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  1. Aigars

    For Sale Kef Q700 and Kef Q200C

    For sale keff walnut Q700 and kef satin black Q200c, I owned these speakers from 2016 bought with some damage as you can see in photos but it doesn't effect perfomance. Can deliver but it would be expensive so prefer collection. Any question just ask. Thanks
  2. BongziIIa

    For Sale 8700k Delidded, Asus Prime Z370A MB, 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX (3200) Corsair TX 750w PSU & Logitech PRO Wireless Mouse

    Selling due to upgrade. Everything comes in its original packaging unless stated. 8700k - £150 CPU is delidded, easily runs at 5.1ghz. IHS isnt glued on. Ive been using pressure from the socket clasp+cooler to keep it in place. Corsair Vengeance 2x8gb LPX DDR4 - £45 PSU - £30 This will...
  3. WeaponX

    For Sale Asus Prime Z490-P / Intel G6400/ 8GB Vengence Bundle + 5 6Pin PCI-E 1X to 16X Powered Risers

    Hi, Selling an Intel G6400 CPU, Asus Prime Z490-P Motherboard and 8GB Vengence Ram. All items were purchased new from Scan last year. £120 for the bundle Also selling 5 6Pin PCI-E 1X to 16X Powered Risers. £30 for the powered risers. Any questions, just ask thanks.
  4. Drax1

    Prizefighter (22nd July - Prime) Russell Crowe Stars

    The trailer has just landed for new period boxing flick Prizefighter. It stars Russell Crowe and Ray Winstone, and tells the true story of Jem Belcher, who in 1800, became the youngest ever world champion (played by Matt Hookings).
  5. J

    Included with prime 4k problems

    I have noticed that several included with prime movies that indicate they stream in 4k HDR are only streaming in HD. For example the new James Bond movie says it is HDR but I’m only getting it in HD. All of the prime original movies are fine. I’m streaming with a Roku & Apple TV. Anyone else...
  6. raigraphixs

    A League of Their Own (Prime)

    The series based on Penny Marshall’s popular 1992 comedy film will premiere Aug. 12. ‘92
  7. MaryWhitehouse

    Kids In The Hall (2022) Prime Video

    Head squished? Really struggling to engage with even classic favourites at the moment so while scrolling about saw a banner on Prime Video for Kids In The Hall. Wow what a blast from the past! Immediately back in my bedroom in the late 80s (?) watching it on Channel 4 late on a Friday, I...
  8. S

    Amazon Prime doesn´t work on Xiaomi Laser 4K 150"

    Hi community, I have just purchased the Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector 4K 150" and can't stream movies/series on Amazon Prime. When playing the movie / series it gives me the following error after a few seconds (the image cannot be seen): "Something went wrong. Try again later. For more help...
  9. eliotcole

    Amazon Prime TV - General Service Quality (UHD, HDR, Bitrate) - UK vs Rest of World (RoW)

    Hi, I've long been noticing this, and brought it up numerous times either publicly on Twitter, or privately in tickets, with Amazon ... yet it keeps happening. Amazon's recent disasterous (full) takeover of Comixology, too, leads me to believe that this problem is endemic at the big A, and not...
  10. Recall

    Some Amazon Prime videos don’t play UHD / HDR?

    Some UHD titles only HD - Reacher / Upload Not sure what is happening, was working previously. I have test both Reacher and Upload and neither are playing in UHD HDR. Tested on my new LG C1 and my Roku 4K Streaming stick plus. Not all titles are affected, for example no issue with Good Omens...
  11. gavinhanly

    007's Road to a Million (Prime) The first show of many..? According to Prime Video, the show will see contestants competing in a global adventure to win the ultimate prize of up to £1million...
  12. L

    I cannot find Amazon Prime app in content store

    I have an LG OLED C1 and have the Amazon Prime shortcut on my remote. However, when I press it, I get an error: Apps Content is unavailable This page is not available 18.422 I tried to find it in the content store but a simple search for Amazon Prime or Prime tv is not successful. All other...
  13. gunner84

    Recommend me some tv shows and movies on Amazon prime

    I’ve just signed up to prime and wondering whats worth watching on it, I like a lot of different stuff really. The Boys looks interesting, but what other must see stuff is on prime? Thanks
  14. raigraphixs

    Untitled Phoebe Waller-Bridge Series (Amazon Prime) TBC
  15. weavesno1

    Freeview box with Disney+ Netflix and Prime

    Hi guys as the title suggests is there a Freeview recorder box that has all the main streaming services?? We’ve cancelled Sky TV as it’s a complete rip off £115 per month and that doesn’t include movies. My missus only watches Freeview channels and my little lad watches YouTube, Netflix and...
  16. WattsX99

    Kevin Can F Himself (Prime)

    Yes, that's literally the title - no deliberate censoring :) Anyone caught this ?. I watched the first episode last night and literally 5 minutes in I thought "This is genius". The premise is that it's a story of a 'sitcom wife' and her life. When she's with her husband, it's on screen as a...
  17. gchq

    Samsung UBD-K8500 and issues with Prime Video

    Hi there I have a UBK-K8500 HD player that sends audio to a DSP-A1 and video to an Optima projector. When Prime Video changed the format to copy the NetFlix type of menu changing to a different movie, or sometimes pausing an ongoing one, would cause it to freeze and the only solution is to...
  18. AVDavid

    Discovery Plus on prime

    Have had a free trial of Discovery plus sport for the Austrialian open and I have to say this is one of the worst sports channels I have used to navigate. The channels showing live streams do not say what game is being shown just a logo so you have to click on each one to find out what they are...
  19. raigraphixs

    The Legend of Vox Machina (Prime) Animated

    Viewer Discretion Advised
  20. wolfie138

    Showtime Channel on Prime

    ok, how do i get it?? stuff from google says you can get the free trial/sign-up via Amazon Prime in the UK, but Showtime's page takes me to and that then says i need a US billing/address thing, and all my searches on Prime for Showtime are brining back nowt :-/ TIA
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