1. B

    Question Ceiling speakers and amp

    Hi folks I’m venturing into the world of audio and think I’m after an amp and 4 ceiling speakers, with the option of adding a sub if required at a later date. Use will be for general Tv watching and general music (streamed wirelessly from phones). Room is a kitchen dinner snug all in one...
  2. W

    Dodgy amp?

    I've been buying a few things on ebay. a couple of passive satellite speakers, an active subwoofer and an integrated amp. When I got everything set up, the volume of the bass coming out the sub feels a low compared to the speakers. I can crank the volume up on the amp and there's plenty of bass...
  3. themoid

    Question Phono stage: separate stage vs amp stage

    Hi all, Just wondering about how you'd go about finding out what level of phono stage you'd have to buy to see an improvement over the one in an amp ? So i have a Musical Fidelity M5Si amp with built-in phono stage. Not particularly looking to buy a separate phono stage at the moment, but on a...
  4. I

    Question Technics amplifier with blue light on needles.

    Hi Guys, im researching amplifiers to go with new speakers Ive bought, im trying to find a technics one with the power level for left and right channels but with the blue glow. can anyone remember it?
  5. fozziebear39

    For Sale Monitor Audio Airstream A100 (White)

    I have for sale a Monitor Audio Airstream A100 Amplifier in white. Looks good with the Monitor Audio Bronze 1 speakers in White Ash that I am selling in the Speaker classifieds. Selling because I am going Sonos. In very good condition with remote control and printed instructions. Easy to setup...
  6. Steve Stifler

    What HiFi April 2020 edition - integrated amp group test

    Does anyone have a copy of this? There are no copies left to buy. I really would like to read the article “In the box seat” reviewing Supernait 3, Roksan Black and Rega Aethos. If you have a copy, could you please drop me a PM? Thank you
  7. J90RDN

    For Sale DENON AVR-1911 DOLBY 7.1 AMP

    DENON AVR-1911 DOLBY 7.1 SURROUND SOUND 4 x HDMI INPUT RECEIVER AMPLIFIER. Superb working condition. Purchased new by myself and only used in home cinema room. Everything included. Remote hardly used. Audyssey microphone included in original packaging - never used. Original manuals and all...
  8. M

    For Sale Project Debut SE3 w/ Acrylc-it platter, Denon DCD 720 CD player & PMA 720 amp

    I have for sale my hifi seperates as they are no longer used. Overall the condition is very good however the is a scratch on the top of the cd player. I no longer use them and they haven't really had that much use in all the time I've had them. Everything is boxed with all the remotes and...
  9. Lensman5d

    Power amp upgrade

    Hi I have been running a Rotel RB 1552 Mk ii to power front left & right in my home theatre. After three years the upgrade itch is back, so wondering g if this is a ‘weak’ link in my system? main processor is a Yamaha RS-a3050 feeding B&W speakers all round, specifically CM8 S2 up front. paired...
  10. D

    Connecting Avr and amp

    I have just purchased a Musical Fidelity M3si amp for stereo music, the ht inputs of this are connected to the left and right pre outs on my Denon AVR X4500H. I currently have the stereo outputs of my blu ray player connected to the M3 amp for cds and currently looking for a network music...
  11. D

    Underpowered Speaker Overpowered Amp?

    Hi, just very quickly. If I use an underpowered speaker on an overpowered amp, and turn the volume up very loud, what exactly would happen? Distortion maybe? Also, would this damage the speaker (presumably)? Would this damage the amp in any way? Thanks.
  12. P

    Question Question on the different filters in the ARCAM SA30 Amp

    I have recently purchased the new Arcam SA30 amp and it has a number of different filters which can be selected. The manual goes into a bit of depth explaining the filters in a technical way and it sums up the explanations with: 'We have chosen our default filters through a combination of...
  13. DJJez

    Wanted Arcam P49 or P349 power amp

    as title says im looking for either a Arcam P49 or P349 power amp. please reply if you have one for sale
  14. D

    Need advice on an amp.

    I'm thinking about buying some mission audio bx5 speakers and need some advice on which amp would suit. Would maybe want to connect more speakers in the future, bluetooth would be nice but not deal breaker. Will be connected to the TV. Don't mind searching for older models, budget is around £300.
  15. D

    Need Amp advice please

    I'm thinking about buying some mission audio bx5 speakers and need some advice on which amp would suit. Would maybe want to connect more speakers in the future, bluetooth would be nice but not deal breaker. Will be connected to the TV. Don't mind searching for older models, budget is around £300.
  16. Eddie Merxen

    Wanted Audio Note P2, SE, Signature tube power amp

    As per title I am looking for an Audio Note P2, P2 SE or P2 SE Signature tube power amp in good cosmetic and perfect technical conditions. Any offer is welcome. Thanks for looking :)
  17. We Are The Music Makers

    Question Advice Needed - Amp (int or not?) for Rega Planar 6 w/ Ania

    I’m here seeking advice and knowledge - all greatly welcomed! I’m set on buying the Rega Planar 6 with Ania MC and Bowers & Wilkins 606 speakers. I believe that I would benefit from the Rega MC phono for the Ania? I want to identify a choice of decent amplifiers. I also like to stream...
  18. M


    This item has had little use & is in very good condition. Full working order With Remote Control Sensibly priced to sell.
  19. A

    Question Using a HDMI Matrix/Switch to route video to a 4K HDR capable TV and audio to an old HD (not 4K) capable amplifier (Onky TX-NR818) will that work?

    Currently I have the following sources a Nvidia ShieldTV, PS4Pro and SetTopBox connected to my amplifier. The amplifier is connected to my TV. The amplifier does not allow to forward 4K video to the TV. The TV is eARC capable but the amplifier is just plain ARC capable. So connecting the sources...
  20. G

    Question Best amp choice for streaming from PC

    Looking to get something to use for a fairly limited range of sources, music from PC and also a CD player. Small room with fairly efficient speakers so I don't need a lot of power. Content is Wav or FLAC files on the PC, plus Amazon Music, and CDs on a standalone CD player (Marantz CD63II SE or...
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