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  1. C

    Question Using Amazon Prime Video with a Google setup

    I have a Google Home + Chromecast and I am able to walk in an say "Hey Google, Play Big Bang Theory". It will switch the TV on and start playing from Netflix. I am able to play/pause adjust volume etc....and I can switch off at the end with a voice command. To play content from the other...
  2. D

    Link to get Amazon Prime Man City doc in UHD/HDR

    If you're one those frustrated with the lack of visible Ultra HD content on Amazon Prime, here's a link to get the new Man City documentary series. All or Nothing: Manchester City - Season 1 [Ultra HD] : Watch online now with Amazon Instant Video: Ben Kingsley: Manchester DP on...
  3. Clem_Dye

    Amazon Prime offline!

    It seems that something has happened to Amazon's streaming service, as large chunks of it are currently offline. Prime Video died on us at about 21:30. I called Amazon Support and was told that services like Video, Music, etc., were down, and may be out for 24h. I just checked again at about...
  4. Roohster

    Bargain Expired Harmony Elite £129 Amazon Prime Day
  5. pinnocchio

    Bargain Expired Philips 55POS9002/05 Amazon Prime Day £1,199

    This seems to be about £300 cheaper then anywhere else at the moment. Only available till midnight 17th July and you must be a prime...
  6. D

    Bargain Amazon Prime Projector Deals - TW7300 & UHD300X

    Not in the market myself but: Epson EH-TW7300 @ £1449.99 Optoma UHD300X @ £799.00
  7. S

    Amazon Prime UHD Picture Quality

    Hi, I recently purchased the LG 55 B7 3 weeks ago so I would think it is "run in" by now. I have watched some of the YouTube 4 k short videos and they look excellent in some samples. I took advantage of the Amazon Prime free offer for 30 days which is doing the rounds at the moment yesterday so...
  8. petrolhead

    I want to watch Amazon Prime

    My Sony blue ray players network connection has got me demented so I was about to smash it up with a hammer (Very therapeutic) I was looking at new players but it then occurred to me to just buy a steaming device. So whats the most cost effective device, Amazon Fire Stick or somit else?
  9. R

    Question Amazon prime - free content

    I have recently cancelled sky because this is the first time in years they didn't offer me a massive discount. So I have got a fire stick, I had a prime account already as we get loads of stuff for Amazon so just use the free delivery. Anyway is it just me or is the UI on the fire stick crap...
  10. J

    Amazon Prime suddenly pants

    And maybe Netflix. Did watch a film on Netflix tonight to determine if Netflix had a problem too but was inconclusive. Streaming has been fine for years watching Prime on my TV, a Sony KDL43WE753, but the last few days it's deteriorated. The foreground picture is fine, but it's as if the...
  11. Venomx999

    Amazon Prime, is it worth it ?

    I currently use eBay for buying stuff online and have considered getting Prime justin case it comes in handy.. I won't be using it for streaming stuff. What do you guys think of prime and is it worth it ? I don't like the idea they deliver to a neighbour and the fact deliveries come late in the...
  12. stevos

    4k Amazon Prime vs Rakuten

    Hi, I notice that Rakuten is now offering 4k HDR via my LG Oled inbuilt app. My question is for 4k HDR, which offers better picture quality Prime or Rakuten? Is there any other options for renting movies in 4k?
  13. Eltee

    Question Amazon Prime on 2 Smart TVs Differing Location.

    Sorry for the daft question. I want to share my Amazon Prime video with my father in law. We both have the same LG TV and we are in the same post code area. Can I just log him in on his TV with my Amazon login? He doesn’t have an Amazon account. Thanks in advance for any tips.
  14. albsky

    Question Amazon Prime video subtitles in 65EF950V

    Hi, I am having a (frustrating) problem with Amazon Prime app in my Oled 65EF950V TV: The subtitles have very limited options for customization. More specifically, even in the biggest font option, they are very small. It's not that I can't read them, but they are ridiculously concentrated in a...
  15. nheather

    Amazon Prime TV - Watch While Abroad

    l’m not talking about VPN’s here, there used to be a small selection of TV and Films on Amazon Prime that you could watch while abroad. I’m out of the UK at the moment and I can’t find it. I’ve done some googling and found that it definitely still exists for US customers. Help...
  16. J

    Amazon Prime Video - buffer problem

    Hello, I got Amazon Prime Video on a Smart Sony TV and a PS4 with the Amazon Prime Video Application. When I try to watch anything, the picture is so bad quality, i got buffer problem. On the stream, i haven't HD logo when i start video, then 5 minutes of stream, sometime, i got HD logo, then...
  17. english_bob

    Whats going on at Amazon? (Prime)

    A Prime Customer here. Noticed very recently in the last couple of weeks that normal next-day Prime delivery orders stopped being accepted after about 5pm the same day, even when usually some items can go up to silly late times of 11pm Just checking today at around 5:30pm, absolutely...
  18. JonnyTester

    Question No 4K material on Amazon Prime Video

    Quick runthrough of my 4K equipment - Nvidia Shield TV console, Xbox One S console, Hisense 4K Smart tv. As far as I'm aware, all of these are capable of atreaming Amazon Prime video in 4K. Now for the problem. I had a trial of Prime with so I could have some stuff delivered to my...
  19. A

    Stuttering UHD picture on Amazon Prime??

    Hello, A few months back I bought an LG 55UJ750V. I don't have too many sources of UHD or HDR to fully appreciate, other than what's available on Amazon Prime. I turned the Trumotion option off at an early stage, and generally use the 'Cinema' setting, slightly tweaked to suit. The normal...
  20. ashleyk

    Black screen on Amazon Prime

    I have a 49" Samsung KU6400 purchased about 15 months ago and it's working well apart from an odd situation where Amazon Prime will suddenly cut to a black screen at random moments while watching; forcing me to exit completely and then try again, at which point it generally works fine. This...
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