1. W

    How were analogue cable boxes authenticated?

    In the days of analogue cable with scrambled channels how were the cable companies set top boxes authenticated. The digital ones communicate back to the cable company and use a viewing card. The analogue ones were only receivers and had no viewing card, if a customer didn't pay or cancelled...
  2. W

    A bit of 1990's cable tv history - anyone remember the scientific atlanta 8602 analogue boxes?

    In the 1990's when my parents first signed up for cable tv (nynex in hampshire) they issued the 8602 catv converted to descramble? We initially received some free extra channels via the TV's built in tuner directly connecting to the CATV aerial but also picked up some scrambled channels? I...
  3. bookle

    Question Best Analogue Outputs from UHD Player?

    Looking to take first tentative steps into 4k but have an old Arcam AVR600 which is not 4K compatible but a fine amp nonetheless. The plan is to use the Arcam in analogue mode so need a 4K Player with high quality 7.1 analogue outputs that can also stream the usual apps. Top end Oppo/Panny etc...
  4. S

    Blu-ray/4K player with 7.1. Analogue out AND volume control?

    Currently I am using an Oppo 105 to do the DVD/Blu-ray decoding and volume control. Since it’s getting old I would like to prepare for a replacement. What Blu-ray/4K players with analogue outputs AND volume control can you recommend? I don’t seem to be able an find any? Panasonic DP-UB9000 seems...
  5. JabbaNut

    Analogue takes on the TurboGrafx-16 with its Duo retro console
  6. C

    Hikvision DVR Line Crossing (Analogue Cams)

    Hi, I'm a relative novice to some of the features of the Hikvision box I have (7216 HUHI-K2), but I'm having a nightmare with some of the features. I have 15 analogue cameras from CCTV-Global attached. I usually access the DVR through the ivms-4200 app on my Mac. I have decided to start...
  7. C

    Question New HDTV poor quality

    We've just got a new Techwood 49" HD TV after our Bush Ultra HD 4K broke. Both Tv's were pretty much the same price range (£250 >£300+) and obviously the 4k will look better but the new Techwood looks dreadful. It's nothing to do with settings as the quality doesn't change just the brightness...
  8. Digger

    Question Audio Extractor for HDMI ARC to Analogue RCA/3.5mm 2 Channel Only

    I have a Panny TX-40CS520B & just purchased a pair of PreSonus Eris 3.5 Active monitor speaker, these are great budget monitors by the way! I was fed up with the terrible sound from the built-in tv speakers hence the purchase of the monitors. Sources are very simple. TV's onboard Freeview & a...
  9. W

    HD 1080P Analogue Video Bandwidth (Component Video) - How Much???

    Can anyone with advanced AV technical knowledge tell me how much video bandwidth an analogue full HD 1080P video signal uses/requires per channel via a component cable. I'm aware the Y channel alone will provide a black and white video image while the Red & Blue add colour information. I'm...
  10. Cy Berman

    Question Analogue audio as well as digital?

    My new Panasonic UB820 has an annoying feature. If I wish to hear the soundtrack on the TV, via HDMI, I have to disable the analogue audio output in the set up menu. If I wish to listen, through the power amp, via phono, I must enable it again. A tedious business. Is there any way round this...
  11. T

    Hisense R7 has no analogue tuner? What are my options for Sky RF when using as a secondary tv

    i just purchased a Hisense R7 Series (Roku) and expected to simply plug in the Magic Eye RF output from SKy HD and tune it in. Now when i actually read it, it doesnt appear to have an analogue option on the hisense or at least one i can find. What are my options for geting the coaxial RF signal...
  12. M

    External analogue tuner

    Hi all, I hope someone here can answer a question I have. I have just upgraded my lounge TV and put the old set in the bedroom. I used to share my downstairs Sky signal with the bedroom via a TV link and Magic Eye but this requires an analogue tuner (which the 'new' bedroom TV doesn't have). Is...
  13. P-P-S-S

    Any opinions on Analogue Pocket?

    Has anyone seen the Analogue Pocket handheld that is coming out soon? Seems to be quite promising. Will it be worth the $199 pricetag?
  14. V

    Digital or Analogue ?

    Hi, Im pisking up a Yamaha A-S501 later, and have a Rotel CD player 950RCD 950 to connect to it . If I use interconnecting cables I will have to get longer ones to accomodate the Amp, ( placing it somewhere ). I was wondering if I could connect the CD by using the coaxial out to the coaxial in...
  15. R

    Onkyo TX NR-515 Analogue Inputs

    Hi, I think I'm in the right place! I have an Onkyo 515 which will be the heart of my AV and analogue audio setup. I have a turntable and phono pre-amp that I wish to connect but I have read through the 515 manual but cannot find any reference about configuring the analogue audio sockets to an...
  16. M

    Analogue amps with digital equipment

    Hi all. I'm getting to the age where I am becoming interested in vintage analogue amplifiers but also like to use my hifi sound for watching films and TV dramas so use digital inputs from sources into the TV and then out to the amplifier. Is there any way to insert an analogue amp into the...
  17. B

    How to watch analogue signal.

    My dad has just got a new Samsung smart TV in conservatory as his old TV broke. With the old TV he used sometimes watch sky via the rf output on his sky+HD box which is in another room via the ariel cable. He could only watch what the sky box was tuned to. Is there an easy way for him to do this...
  18. Lachie

    Digital Analogue Converter DAC Recommendations Needed

    Hello, I have a Yamaha RX-A710 receiver and looking to “upgrade” its wireless/Bluetooth capability so that I can stream music from Spotify or Airplay, so looking a Digital Analogue Converter DAC. I see that Yamaha have a product WXAD-10 that rated quite well in 2018 when it was released. Can...
  19. J

    Is it worth repairing the analogue output of my Marantz CD6000 OSE LE?

    I have an 18 year old Marantz CD6000 OSE LE I got cheap £150 from Superi many years ago as it was ex display. It has been brilliant but it has a dry joint on one of the phono sockets on the analogue section. The big feature of this CD player was the analogue section and how much care was taken...
  20. L

    Optical out to analogue in

    Just trying to hook up a TV which only has optical out to an amp that only has Analogue RCA Inputs. Can anyone advise the best way to connect these two please ?
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