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Android Operating System
  1. SouljazHD

    Wanted Android Smartphone (Huawei/Honor Preferably)

    Hey all, just on the lookout for an android phone for my Nan. Don't want to be spending a lot, as she doesn't like me doing so, all it needs to do is be compatible with online banking, and to take nice pictures of her great grandchildren when they visit. Obviously I expect it to work as a normal...
  2. H

    Wanted Mid Range Android

    Looking for a decent spec, it's a present so needs to be excellent condition. About to pull the trigger on the xiaomi note 9s for £186,so around that price range?
  3. E

    Wanted Cheap Android phone

    I'm in need of a cheap Android phone for testing. Doesn't need to be unlocked or be functioning as an actual phone, just needs to charge reliably, hold a charge for at least a few hours, have no issues with the USB port (I have a literal stack of Android phones that are all unusable because of...
  4. J

    Question Android TV does not turn on/off with HDMI device

    Hi all. I have a Sony XF9005 with the latest OTA firmware. My TV does not turn on/off when I turn on/off a PS4. Am I missing a setting or is this not implemented on Android TV? My brother's 2019 Toshiba turned on and off when I did the same with the connected Nintendo Switch. Also, when I...
  5. BigPest

    Can an android box connected to your TV via hdmi damage your TV?

    My TV is in for repair and the engineer has come back and said that I shouldnt really connect an android box to my TV as it can cause issues. Mine was making cracking noises around the mainboard area. I've googled the issue and can't find anything on the problem. Has anyone any experience of...
  6. D

    Question Android phone advice needed

    I've just bought a Huawei Watch GT 2 in the classifieds, and after a bit of research, I've realised that I can't upload custom watch faces to it (i.e. those designed by other owners etc) with my iPhone. The Watch GT series don't use Wear OS, they use Lite OS (which is Huawei's own). It has to...
  7. nheather

    Large Screen Android Phone - Suggestions

    Over the last year or two I keep revisiting this and eventually decide to stick with what I have. I’m not a huge mobile phone user, in fact quite often when I feel the need to use it (look something up or take a photo) I either don’t have it with me or the battery is flat. I have a Samsung S7...
  8. T

    SONOS BEAM with Android

    Apologies if this has been answered but I did do a seach and nothing came up. I have Galaxy S10 and I have all of my music on there that are either from CD's or downloaded immediately after purchasing CD on Amazon. So I'm talking offline music here. I'm not interested in streaming music...
  9. A

    Looking for a compact 2019/2020 Android smartphone with long battery life

    I read through similar threads, and most recommendations seem to be a bit outdated, so I thought I'd ask again. I am looking for a compact smartphone (5.5" or less) with a long battery life. Year 2019 or 2020. It can be thick to accommodate larger battery. But it can have a smaller battery as...
  10. eliotcole

    Netflix Just Does Nothing

    Perhaps nothing, but Netflix isn't playing anything, just completely flips back after tapping play ... could be something to do with the mock location so that I'm trying (well report back) in Android, but I'll get more in an hour or so. E
  11. georgetsang

    Question Android based DAP with optical out - Do they exist?

    Hi there delving into Hi-res DAP for the first time since owning an iPod. Wondering whether there is an android based player that has optical out? android based so that it is capable of using Tidal and other streaming services and an optical out for pure digital output for recording. If that...
  12. G

    Question An easy method for transferring photos from iphone 5s to Samsung android?

    I thought this would be easy but searching for a friend and gets loads of bumf. Surely it must be possible and relatively easy at that!! Can anyone help? As a last resort I was thinking usb to pc
  13. U

    Bricked H96 Max RK3318 android tv box

    where are the two pins to unbrick h96 max RK3318 android tv box?
  14. ganon

    Bargain Toshiba Android 43" Android TV £249.99

    https://www.costco.co.uk/Electronics-Security/Televisions-Projectors/Televisions/Toshiba-43UA3A63DB-43-Inch-4K-Ultra-HD-Smart-TV/p/329270 First Android Toshiba TV with costcos 5 year warrenty! Would love to hear if this is worth buying, seems to offer a lot for the money. Available from...
  15. TheGamer147

    Best PlayStation emulator on Android

    Epsxe or FPse
  16. JabbaNut

    FIRMWARE: Fake Android 9.0 for Tanix TX9S with S912 SoC (04-01-2020)

    " New updated firmware for download valid for the Tanix TX9S Smart TVBox with Fake Android 9.0. A firmware that in reality is an Android 7.1 OS but it is modified to look like a higher version, perhaps it will be useful for some user. This Box includes the powerful Amlogic Octa Core S912 SoC...
  17. C

    H96 Pro+ Android TV Box

    Bit of help please, how does one check the Firmware number currently installed and then how does one update if necessary please? Works perfectly but probably out of dat by now but then does the saying "if it aint broke, don't fix it" come to mind? Been playing with the box and it seems the...
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