1. Martin6

    Some thoughts on changing amps and speakers around

    When I first put the genesis of the current main system together it was a Quad Artera feeding PMC LB1's, which sounded great and in many ways I sort of prefer the earlier versions of PMC speakers. The next change swapped the amp for a pair of Icon Audio MB90 monoblocks, I had always wanted to...
  2. Margate73

    How do I find out the value of Laser Discs (to sell them)?

    My father passed away earlier this year, and I have the task of disposing/selling his rather extensive collection of Audio/Video/Home Cinema collection. I never understood why he kept everything - and i mean everything - pretty much every piece of home electronics from the 70s all the way...
  3. F

    Moving back to Hi Fi system and any use for old amps

    Some 6 years plus ago when very busy I sold my Rega deck, quad amp & Cd system and bought a Sonos speakers for two small room and felt resonably happy. Recently however I moved house and inherited a 30+ year old Hi Fi system with NAD series 20 amp, marantz CD-40 and kef speakers. Out of...
  4. (GTV)Chris

    Can I attach 2 amps to one sub?

    Hi, I currently have the Rel Quake and run LFE to it form my AV amp. I also use the Neutrik Speakon Cable to attach my Arcam amplifier for better bass when playing music - Although its not very musical as a sub. (I have a speaker switcher to swap between amps). I am looking at upgrading my Sub...
  5. johnno73

    90's amps upgrade to external phono amp?

    Hi, I love my 90's amps, Technics SE-A900S and Yamaha AX-592, and also have a SL1210 mk2. Generally listening to Rock and Metal on vinyl, 80% with headphones. Would I benefit in getting an external phono amp? And what would be recommended? Cheers.
  6. M

    Help please with power amps for bi-wire speakers & Arcam SR250

    I have very little idea what im doing here. I have an Arcam SR250 stereo amp and have just bought a pair of Dali Opticon 5 speakers, these are bi-wireable so im thinking id like to try that. What i think i know is i need another 2 channel power amp connect that to the pre out of the 250 and...
  7. R

    Fosi Audio DA2120C for my Tannoy Revolution DC6T ?

    Hey fellas, I was wondering if the Fosi Audio DA2120C would be sufficient to run a pair of Tannoy Revolution DC6Ts that I recently acquired? Total noob here. Would also appreciate better alternatives for a sub $200 amp for the Tannoys. Thanks...
  8. MikeFaulkner

    Question Two NAD c268 Amps in Bridge Mode

    I have the opportunity to pick up, for a very reasonable price, a second NAD c268 Power Amp in addition to the one I am already running. I am looking to run them as two mono blocks in bridge mode and am a little unsure of connectivity. I think I have it, but wanted to run it by the community...
  9. shoemaker666

    PS5 And Xbox Series X-Friendly AV Receivers Reportedly Hit By Major HDMI Bug

    PS5 And Xbox Series X-Friendly AV Receivers Reportedly Hit By Major HDMI Bug
  10. M

    Question Tonewinner amps

    Hi all, I've found this amp on Alibaba and from what I can see they're the manufacturer for Emotiva? Anyone have experience with their products?
  11. Agit8or

    Question Upgrading advice or new LP12 owner

    Hi - first post, but been reading the threads and this seems to one of the few where simple questions get an answer, rather than slammed. So nice to meet you all. I recently had a ProJect Genie matched with a Cambridge Audio AM10 with some 70's Mordaunt Shorrts.....basic, but it did me and...
  12. T1berious

    Tube Amps

    So after a painful couple of months of buying Amps, returning Amps and being Ampless, I return here, hoping for guidance and wisdom. A colleague of mine was singing the virtues of tube amps (at the time he pumped BIG money into hi fi) so I thought I'd learn more. I've got some demos over the...
  13. jsl20

    Question Tube headphone amps

    I’ve just bought a pair of HD58x headphones. A lot of the research I did before buying them suggested that a lot of the Sennhesiers (and Drop collabs) perform nicely when driven by a tube amp. I’m currently running the headphones with a Dragonfy Red and don’t feel like I need any more power...
  14. G

    Two TA-N80ES Amps In Need of Repair- First time poster

    Hello to all! First time posting but lifelong audiophile. I bought these two amps in Okinawa Japan at a catalog sale on Kadena Air Base. They traveled with me for the next 20 years. When I retired from the Air Force they were delivered with my household goods and when I went to set them up...
  15. C

    Question Using a Power Amps with a AV Receiver to get 11 Channels (7.2.4) from a 9 Channel Receiver (7.2.2)

    Does anyone have much experience with this? I'm currently using a Pioneer LX701 which can decode 7.2.4. I'm using that to power the front LCR, Sides and the 4 Atmos speakers with a really old Kenwood 5.1 amp powering the rears. Which does work. However I wanted a 2 channel amplifier with a...
  16. J

    Question “Tape in” “tape out” on amps

    My old amp from the 80s has has 2 lots of ports for my cassette deck, tape play and tape rec (4 ports in all). On some more modern amps it will say play out and rec out (again 4 in all) without mentioning the word TAPE. Or sometimes it says rec and pb.I hope someone can tell me if this is...
  17. Ascotbilly

    Advice Please - Integrated Amps

    I'm getting upgrade fever, I have a one box system the Yamaha RN602 which has been great getting me back into music. I'm looking at amps £600-1000. For example the Audiolab 6000A includes wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. If that is the case, do I need the Audiolab 6000N streamer (or similar)...
  18. N

    Question Can I link these two amps

    Hi, I Want to buy a second amp to link to the first... but not sure if it will really work. Can anyone see if I can, based these input/outputs of the picture, make an output from one amp to the other... ... and of course if I can, which is giving a signal-out only on Amp 1?? Thanks in...
  19. reevesy

    Question arcam movie amps?

    hi all, be looking at options....various ones as i'm hopefully moving but dont know where to yet!... so might have to down size...or treat movies and music separate. anyway...a lot of good deals on arcam solo's....both 2.1 and 5.1....and the music solo (which has hdmi's) my current set up is...
  20. Kevo

    Question Wiring Two Amps to One Sub Woofer

    I have an AVR wired to my Monitor Audio Mass W200 subwoofer via its LFE inout for home cinema use. I have just bought a Cambridge CXA6o stereo amp and a pair of MA Bronze 5 Floor standing speakers purely for stereo music. My subwoofer also has a pair of phono sockets which i can plug in from...
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