Analog or analogue may refer to:
Analogue (literature), a literary work that shares motifs, characters or events with another, but is not directly derived from it
Analog, a thing from which an analogy is drawn

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  1. N

    Question AV preamp upgrade for 2.2 analogue stereo

    Hi all Hopefully this hasn't specifically been discussed before. First post so 'Hello!', and please go easy! Current setup: Marantz TT15S turntable Simaudio Moon 110LP v2 phono preamp Oppo 203 Bluray Marantz AV8802A preamp ATI AT6005 power amp (front 5 channels) Arcam FMJ P7 Power amp (rear...
  2. Gunbuster

    Wanted PC Engine/TurboGrafx Collection + possibly Analogue Duo

    Always wanted a PC Engine, never managed to get one for one reason or another. With the release of the Analogue Duo I'm thinking about doing it again, but before I go grab a console I wanted to see if I could sort out a collection of decent games for a reasonable price first. So I'm looking for...
  3. ilovelife

    For Sale Analogue Pocket Transparent Blue

    Lovely Analogue Pocket in transparent blue, couple of months old, in mint condition, boxed like new, has a perfectly fitted screen protector and a 128gb card for storage etc, also have a carry case. Very minimal use as I just prefer my Steam Deck Post will be via RMSD
  4. sprout

    For Sale Zektor HDS4.1 High quality analogue audio switch

    Really anyone reading this will know what these were. It was marketed as a Component Video/Audio switch BUT There fantastic use amongst most was as a high quality analogue switch for 5.1 audio. They have many uses. I've had this from new and it got hardly any use as it was kept as a new...
  5. SoundVision

    For Sale Chord Company Clearway Analogue 2RCA-2RCA Lead - 1.0m (Pair)

    Chord Company Clearway Analogue 2RCA-2RCA Lead - 1.0m (Pair) As New, No Marks Or Scratches, Mint Condition. Clear Sound, Good Detail, Great Instrument Separation, Nice Tight Bass
  6. P

    Question AV with Phono and Tape in and out

    Does anyone know of a 7.1 av amplifier / receiver with phono, analogue and coaxial digital input and output for a CD recorder Thanks very much for your time
  7. G

    8mm camcorder to pc

    Hi guys, I've tried to configure my canon g45 8mm (analogue) tape camera via a usb capture stick using video audio and s cables. for some reason obs is not picking it up neither is power director. I've looked in device manager and there are no hazards. It says detecting analogue device then...
  8. P

    Question Problem Connecting LG TV ARC to analogue receiver.

    Problem Connecting LG TV ARC to analogue receiver. I wanted to control an analogue system using the TV remote. I purchased a Prozor HDMI Return Channel &DAC Audio converter and the ARC bit does not appear to work. The optical works giving pass through or RCA out put but the ARC does not...
  9. Dick Bill

    Aerial Amplifier problem with analogue signals

    My old Arieal amplifier has given up(Probably overheated?) So I bought a new one "SLX 8 way Signal amplifier 27824V." The Problem is I have analogue channels used for my CCTV and other stuff but the UHF channels at the higher end of the band UHF CH 60+ are all distorted when run through the...
  10. pixelchads

    Question 4" Portable Analogue TV: Casio TV-8500 (Video Input Fault?)

    I'm looking for some pointers on how to proceed with fixing the video input on my analog portable TV - the Casio TV8500. I bought it for £3.50 in a charity shop. The screen is a tiny 4 inches but I just love the retro aesthetic. This little telly is perfect... if I can just get find a way to...
  11. rccarguy3

    Analogue bypass, how to test?

    I'm pretty sure my AT-300 digitises analogue inputs (so I'm sending all digital inputs to it) but how would you go about finding for sure? For example if I was to buy record player it would be detremental to use the AT-300 system, so I'd probably use my Audiolab 8000Q system instead.
  12. paulbrannan

    Old, cheap avr for analogue to digital video conversion

    Could anyone recommend a cheap, older model avr which will allow me to connect old consoles with analogue av and output to HDMI av? There are lots of external converters for this but decent ones seem very pricey and tend to focus on one format, i.e. component. Ideally, I'd want one that did...
  13. NewAcousticDimension

    Schiit Audio Syn - Analogue Surround Processor

    What a fascinating and refreshingly simple approach. I've no doubt will be laughed at by many AVF members - but you've got to love the honesty of the idea. There is a link here to the product page: But please navigate to the FAQ page, you cannot say these...
  14. K

    Soundbar for Music - £300 but must have analogue input?

    I'm looking out for a budget soundbar, upto £300, but it must have an analogue input, either RCA or 3.5mm jack. Will be used for music primarily, so no need for heavy cinematic soundtrack capabilities. No need for subwoofer either, but if it happens to come with one then so be it. Any...
  15. A

    Home cinema and classy analogue playback for less than £3,000

    I'm really happy with my setup now despite it costing me less than £3,000. It goes like this: I bought a home cinema AVR (Yamaha RX-A860) I decided to upgrade the front, centre and subwoofer speakers by going with Q Acoustics Concept 20s for the fronts and centre, QA 7000i for the sub and...
  16. andy121280

    Convert analogue signal to digital for distribution??

    We are looking to upgrade the sky distribution set up at work on an oil platform as the current set up is very old. Currently the satellite dish has a quad LNB which has its 4 signals feeding to an amplifier which combine the 4 LNB signals into one, then the one signal splits off to connect to...
  17. Member 749941

    Anyone know of a simple HDMI digital audio to analogue audio converter with volume control?

    I have Philips TV with digital audio out I have a Sony amp with analogue audio in via RCAs I've tried digital analogue converter which very works well but no volume control I recently read that ArC HDMI can carry volume control which my TV has Anyone know of a simple HDMI digital audio to...
  18. A

    Can I feed an analogue signal into a OLED TV?

    OK all, please be gentle, way out of my comfort zone here. Just installed a 48” LG OLED tv to replace my 13 year old Sony. Previously I used to use the Sony to display the screen for my very ancient Cambridge Azur music server - it was old but worked fine. The Cambridge was connected to the...
  19. F

    Series 5 TCL analogue sound output issue

    When trying to connect to a Vizio sound bar via miniplug connectors, the sound has a pronounced background "hiss." Any ideas? I am writing for a friend so can't supply more info at this time but can get whatever you need. Thanks.
  20. DJ Dave

    Analogue Amp Connection

    Hi all Was going to listen to the TV with my Sennheiser headphones via my Lehmann Linear headphone amp which is connected to my analogue Yamaha amp. I have a LG C1 TV and use the Sonos Arc for the room. Suddenly realised that I only have HDMI and Optical out on the C1. What’s the best method to...
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