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  1. tazmago

    From Beyond (Amazon Prime)

    Just found this new series on Amazon Prime, not heard anything about it, theres no reviews for it, it seems to have just appeared from beyond :confused: (sorry). From Beyond is a new anthology series with a unique spin on the horror, suspense, fantasy, and science fiction genre. Short trailer...
  2. S

    No dialogue Amazon prime

    I am using LG oled tv, built in amazon prime with a Samsung MS650 soundbar. Went in to watch uhd grand tour and I got background sound but no dialogue. I can come out and go back in and I get dialogue again. Any ideas?
  3. Zigourney

    Question LG oled tv built in Amazon Video app VS. Amazon Fire stick?

    Hi All LG OLED TV owners, I wanted to know which is better for features and functionality, the LG tv's built in Amazon prime video app or a dedicated Amazon Fire stick/Fire TV? I can think of one advantage of using the separate amazon fire stick or the faster fire tv, is that you have a...
  4. J

    Question Spotify, Amazon Prime, what is my best streaming option?

    Good evening everyone. hoping some of you maybe able to help me out here please. ill give you my current set up so you know what you are dealing with and hoe best to answer if that is ok. Panosonic 50a tx400b Onkyo tx sr608 IPad So question is I am a bit more new to this whole streaming...
  5. JabbaNut

    Amazon Prime price hikes

    Well seems it is the time for price hikes if online posts are true. " Amazon is raising the price of Prime membership in the US, and analysts say that UK customers will likely face a similar hike soon. The online shopping giant is increasing the Prime monthly subscription cost, which gives...
  6. JonnyTester

    Question Changing Amazon Prime Video location?

    I recently had a Prime trial on, to have some Christmas presents sent to my sister's address in Brooklyn. At the time I set up Amazon Prime Video my Nvidia Shield to take advantage of the trial. I now have Prime, but when I try to set my Shield up again to use it, it...
  7. M

    Amazon prime app awful - via samsung ks7000

    The new app is just awful on this tv, is there anyway to just remove all paid for content so that you can just see the free stuff. Also I cant find a list of recently added films or recently released films, these were both in the old version of the app but seem to have disappeared. Currently I...
  8. J

    Question Amazon Prime Streaming - anyone else with problems?

    I'm using a Sony BDPS490 Blueray player to stream Amazon, Netflix (which works fine) & the like - but for the last 6-8 weeks, whilst most of the Amazon Prime streaming site is available and I can get to all the "free" films & TV shows etc., when I go into either of the "to-be-bought" film...
  9. Tempest

    Amazon Prime Music - No Gapless Music - Mind Blown!

    I've had Amazon prime music for just over a year now, and was really mind blown how there was no gapless playback on music albums. Even more stunned to find out much later Spotify and Apple music do Gapless Playback. A classic fave album of mine, Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. A nasty split...
  10. captainarchive

    Question A Question for Amazon Prime Subscribers

    Re: American Gods and The Tick How many episodes are available to you to watch? The reason I ask? I took out the free trial a couple of months back and watched the first 8 ep of AG and first 6 of the Tick. I decided to wait for more episodes to appear before taking out a sub but looking at...
  11. emptycup

    Question Streaming amazon prime and Netflix HDR/4K

    Hi all, I have an Amazon Firebox which I think I bought sometime last year. I’ve just bought a 4K TV (Sony xe9005) and was wondering about streaming 4K and HDR. I remember reading somewhere that it requires you to use the TVs own app rather than the box to stream HDR. Is this correct? Which...
  12. M

    Amazon prime trouble on LG B7 55"

    Hi all, Picked up a 55" B7 today and I'm having a problem with Amazon prime. It looks like letterbox burn-in, but this isn't present from other sources. The other problem is that Amazon prime crashes when you click 'next episode' (just get black screen, and circle of doom if lucky). Pick of grey...
  13. MikeKay1976

    Nook glowlight with Amazon prime free books?

    Hi Is it possible to use my nook glowlight (maybe 5 years old) with the free ebooks I get with my Amazon prime? Thanks
  14. Meridius

    Netflix and Amazon Prime, one account 2 xbox. Help

    Hi all I have two xbox one and want to be able to watch Netflix or amazon prim on one xbox and play games on the other at the same time, the problem is I can not run the apps without a xbox live account and I can not sign in as I am already signed in on the one I play games. why can I not sign...
  15. TaurusDevil

    Amazon Prime.

    Is it worth it? I'm thinking of getting it. If you pay the £79 a year, can you cancel straight away and keep it? It just doesn't roll over right?
  16. Durzel

    Answered 4K on Amazon Prime Video - am I missing something obvious?

    Hi, I've got an Amazon Prime trial running at the moment. I can use Amazon Prime Video, stream TV shows and movies without issue. I recently bought a 4K TV and naturally expected Amazon Prime Video to start offering me 4K titles to watch. It does, but the only category I can see is one that...
  17. Jokerr

    Question Netflix, Amazon prime vs Sky Q = picture quality?

    So much program content on Netflix and Amazon is very poor quality even if shown to be 4K. There is so much graininess on the picture. Even more new content is now deliberately mastered that way such Netflix Marvel shows, including 4k HDR programs. As far as I understand Sky Q tries to maintain...
  18. Steven

    Bargain Expired Amazon Prime deal of the day - portable music

    Must be on Amazon Prime or an existing Prime member can add you as a family member UE Boom 2 in black - £71 Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Wireless/Bluetooth Speaker: Electronics (vs £120 on John Lewis at time of writing) Sony 330BT wireless headphones - £35 Sony MDR-ZX330BT Bluetooth...
  19. Roohster

    Bargain Panasonic UB400 & UB700 Amazon sale

    Panasonic DMP-UB400EBK Native 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc: Electronics Panasonic DMP-UB700EBK 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player: Electronics
  20. philbot

    Bargain Harmony Elite - Amazon Prime

    Just grabbed a bargain - £112.49 Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub and App: Electronics
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