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  1. imightbewrong

    Bargain £6 bonus for buying £50 Amazon gift card I used it this afternoon to make a purchase.
  2. motogpv4

    For Sale Amazon code

    Have a £5 Amazon code forsale will take £4.50 paypal or bt cheers
  3. cammey78

    Wanted Amazon vouchers / Tesco vouchers

    Looking for Amazon vouchers 93% any amounts, let me know what have, thanks.
  4. R

    Wanted Amazon voucher please. Anything to £250

    Looking for Amazon voucher please. Up to £250 please.
  5. D

    Tidal through Amazon Cube - Understanding sound quality / bitrate

    Hi there, just looking for some clarity on this which no doubt has been covered numerous times. I have an Amazon Cube connected to my Onkyo nr 696 AV receiver. I've just downloaded the Tidal app and am trying the £4 for four months trial. I already have the Spotify app through the cube. I...
  6. S

    For Sale Amazon Gift Voucher - £25

    Looking for £23 Thanks
  7. J

    For Sale Amazon 2020 Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote - BNIB

    BNIB Amazon 2020 Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote 20 pounds + delivery will posts pics up
  8. S2000 VTEC

    Wanted Amazon

    Any amounts welcome.
  9. LV426

    Amazon (UK) and US imports

    I ordered Tenet from Amazon US (via the UK site) on 4 Jan, with taxes pre-paid. Dispatched a few days later. Expected this coming Saturday. I looked at the tracking today and: No further details given. I do note, however, that the same title no longer offers import fees pre-payment (as was the...
  10. G

    Amazon fire hd 10 latest tablet

    Is there anyway of playing this through a smart tv cant seem to mirror it help appreciated thanks
  11. A

    Question Two sets of Subtitles on Amazon Prime on GZ2000

    Hi All, Using Jack Ryan Season 1 to test my new GZ2000, Roku Ultra, UB9000 setup and came across an interesting one... (note that I'm also using a Logitech Harmony single remote.) When the subtitles come up to translate - I get two copies overlapping and in different colours. This happens...
  12. bogart99

    Amazon P taking

    Pansonic UB820 now £350 on Amazon. Been at the usual price of £299 until now when stocks seem to be nil at most dealers. No new stock until April. Profiteering ?
  13. B

    Question amazon prime

    I have new tv connected to naim hifi via optical cable / dac . I get a horrible racket through the speakers when switching to amazon prime . Any ideas ?
  14. woolz

    PQ Sports UHD - Amazon Vs BT Vs SKY

    Hi guys/girls For those who watch a lot of sports i wondered what your feedback was on the above channels simply on PQ. I have all of these channels running through my Sony Oled and this is my personal feedback: BT Sport UHD - In my opinion - head & shoulders above all sports channels currently...
  15. N

    Wanted John Lewis & Amazon vouchers £200+

    In need of some JL & Amazon vouchers. I Need £200+ Thanks in advance
  16. TheAdmiralCS

    For Sale Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) in Heather Grey fabric

    Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Heather Grey Fabric: Amazon Devices Upgraded to the newer ones so this is for sale. Great condition and works perfectly. £40 inc delivery please
  17. sep8001

    Wanted Discount Amazon Prime Code

    Hi A bit of a long shot, looking for a discounted amazon prime account code, any one have one for sale? Thank you
  18. M

    Amazon Prime Dolby Vision

    I have a Sony KD55XH81 tv that supports Dolby Vision. I have noticed that when playing content that is supposed to have DV from Amazon Prime (e.g, Jack Ryan), when using the TV Amazon App this is not transmitted in Dolby Vision (I do get Atmos), yet if I stream the same program via a Fire Cube...
  19. PianoMan55

    Different Amazon Prime Versions

    I have a 4 year old Samsung 49" curved screen TV, and a 1 year old Vizio 43" with SmartCast. Both came with the Prime app installed. About 3 months ago I noticed that the Samsung Prime app appeared to have been updated. It is a much better version than the previous one. The Prime app on the...
  20. ruffage

    For Sale Amazon Fire HD 10 7th Generation 32GB

    Selling my daughter's Fire HD 10, that has hardly been used. Barely a mark on it. Only some faint screen scratches that won't show on the camera. Wiped, de-registered, and cache cleared. Full spec. here: Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) - Full tablet specifications I can include a girly case too if...
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