1. Noahs Dad

    Are Nintendo done with the Amiibo's?

    Just wondering if anyone knows, are Nintendo are done with amiibo's? Unless I am mistaken, there has been no Switch game related amiibo tie in's has there? And nothing as far as I am aware has been announced. Amiibo's seem to have slowly winded down and the last one was probably the large...
  2. Rob B

    Question SMB Odyssey Bowser Amiibo from Amazon

    Hi All, Has anyone got their Bowser Odyssey amiibo from Amazon? I preordered the trio at the same time and only received Mario and Peach on Friday. It has still not yet been dispatched today (despite saying it's arriving today) and I notice that the listing now shows the triple pack. Have they...
  3. JAy3001

    Link Amiibo back in stock

    The link Amiibo is back in stock at Nintendo: Link (Ocarina of Time) amiibo (The Legend of Zelda Collection) Games Accessories | Nintendo UK Store If anyone is interested. :clap:
  4. JAy3001

    Answered Amiibo - what are they?

    Would any care to explain what these are and what they do please? I feel they are like the Disney infinity characters, but not! I see them for sale for various consoles including the switch, are they worth buying, do they do anything and do the ones for other consoles work on the switch?
  5. MyBoxLife

    Question Amiibo: Mega Man Legacy Collection

    Anyone figure how best to get hold of the Gold Mega Man Amiibo, also, the Skylanders: Superchargers, both the original and dark versions?
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