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  1. B

    Panasonic Android TV doesn't support Miracast?

    Hello all, I've recently bought a Panasonic TX-50HX700E Android 9 television. I would like to mirror my Windows 10 laptop to it, but the TV doesn't seem to support Miracast or have a screen mirroring function. There are no mirroring apps or any mention of mirroring in the settings. My laptop...
  2. N

    50" to 55" Android TV Recomendations

    Hi all, I need a 50-55" TV for an open plan kitchen/diner that will be wall mounted. I use Nvidia Shield TV Pro's in two other locations but ideally want a TV with Android TV built in as it won't be used for serious viewing, more like background music and TV while cooking etc. This means I...
  3. E

    Tested bluetooth headsets for Technicolor's TV hub (Android TV)?

    Hi everybody! I am struggling with finding tested/proven bluetooth headsets (preferably on-ear) that works with Technicolor's highly modern TV hub (with Android/Google TV); Tele2 (Com Hem) Tv Hub - Android TV Guide . I can pair the headsets easily, but no sound or sound drops after 5 seconds...
  4. M

    I own an Android TV box... and I am happy enough!

    I have a vmade 6K one, that runs on the Android 10.0 OS. I cannot say that, other than a few hiccups, I feel let down by it. You can basically use an Android TV box just like a normal computer, and I think it's better than an Amazon Firestick. When you add a browser to a Firestick using an...
  5. T

    Sony android tv 49XG recording and programming functionality

    I currently have sky tv which I am planning on getting rid of next month and replace it with something similar in the way of pausing / rewinding / recording functionality. Currently the TV has youview / freeview play and a generic EPG for freesat. I have bought a external hard drive and planning...
  6. O

    Timeshift / Pause Live TV on 2021 Sony Android TV's

    Does anyone know if Sony have implemented the timeshift feature on their 2021 models yet so we can pause live tv. Specifically interested in a80j and a90j. If yes or no, which platform ( freeview, freesat or sony's own implementation ) If no to all, does anyone know if they plan to introduce...
  7. I

    LG WebOS 6.0 vs Sony Android TV?

    I currently have Sony 49XH8505 (LED) and it is a Smart Android TV. I really like Android TV because it is customisable on the home screen and pretty responsive/fast as well. I am thinking of getting LG OLED55C14LB (WebOS 6.0) but how does that compare with Android TV? Will I hate it or love it...
  8. M

    Philips pus8556 / Android TV Source List

    Really happy with this TV, I have the 65PUS8556. I’d really like to tidy up some of the menus and the Source List is one area I’m looking at. Is it possible to reorder the Source List? So at the moment all my HDMI connections are at the bottom and stuff I don’t use like USB and Hard Drive I see...
  9. Z

    Android TV Box to be used with TLC TV

    Hi I have got TLC TV 6 years old it is Linux OS. I am thinking to use it as Smart TV by attaching Android TV Box (HDMI cabel) ,,,,,I tried to read about it but I am confused with below : 1- Can a spare phone like Samsung S10 do the same job as Android TV box in watching Netflix Stan, Disney...
  10. M

    JVC LT-40ca790 Android TV. Analogue?

    Hi Folks, Greetings from Ireland. New here so thank you for allowing me access. I have a JVC LT-40ca790 Android Smart TV. I got it pretty cheap so am happy enough with it even though it is only 2k. Been trying to use an old Amstrad Sky TV Box through the the RF port but I cannot get the TV to...
  11. S

    Technika 32A32B-HD Android TV Help

    Hi All We bought a Technika 32 inch Android TV from Tesco to use as a second TV over the weekend. It is fine and will do the job but it has an annoying quirk which I am hoping someone has found a solution for. There seems to be no way (that I can see) to disable the keypad sound as you navigate...
  12. D

    Strange sparkling effect on a TCL Android TV

    I am using this TV as a monitor to a Mac and when I put one particular picture on screen of a face (I don't want to upload the pictures as it is a real person) I get a lot of sparkly dots that look to me like it's trying to do a FaceId. There are dots around the chin, forehead, mouth and eyes...
  13. HeavenlyWarrior

    Stadia finally coming to Android TV devices

    About damn time I say, though I'm sure they had their reasons for it taking this long. I'm actually being tempted to sell the Stadia kit and the Google TV kit rebuy an Nvidia Shield as I'm a casual GeForce Now user too, and it has the ethernet port.
  14. Pebbleridge

    Sony Android TV Recording onto USB Hard Drive

    Hi Guys, I have a Sony Android TV, does anyone use theirs to record onto a USB Hard Drive. I would like to get rid of my Sky Box and record programs through the TV. What do you think? Regards, Paul
  15. frauschlau

    Hitachi 32HAE2250 - question regarding built-in tuners

    Good day, My first post, so I do hope I am posting in the right channel/forum. For Hitachi's Android TV (specifically 32HAE220) - is there no way to display ALL channels from both OTA and satellite? This tv has two tuners, for these two signal sources. However, it seems that I can only choose...
  16. R

    Sony Android TV, remote control issue

    Hello, I have the "Sony KD-55XF9005" which comes with the "Sony RMF-TX310E" which only works with IR, except the button of the voice command wich works via Bluetooth. I wanted a remote control which all of its buttons works via Bluetooth, so I bought the "Sony RMF-TX600E". When I manually...
  17. F

    Sony Android TV - Iplayer removed

    Hi A couple of days ago there was a brand new android release for Sony Android TV with a whole new format etc. However they have removed Iplayer from the TV and it won't let you re-install. Has anyone else had the same issue and do you know why?
  18. G

    Sony XBR X950H Android TV - Favorites?

    I have a new Sony XBR X950H 75" Android tv, love it - but can't figure out how to use the favorites. I have added 4 favorite channels, all show up from the "TV" mode, but only the first one is able to jump to that channel. All the others on selection display the "+" (heart) icon to add them...
  19. Scott Wright

    Bargain Android TV Smart Projector Reduced from £319.99 to £229.49. Expires 28th March.

    Android TV 9.0 Smart Projector WiFi Bluetooth Artlii Play Portable Projector Full HD 1080p Support Dolby 4D ±45° Keystone Correction 70,000 hrs Movie Projector with Netflix YouTube No code required for deal. Expires 28/03.
  20. N

    Steam Link Android TV app (Remote Play) with Dolby Digital 5.1

    Hi All, I have my Sony KD90x TV connected via ARC (not eARC) to my Marantz SR7005 and I'm trying to get 5.1 Dolby Digital via the Android TV Steam Link app. Steaming games from my Win 10 PC, I have Steam Client settings to output 5.1 however I think it's outputting PCM so over ARC I only get 2...
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