allows a mobile device to be used to select and control media playback on a TV.
Google has partnered with Sony, Sharp, and TP Vision to offer the platform in TVs, while Razer and Asus plan to release media players with a focus on gaming. Google and Asus co-developed the first device to employ Android TV, the Nexus Player, released in November 2014. Software developers will be able to use the Android SDK to optimize their apps for use on Android TV.
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  1. finalspork

    Denon x4700h Android TV Incompatibility?

    I'm starting to think that I might be losing my mind. I just got a used Denon x4700h receiver as an upgrade from my old Onkyo TX-NR646. I had expected I could just drop the new receiver into my ecosystem and pick up where I left off, but it seems that isn't the case. The initial issue was that...
  2. N

    HK1 Rbox x4s

    Hello, just wondered if anyone might have any experience with one of these cheap little boxes? Sorry if wrong place to post, I couldnt find a dedicated android tv / box section. Anyway, great little box and plays some of my media very well. Like a small pc but better. Its also good for...
  3. andyr

    Question What is the tiny toggle switch under the TCL logo on the TV 65" Android TV

    Hello all - What is the tiny toggle switch under the TCL logo on the TV 65" Android TV that can switch back and forth? - whats it for I cannot see it in the TV instructions and my eyesite is not brilliant. Thanks.
  4. diaraujo1301

    I have a 50PUG7406/78 Android TV that I can control trough Google Home, but not directly with Alexa. How to connect with Alexa?

    I have a 50PUG7406/78 Android TV that I can control trough Google Home, but not directly with Alexa. How to connect with Alexa?
  5. F

    Android TV bugs

    Looking at the OLED 807 but there are quite a lot of mentions here about Android TV being buggy. One of the big complaints has been the TV screensaver launching when it shouldn’t while watching iPlayer or Freeview. This would be a bit of a dealbreaker for me and I was wondering if it’s still...
  6. S

    Question How to play Spotify music on a Android TV Philips with screen OFF ?

    Hi, I have speakers connected to my TV and I am using Spotify cast feature to play Spotify music on my Android TV Philips (43PUS7354-12). It works great, but there is a problem : the screen is permanently ON. How can I play Spotify music on it and have the screen OFF ? It is to save energy and...
  7. Immaterialist

    Would buying an android TV and an android pvr be duplicating functions?

    Hi, my BT Youview Set Top Box has broken, so I need to replace it. But the router is in another room so I think I'll need a pvr that uses wifi and am thinking of the "HUMAX Aura Android TV 4K Freeview Play Recorder with Google Assistant and Chromecast - 2TB". My current TV I bought back in...
  8. E

    Android tv

    I currently have a Sony bravia 65" inch TV. Bought it because of the Android software on it. I am able to put apps on it for various different uses. I was wondering if there was another TV with similar Android capabilities but at a smaller price than a Sony. Due to damage done to the screen...
  9. Clem_Dye

    New Humax streaming box?

    Just received an email from Humax regarding their (new) streaming box...
  10. msoutopico

    Installing Android TV on Panasonic TV TX-58DX780

    Hi there, I have inherited a Panasonic TV model TX-58DX780 which I believe is from year 2016. The operating system is Firefox OS, which is discontinued. The app market is pretty limited, obviously. I would like to know whether it's possible to install Android TV in this device, so as to erase...
  11. B

    Philips tv using Humax box, how can I view android tv without unplugging aerial

    Hello, I have Philips 55 led android tv, at present I am connected via Humax fvp 5000T box please dont think it’s a silly question, but if I want to view or use android I have to unplug aerial from the Humax box and insert into the back of tv. I ask, is there any way I can have the choice of...
  12. O

    Android TV OS streaming box/stick with at least 16GB storage and lower cost than Nvidia Shield TV Pro

    Hello, I'd like to purchase an Android TV OS streaming box / stick. Requirements: I want it to have at least 16GB internal storage (which rules out Chromecast with Google TV). Ideally I'd like to spend less than the cost of Nvidia Shield TV Pro (£180) Available to purchase in the UK (which I...
  13. kesztio

    Notifications panel is empty or cannot show app notifications on Philips Android TV / Google TV

    I've made a simple task in Tasker: Alert → Notify, the Title – say – Probe, Text – say – This is a test notification. Task: Notification A1: Notify [ Title: Probe Text: This is a test notification Icon: hd_aaa_ext_anchor ] The problem is...
  14. M

    NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro to go with Dolby Atmos Soundbar

    I am thinking about buying a NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro to go with Dolby Atmos Soundbar. Saw the below on Amazon. or 1. May I know what is the difference betweenn the above two ? 2. Would I be able to install all Google Playstore apps on the above? 3. I wont be playing any games using the...
  15. D

    Harmony Elite - Toshiba android TV remote control help

    I have recently changed my TV from Sony to Toshiba Harmony Elite Hub was OK with Sony TV, but I am unable to add the Toshiba TV to Harmony Hub. The Toshiba model is not listed in Harmony Hub Add Device list. I have tried adding a slightly different Toshiba model, and tried adding a new device...
  16. G

    Frustrations with Android TV on Sony and others

    Hello there, I am new here so hi. As a bit of context I have for a long while been running what I think was somewhat high up in Sonys food chain for TVs a Barvia KDL-55W905A, along with what I believe was relitvely high up surround processor a pioneer Sc-LX87. Both have provided stirling...
  17. Ricksta

    Hotel mode on JVC LT-32CA690 (Android TV)

    Anyone know if there is a hotel mode on JVC LT-32CA690 with Android TV and how to access it?
  18. Vlad6

    android tv

    So few months ago my old Sony bravia gave up the ghost, so I was in the market for a new Television so had my eye on a few 38"-42" televisions, so looked at the spec of the JVC LT-39CA120. and to what was said on the curys pc world site seemed good enough not the most expensive on the market to...
  19. bruceybonus81

    TCL 65C735 (Android TV) Digital output issues

    HI I've had this tv for about 9 months now... no issues really but decided to try and get sound out to a denon amp. Its got android tv and not Roku on this model here in hong kong. I've tried everything, hdmi arc/ toslink, pcm settings/ output settings, cable changes but just cant seem to get...
  20. T

    Panasonic LX650 Android TV Recovery Mode

    Can anyone share information how to put the Panasonic LX650 Android TV in Recovery Mode at startup? My UI from tv menu is not working and need an alternative way to wipe and reset the TV. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks
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