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  1. M

    I own an Android TV box... and I am happy enough!

    I have a vmade 6K one, that runs on the Android 10.0 OS. I cannot say that, other than a few hiccups, I feel let down by it. You can basically use an Android TV box just like a normal computer, and I think it's better than an Amazon Firestick. When you add a browser to a Firestick using an...
  2. canada16uk

    Whats happened to Amazon Offline music on Android?

    Hey all There used to be a dropdown on your music to listen to it offline or online but its gone. I think this happened maybe 3 weeks ago. So when I am out and about I cannot listen to music as it keeps cutting out and I cannot figure out where I can listen to my music on my phone offline...
  3. C

    For Sale Sony Bravia KD55A8 (2020) OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart Android TV.

    Sony Bravia KD55A8 (2020) OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart Android tv. Great condition not used much. Comes with box, receipt, and 5 year John Lewis guarantee. Only collection but I’m happy to show it working before any cash is paid.
  4. P

    Dune HD pro vision 4k solo Android update ??

    Hi does anyone know if the android verstion can be updated ?? looks like it ships with android 9 is 10 or 11 possible ??
  5. B

    The Story of an iPhone User Switching to Android, again. Fool or Genius?

    Background I've been an iPhone user ever since they came out, I got one launch day at 18:02 if I recall correctly and have had nearly every model released since then, inter alia: iPhone, 3G, 4, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, SE, 7, 7+, X, XR, 11, 11Pro Max & 12Pro Max. But occasionally I get curious about what...
  6. scousejedi

    Android to

    Hi all, I am in the process of trying to move the data from my son's Samsung A10 to an iPhone 13 and the transfer tool is not working. A data migration error. I want to transfer messages, contacts, pictures and most definitely WhatsApp chat history. Can anyone provide help with this as it...
  7. L

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7 Inch 32GB WiFi & LTE Tablet BNIB

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7 Inch 32GB WiFi & LTE Tablet Model SM-T225 32GB and will take microSD card up to 1TB. This is the 4G/LTE version that will take sim card. Brand new and sealed. Looking for £140 delivered. Pictures to follow if there is interest.
  8. Tempest

    Audio line-In to a Android Phone for Video Recording?

    Was not 100% sure the best place to post this question, so if you think I should try another specific forum location please let me know..... :) I'm wanting to record myself playing Electric Drums using my Pixel Phone. Video wise, no issue of course, I'll just stick the phone on a tripod and...
  9. T

    Sony android tv 49XG recording and programming functionality

    I currently have sky tv which I am planning on getting rid of next month and replace it with something similar in the way of pausing / rewinding / recording functionality. Currently the TV has youview / freeview play and a generic EPG for freesat. I have bought a external hard drive and planning...
  10. W

    Help me choose an android auto unit? (As cheap as possible, per my requirements)

    Hi I've got a 2011 Toyota Yaris currently and it comes with a satnav built in, that's double DIN I'm looking to get an android auto unit that supports: wireless android auto USB charging straight from the actual android auto product Have the ability to attach a reversing camera into it...
  11. Inked

    For Sale OBDeleven bluetooth diagnostic device for android

    Found this knocking around in a drawer and I longer have an android phone to use it with. OBDeleven bluetooth diagnostic device for android, for use on Audi, VW, Skoda, and Seat vehicles I used this to enable needle sweep on my last car, beep on lock, high beam assist, and lane assistance on...
  12. Gordon B

    Wanted Android phone around £150

    Hi all, On the lookout for a replacement phone. Its for a Junior B and he has a specific list of requirements :rolleyes: Under £150 Android Usb-C 3.5mm Jack if available (Told him he will struggle to find a modern phone with this but he has an adaptor so not a deal breaker) Decent battery life...
  13. S

    Loseless or Hi Resolution Audio using Apple Music from Android (Samasung Galaxy S20) or iPad Pro 2nd gen to Soundbar JBL 9.1

    So I have the following burning issue: My setup is: 1. Samsung Galaxy S20 with Apple Music capable of playing Hi-Res Loseless Audio and Dolby Atmos music 2. Apple Multiport USB-C - Digital AV Adaptor muf82zm/a that I used to connect the phone via a certified HDMI cable to soundbar 3. JBL 9.1...
  14. R

    Android phone to digital out

    Is it possible to connect a usb cable to android phone to get digital audio audio either coaxial or optical? Rather than using blutooth for Spotify streaming. My Squeezebox has spotty you need premium account to use it
  15. W


    SONY BRAVIA KD55A1 55 INCH OLED 4K ULTRA HDR SMART ANDROID TV. 3 YRS OLD. GOOD CONDITION. Changing things around at home so not needed anymore. It's in good condition with no visible screen burn or banding. No box but has the remote. Collection only. Open to offers.
  16. Gunner78

    Wanted Android phone £200< Huawei/OnePlus/Samsung/xiaomi

    Under 200
  17. O

    Timeshift / Pause Live TV on 2021 Sony Android TV's

    Does anyone know if Sony have implemented the timeshift feature on their 2021 models yet so we can pause live tv. Specifically interested in a80j and a90j. If yes or no, which platform ( freeview, freesat or sony's own implementation ) If no to all, does anyone know if they plan to introduce...
  18. I

    Android keeps disabling some side loaded apps. Any solution?

    Hi, I have downloaded some apps outside of Google Play but whenever I install them, they are disabled by the Android system. Earlier I thought it was because of Play Protect but after turning off the "Verify apps" in the Security & Restrictions section, my apps are still being disabled. The...
  19. mr starface

    Access US Play store on UK Android Phone

    I need to access an app that's only available on the US play store. Have Googled and tried using a VPN, adding a US payment address etc but no joy. Can anyone help me out and suggest anything? The link for the app is below and just can't get it to work...
  20. I

    LG WebOS 6.0 vs Sony Android TV?

    I currently have Sony 49XH8505 (LED) and it is a Smart Android TV. I really like Android TV because it is customisable on the home screen and pretty responsive/fast as well. I am thinking of getting LG OLED55C14LB (WebOS 6.0) but how does that compare with Android TV? Will I hate it or love it...
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