1. T

    Help! Amplifier upgrade advice.

    I've reached that point. I've decided it's time for a new amp(s) and I'm a bit out of touch. Currently my system consists of a Cyrus 8vs2 and an X Power fed from a Pc via a Chord DAC to Spendor S8e's and an SVS sub. The Cyrus amps have been good to me and I've enjoyed them over the years but...
  2. C

    Will my amp blow up

    I recently purchased some Celestion 7000 speakers to resell and wanted to test them beforehand however the only thing I have to test them with is a Denon RCD-M37DAB. I was wondering if this would damage it in any way. Speaker Specifications: Acoustic suspension enclosure 2x 8" woofers 1x...
  3. G

    NAD 658 streamer + NAD 298 amp + Dali floorstanding Opticon 8 - Add subwoofer?

    Hello, the title probably captures my question pretty well. Context: my room is acoustically difficult, with hard stone walls, hard wood floor, and irregular shape, plus a half stone wall about 4 feet high in the middle of the room. There is also a grand piano a few feet from one of the...
  4. wack

    For Sale Onkyo TX SR805 7.1 AV Amp

    In working order with original box and remote , however the LCD display doesn't work but the display is replicated over HDMI on screen so setting it up and operating it isn't a problem I just rarely use it so don't need it any more
  5. J

    Pioneer amp volume is - -

    So I have an old Pioneer VSA-E03, we had a power cut and now the volume just says - -. Trying to turn it up or down via remote or master button does nothing, and it's not playing any sound. However can hear a hum through the speakers. It still picks up a signal (changes from Pro logic to 5.1)
  6. RadioHifiComputers

    200W 8ohm vs 200W 4ohm confusion

    I've currently got a MS409W sitting here with no amp board, buying new amp boards are relatively easy thanks to aliexpress, but on the spec sheet it says the output power is 200W, so does this mean output power at 200W 8ohm or at 4ohm? Thanks.
  7. B

    Sunfire TGA7100 amplifier

    Hi thinking of selling my Sumfire TGA7400 amplifier , as want to downscale on space , anyone know how much these sell for as not sure what to advertise it for ? thanks
  8. D

    Help! My new Hiby R3 Pro Saber crashes when connected to our integrated amp

    Hi,. My R3Pro plays great on my old integrated amp.... As long as I don't touch it after I start it playing. Once it's playing for a couple minutes, any attempt to touch it will make it crash. It'll then be locked up and need a hard restart. Any help would be much appreciated. It works...
  9. thepilot

    audiolab 8300xp - what class of amp?

    Hopefully a simple answer for those of you in the know :D I'm running an 8300XP off the back of a 6000A. I'm planning to integrate some REL subs into my 2 channel system but, to ensure I correctly wire the subs into the power amp, I need to ascertain the class of amp. I'm going to ASSUME that...
  10. D

    Help and Amp needed.

    Hi, I have just inherited a set of Monitor audio speakers consisting of a: Gold GS LRC centre A pair of Bronze 2 BX and a pair of small MR1s. I also have a non branded powered sub woofer. Im am a total newbie and was looking for an amp that would drive them all nicely. I’m not into home theatre...
  11. J

    Compatible AV Amp - Blustream Matrix System

    Hi, Hopefully I've posted this is in the correct place! So I'm a complete novice when it comes to AV systems but I come from a technical background in networking, so how hard can it be?! 😂 I've recently refurbished my house and thought it'd be a good idea to install cat 6 everywhere and...
  12. devoncouple

    Pioneer Stereo Double Cassette Tape Deck Amplifier DC-X88Z

    Hi, I have been using the above component along with corresponding turntable and CD player for many years with no problems. Until now. There is a master power switch at the back of the unit and a Power Stand By/On button on the front. When turning on the power using the master switch, the...
  13. hickmeister

    Replacing my TV, but will effect my other kit as well - Need advice

    Hi Everyone, Its getting to a point now where i need to replace my current Samsung TV (UE46F6500) purchased in 2013. It is still a great TV but its only 1080p. The reasons below are why i would like to update my TV Will buy a PS5 soon and would like to get the best possible gaming Experience...
  14. D

    Advice on amp to suit an odd 7ch setup

    Hey there, I'm relatively new to all things amps/AVRs so please bear with me :) I just moved into a new home with 7 speakers throughout the house in the ceiling and walls. They are all cabled and run into the main living area in the entertainment unit. The speakers are all 8inch 2-way 100w 8ohm...
  15. flamenco

    Best budget 4K AV amp which allows expansion

    I am upgrading my TV from HD 32in to UHD 4K 49in. My AV amp is the Denon AV 2310, which I will also need to upgrade. My top priority is music - hence the Arcam A28 amp and the MA GS20 speakers. So I need a decent AV amp which would cope with 4K and HDR content but also allow the Arcam to still...
  16. Angus70

    Amp Upgrade

    Looking for some suggestions and or advice. Currently have a Marantz SA8005 running through my Creek Evolution A 50 and to a pair of Neat Motive SX3's using QED Audio 40 RCA interconnects from the Marantz to the Creek and QED XT40I speaker cables to the Neat Speakers. Was looking to upgrade my...
  17. Racy Jace

    Wanted Arcam p7 , Rotel 1095, emotiva etc

    After stumbling across an advert on Facebook and researching a bit into separate amps, I'm now looking for a 5 channel amp to power my B&W speakers and use my rx a3050 as a pre amp. I'm near Dudley DY3. Thanks
  18. fintan watters

    Denon amp x2300 amp assign

    I am setting up a 5..1 system using a denon avrx2300 receiver ,when I go to amp assign what is the correct mode to use,there are several modes to use my main watching would be movies.Thank you for any help
  19. G

    My Destination Amp / Steamer mer

    Hi Brand new on here so please be gentle Looking to buy my destination amp / streaming amp and hoped I could get some advice here please Current set up My System Speakers Jan 2021 B&W 602s2 Signature CD Player Feb 2021 Audiolab 6000cdt CD Transport Turntable Aug 2020 Rega Planar P3 c/w Elys 2...
  20. seoras

    Play midi instrument through Marantz CD player & Amp

    HI, my system is Marantz CD 6006 CD player, Marantz PM 6006 amplifier and Wharfedale Diamond 230 speakers. I have an electronic musical instrument called a Blair Digital Chanter which has a midi output port and I’d like to play the chanter through the music system. There‘s a USB port on the...
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