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  1. H

    Bargain Oculus Rift @ 344.90 Amazon Warehouse - Amazon Prime Members only

    I know some folk may be a bit fussy but Amazon Warehouse have 20% off for Prime member's for a few days. There seems to be a few 'Good' category Rifts for sale at the mentioned price once the discount comes off. You get one year full warranty with Amazon Warehouse deals Buying...
  2. dbug

    Amazon prime sound problem

    Streaming amazon prime series in 4K Wireless router 55mbps Samsung ks8000 Yamaha yas101 sound bar Perfect picture but really bad sound interference. When the sound is quiet it's fine but as soon as there is talking or loud sounds it's accompanied by a 1/4sec buzz. It's constant I used to have...
  3. imightbewrong

    Bargain Expired Amazon Prime Day - Reduced Kindles?

    Amazon Prime Day next week. Planning on getting daughter #3 a Kindle (Paperwhite) for her upcoming birthday. Do they reduce Kindles for this sale historically does anyone know?
  4. Bakey

    Bargain Expired Amazon Prime £59

    Just saw on Amazon that Prime is on offer for £59 until Monday 3rd July, I'm tempted at that price. Tried a free trial last month and although their video app on my LG TV had sound issues it worked ok through the Sony blu ray player. Obviously the next day delivery is useful as well.
  5. katmack

    Question Tivo Bolt vs Roku vs Sony 4k Smart TV

    Trying to figure out what I need and what works best when it comes to streaming. I have a Roku 3 (when I temporarily cut the cord - now I'm back on cable), a Tivo Bolt that I got when I signed back up for cable and now use it all the time to access Netflix, Amazon, etc. And I just got a brand...
  6. S

    Amazon Prime looks like The Hobbit...

    Everything I've watched on Amazon Prime has that horrible Hobbitty look to it, i.e. sharp images but weird and plastic-looking. I've got a decent telly. Anything I can do or must I learn to love it? Is it because it's American and I'm English??
  7. 0

    Netflix or Amazon Prime

    Hi after some advice which is the best for content and quality Netflix or Amazon Prime?
  8. Fozzie Bear

    Question Best Streaming TV Box for Amazon Prime, Netflix & NowTV + Kodi

    I have read so many online reviews on Streaming TV Boxes my head is spinning. There are great reviews on Amazon Fire TV Box, Roku 3 and n'Vidia Shield plus some not so shabby reviews on other Android Boxes. However none are a perfect fit with all of them have their faults or omissions. I am...
  9. Jokerr

    Question Netflix - Add your Wishlist items

    Please add your Netflix Wishlist items in terms of Content Format, Software Interface, Ease of use, Performance. Type of Content My Netflix Wish items include: (1) Netflix should provide some indication on if content will be leaving soon and even a date. Just like Amazon Video does. Please...
  10. V

    Watching saved Netflix & Amazon Prime downloads on TV

    When Netflix or Amazon Prime programmes are saved for offline viewing on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, is it possible to watch those programmes on TV by connecting via HDMI? I know Sky Go Extra downloads can only be viewed in this way by connecting from a laptop but I would like to know for...
  11. Aryn86

    Question Samsung KS8000 suffering from audio sync issues on Amazon Prime Video...

    Had my KS8000 for 6 or so months now, been very happy with but only now have I got my netflix and amazon video sorted and for the most part Netflix runs very smoothly both in video and audio but I'm noticing annoying amounts of delay in motion when compared to the audio (ie the audio is quicker...
  12. D

    Amazon Prime 2017 Pilots UHD/HDR?

    The latest batch of pilots arrived on Amazon Prime on Friday, but unlike previous ones, none are available (on my LG) in UHD and HDR. Has anyone got them on their devices? Oasis looks good, but I'd rather wait to watch in UHD.
  13. N

    amazon prime question

    how does someone sign up to amazon prime via a firestick? had people staying at the weekend and somehow one of them ended up signing me up to amazon prime when using the firestick on a TV in the spare room. Only realised this morning when i saw a charge of £79 on my card. didn't receive any...

    Question Amazon Prime HDR

    I have just signed up to Amazon Prime trial. So I have watched a few tv shows in HD and thought I would try the UHD TV Shows but when I started to stream the UHD TV Shows I noticed that all my Picture Settings shot up to the Highest like Contrast to 100 and Brightness Really High and the Picture...
  15. Jimlad

    Amazon Prime - Content List

    I have just signed up to Amazon Prime trial and want to find out where I can see a content list and/or something I can refer to so as I can experience all available content during my trial period. I have bought a Fire Stick, which is installed.
  16. KettyKrueger

    Question Streamer - Full UK catchup

    Hi all Does such a steamer exist that has the following app: NowTV Netflix Amazon Prime All 4 Demand 5 iPlayer ITV Hub UKPlay I'm currently using Apple TVs but they don't have All, Demand 5, ITV Hub, UKPlay or Amazon Prime. Maybe it's not possible to hit all these (I know Amazon Prime is...
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