1. CaptainEd

    New RCA cable recommendation please

    Hi, SWMBO has treated my to a Lehmann Rhinelander headphone amp from ebay :clap:. Using my trusty (god knows how old) QED Qunex 1 RCA cables to connect to a Sonos Connect. At first I could only hear through the left ear but tweaking the cable slightly, I got a (very nice so far) stereo signal...
  2. Spurs4ever

    For Sale Analogue Mega SG & 8BitDo Wireless Controller / MegaDrive Mini & RetroBit Wireless Controller. - Reduced 29/11/2021

    After selling my Megadrive games I now have some hardware to sell... Analogue Mega SG (Eur) It is fully boxed as new, and comes complete with unused power supply, hdmi cable, Master System adaptor and MegaCD Spacer. It even has the plastic still on the top of it protecting the finish! I have...
  3. ml337

    SACD Analogue 5.1 to HDMI converter?

    I have an SACD player which has 5.1 analogue out (but mo HDMI). However my processor doesn't have 5.1 analogue in. Is there any solution to still getting multi-channel from SACDs without buying a newer player with HDMI? I assume the digital connections will not help
  4. A

    No sound watching sky on an analogue channel on bedroom tv?

    Hi everyone, I have been watching sky from a second tv using an analogue channel. The picture is coming from the main sky box on another tv. Everything was fine until recently. I have the picture and can also change the channel using the IR blaster…but scrabbled sound. I have been trawling...
  5. Gordon Streeter

    Digital to analogue problem.

    Hi, I have a problem with my old analogue amplifier connected to my Samsung Smart TV. I have a decent digital to analogue converter that works well on a normal TV program, but when using a flash drive plugged into the TV I can play WAV and MP3 files via the external amp but won't play sound...
  6. thomasdward94

    Weird analogue ends. Does anyone know what these belong to?

    Hey guys, I just posted on this thread to figure out if anyone would know what these cable ends belong to. My best guess is for some sort of old phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Thank you so much, Tom
  7. madfiddler

    Analogue seduction website?

    At the risk of directing more traffic to their website if they are having issues, does anyone know if Analogue Seduction are having trouble? Not been able to access Theo site in the last week or so, reporting HTTP 503 “We are currently experiencing unusually high levels of traffic, please accept...
  8. M

    JVC LT-40ca790 Android TV. Analogue?

    Hi Folks, Greetings from Ireland. New here so thank you for allowing me access. I have a JVC LT-40ca790 Android Smart TV. I got it pretty cheap so am happy enough with it even though it is only 2k. Been trying to use an old Amstrad Sky TV Box through the the RF port but I cannot get the TV to...
  9. Boostrail

    Why do TV's still have analogue tuners?

    I have recently bought a 4k Super HDR TV etc. I am amazed however to find this TV still has an analogue tuner??!! Looking at several other current models from various manufacturers I find the same applies. Again most TV's are manufactured specifically for the European market if not as most...
  10. B

    Low volume using Amp analogue input

    We have a Yamaha XMV8280-D Amplifier (Dante capable model) and are looking to simply play some music through it via spotify. The easiest solution would be to use the analogue inputs on the amp and wire it into a smartphone headphone jack (using a usb-c to 3.5mm adapter) however during testing...
  11. T

    Best way to capture analogue video to PC

    Anyone know what is the best way to capture analogue video either a HI8 camcorder and a VHS recorder?. Is it best to use a capture program that captures and records at the resolution of the camcorder and video (ie 320x240) or capture at a higher res?. The reason I ask about this is because in...
  12. S

    Can't tune into analogue channel on Maxim B&W mini TV

    Hello there. I'm on here to see if I can diagnose a fault on my Maxim MX11-17 Portable B&W TV, CD and radio. The radio and CD functions work fine and the TV function works fine when in AV mode. However in TV mode I cannot pick up anything that can be seen on screen. If you are wondering what my...
  13. T

    Hi8 analogue camcorder adaptor

    Hi, does anyone know if there are any Hi8 camcorder adaptors that allow a compact Hi8 camcorder tape to be played through and into a TV or PC without the need of a camcorder, much like the VHS-C adaptors that were used for JVC camcorders. I have two old Hi8 camcorders, two Sony Handycams, but...
  14. Baron Mole

    How good or bad is my old analogue kit?

    Hello All, After 23 years of languishing in the attic (after house downsizing) my vinyl collection and old hifi is being unpacked and recommissioned. I'll have separate digital (AV) and analogue (music) systems. But I don't need 4 turntables.... I have no point of reference to assess how my...
  15. C

    Stereo 2.1 analogue audio set-up for Oppo 203

    Hi guys. I am planning to set up a 2.1 stereo with the analog inputs of my Oppo 203. I was wondering if someone has a recommendation for this. what about active monitor speakers?. Which brand and model could be for a midrange budget.
  16. D

    Sky Q to old analogue TV

    Hi, I am looking for help connecting a Sky Q mini box to an old analogue TV. Its a vintage TV case that was retro-fitted with a TV some years ago. The only connections are Scart and RF. Sky are unlikely to allow us to revert to the old HD+ system so I am trying to find a solution. I believe...
  17. R

    Adding another analogue input?

    Not sure if I can do this, my Exposure XM5 only has one analogue input and would like two. Is possible to buy some sort of splitter cable to connect two sources to the same input? Ron
  18. nICE1m8ey

    Question Gain vs analogue volume

    Hi there. Excuse the noob question. I have just received my headphone amp (ifi Zen Can) and whilst I await a set of RCA leads to connect to my Bluesound Node 2i, I'm reading the instructions regarding setting the gain to 0db and increasing the gain level whilst it states to leave the volume at...
  19. Ed Selley

    Topping E30 Digital to Analogue Converter Review & Comments

    The E30 promises a specification that would have been impressive at any price a few years ago for an absolutely bargain one today but can it convert potential into greatness? Read the review. Write your own review for Topping E30
  20. T

    Good analogue video capture programme to laptop

    Hi, does anyone know of any really good and reliable video capture program designed for capturing an analogue video signal from an external source such as a VHS recorder to a laptop?. I have been using a number of freeview programs (one a purchased program called Arcsoft which came with the...
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