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    REVIEW : ALL NEW!!! Mecool KM6 Classic Amlogic S905X4 Android 10 Q 4K TV Box

    Link to his review
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    H96 MAX X4 A cheap box with the new amlogic s905x4 and android 10
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    Review : VONTAR X1 Full Android 10 TV Box - 4GB+64GB - Under £30 - Any good?

    Here I share Chigz review View:
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    Review : Dynalink Android 10 TV Box DL-ATV36

    Here I share a online review.
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    X96 Mate Allwinner H616 Android 10 4K TV Box Review

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    REVIEW: X96Q TV-Box with the new SoC Allwinner H313 and Android 10

    " X96Q is a new Android Box that we present today its analysis or review, a device that has the new SoC Allwinner H313, a trimmed version of the previous Allwinner H616, in this SoC only reach 1.34 GHz and HD resolution in the environment of Android apps. This TV-Box has several hardware...
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    Moto G7 Power not picking up update to Android 10

    I've got a Moto G7 Power that's currently located in the UK. It was purchased Sim free and unlocked from a UK based retailer, and is using a Virgin Media pay monthly Sim that was purchased separately, and has previously been used in several other handsets. Hardware version PVT1 SKU XT1955-4...
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    OMIKAI K1 Full Android TV Box | Wireless Charging | 4GB + 32GB | Android 10 - Any Good?

    Thought I would share
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    Review On Fire Literally!!! 🔥 Pendoo X11 Pro Android 10 TV Box

    Thought I would share.
  10. colmmcc

    Motorola G8 with skygo Android 10

    Hi all, I thinking of getting a Motorola G with Android 10 but wanting to know if it works with Sky Go. Use Sky go all the time on older nexus but want new (cheap) phone to work with sky go. If anyone that uses Motorola G with Android 10 and Sky go if it works or not.? Sky webpage only says...
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    Review H10 Max Full Android TV Box - 4GB+64GB - Android 10 - Any Good?

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    Review of the Minisforum N40 Intel Windows 10 mini PC where I also perform a dual boot to Android 10 Q X86 and convert it into a high performance TV

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    Question Audio on my phone while using earphones is sometimes good and sometimes isn't

    I have Android 10, phone is Umidigi F2 Sometimes when I use my earphones audio is good but sometimes it's bad. I can't find any reason for that, for example I'll use my phone for some time while having earphones plugged in and audio is good, but after a couple hours I'll use my phone again and...
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    t95 android 10 tV box google play

    I just got this box last week and I can't log into google account or google play I get a message something went wrong after a long lag for seemingly doing nothing I get the message. I thionk i have every notification turned on and permissions turned on I cleared data and cache for google and...
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    Android 10 for the H30 mediaplayer, a Low Cost with RK3318 SoC

    " Android 10 is appearing little by little in different mediaplayers that we find on, such as the low-end called H30, which is based on the Rockchip RK3318 SoC. A smart TV box that comes to us this time with a single version with 4GB of RAM, a varied range of connectors of all...
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    X96Q Android 10 TV Box Shows Up with Allwinner H313 Quad-core Cortex-A53 Processor

    You would want to leave others to be lab rats and stay away till several trusted reviews Use Chrome for brute force English translation. Now english version...
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