1. B

    Wanted Sonos Amp (Gen 2/S2)

    Anybody got one? Thanks.
  2. N

    Yamaha amp wireing message

    I’m getting to grips with my Yamaha z7 and have doubled check all connections But when I get the results of the test I get a out of phase message when the test of the speaker cable proceeds Driving me nuts tbh I have tested a movie and it seems to sound correct and I’ve done a channel check...
  3. D

    What amp for MA 200 silver ?

    I have a Denon DRA 800H amp driving MA silver 200 speakers and after initially being happy with the sound I am now after 3 months feeling that the amp is letting the speakers down as in there's not a lot of depth or sound stage, the treble detail is quite good but didn't seem to reach the hi hat...
  4. yanno

    For Sale free sony amp sony str-de400 dts not working

    Owned from new, everything working except dts! most of my sources are blu ray so when this happened, I got another amp.It has manual & remote. I thought it might be useful to someone for it's other features?
  5. aid1985

    For Sale 4 Brand New & Unused Bose Acoustimass Double Cube Speakers & 2 Bose Wall Mounts OPEN TO REASONABLE OFFERS

    For Sale : This is a very reluctant sale that i know that i am going to regret as you cannot buy these brand new in the box any more. They were purchased for when i move house for upstairs however the house move is on hold now and needs must at the moment. 4 x Bose Acoustimass Double Cube...
  6. StratManSi

    For Sale ROTEL RB-976 MkII 6 channel power Amplifier x2

    £200 Each - Collection only from Buckinghamshire HP14 - No offers at this time please. I have two of these excellent and versatile power amps for sale. One that has been used in my cinema room to run rears and highs (pictured) and one bought as a spare and stored (pictures to follow)...
  7. I

    27 year old sub incorporated with rears? 1 amp 2 subs?

    Hello guys, Unique situation that i think boils down to 2 or 3 questions and also what I have available to me. 1st is can I transform a sub box into a rear/sub wall mount. Explanation will follow :) 2nd is can I run 2 subs of one amp and if so really need some advice here. Again more to...
  8. W

    Power or integrated amp to pair with Pioneer VSX-LX 302

    Power or integrated amp to pair with Pioneer VSX-LX 302. Hello folks. Long time lurker. Time I joined in. Been into my music and various separates for 30 years. First go at AV was my Yamaha DSP E800 mated to my Acoustic Energy A,E109s, AE,107SE and AE101 rears. Ran the main L & R With my...
  9. S

    Roksan Attessa amp and Cdt

    I have a Attessa AMP ( no stream ) and the CDt . Sometimes the amp and CDt are freezing , can do nothing then , and most of the time the CDt wil not turn on from standby , then i must disconnect the powercable then it is power up okey , strange , and de auto standby of the cdt can't be turned...
  10. L

    Denon AVR-X2300 vs old Yamaha amp for stereo

    hello I have a Denon AVR-X2300 AV amp setup in a 5.1 mode with a Dali Oberon 5 surround sound speaker set. I have generally been happy with the sound quality. I decided this weekend to get out my old Dual turntable and connect it via a pre-amp to the Denon AV amp. The sound was tinny and...
  11. Spen69

    Wanted Tag Mclaren 2x100R, 3x100R, 4x100R or 5x100R multichannel power amp in black

    Looking for a Tag 100R multichannel power amp but must be black, I've already got enough silver stuff 😎 Ideally ony a 2x100R, 3x100R or 4x100R but obviously a 5x100R will also be considered 👍 Let me know if you have anything suitable or if you spot one out there please 🤗 Spencer
  12. anlygi

    Which sub-£500 stereo amp for Q Acoustics 3050?

    After moving my surround system to another room and wanting to free up some space, I am going to replace my QA 3050 front LR with 3020's. I have always felt the 3050 were a bit wasted in a home cinema setup and my Denon AVR-X2400 has always been lacking in the stereo department. SO, I am going...
  13. M

    Amp Wattage and Speaker Question

    I know this is a really daft question, so sorry..! I've got a yamaha as500 amp which is rated at "2 x 85w rms" I have 4 Dali Zensor 1 speakers plugged to it which have a 100RMS rating Does the fact the amp can do 2 x 85, mean with 4 they are each getting 42.5w power? And if that's the case...
  14. D

    Upgrade suggestion for metal music from old Onkyo AV to stereo amp - Marantz? Yamaha?

    Hi everyone. I am pretty new with all the Hi-Fi stuff and I am experimenting every day in search for the best sound. I am looking for advice as I am not really satisfied with my current setup. I know that the sky is the limit and that one system is more expensive than other but I need a...
  15. M

    Dumb question..will this hurt my amp or receiver?

    So, I want to be able to test some speakers and I have all my AV output connected to a 7 channel amp. For example, if I wanted to test only the Center speaker...I have to go and set all other speakers to none and the LR to -12db then bump the center to +12db to try and have LR bother me as...
  16. Zappa2Vai


    has anyone tried tried the AB amp IOTAVX AVX17? Any good soundwise? Or any 7 channel amp to recommend for home cinema?
  17. D

    Head-Amp Tube Replacements - Need Help

    Hi, I have a Schiit Valhalla 2 which comes with 2 x 6N6P and 2 x 6N1P. I have heard from a friend that says that they are not ideal for lows and when listening to Rock / Metal. So I have had a look around and I have 3 questions. 1) The manual states: But states nothing about the 6N6P, I...
  18. G

    Small budget 2 channel (or 2.1) amp with HDMI ARC

    Hi! I am considering replacing my soundbar with a 2.0 or 2.1 speaker setup, which I would also use for music a bit more. Right now I usually play youtube over the nvidia shield into the soundbar, so the sound quality is meh, but it has a subwoofer so it's ok-ish for movies. So beside the...
  19. audiophilicist

    Positioning amp and dac on desk

    Hi, I have recently updated my sound system for my desktop HIFI speakers current configuration: Speakers: B&W 601 S2 Amp: Naim Nait 5 DAC: M-DAC+ I don't have the largest room, give or take 3mX3m so i need to be careful about placement. For 90% of usage i will be sitting in my desk chair so...
  20. Richard19601

    Blown Speaker and Amplifier spec

    Hi being non technically minded I thought I would ask a question on here . Ive a set up that has a Yamaha A-S801 amp ,and a pair of monitor audio Bronze speakers as I listen almost exclusively to rock music ,the bottom cones on the speakers have blown and need to be replaced , My question is I...
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