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  1. R

    Amazon Prime Video - Profiles!

    Finally, just logged on on my Samsung qled tonight and it asked me to choose a profile. Yay! At last! 😀
  2. M

    Denon X2600h and sound issue with Amazon Prime

    Hi, having an issue when watching movies from Amazon Prime through my amp from the TV. I have it connected with hdmi cable in the arc slot. Everything works ok except the sound cuts on off (like jutters). Only appears to do it on movies. Can anyone advise where to start looking to correct it...
  3. Timh

    Question Amazon Prime watchlist not updating on Apple TV

    Since owning my Apple TV 4K the Amazon Prime app has never updated my current watch list. I can Watch halfway through a season of a series on the app on my TV but I soon as I want to continue on the Apple TV on my Projector It’s like Ive never watched that particular series. No episodes come up...
  4. JonnyTester

    Question Anyone else had titles disappear from Amazon Prime Video menus?

    I just went to watch the first episode of Modern Love in 4K on Amazon Prime Video. It was the second or third option on the "4K TV shows available..." row. When I started playback the video screwed up fo some reason. So I closed the app, started it again, tried playing the video again. And I'd...
  5. Garrett

    Question Keep Needing To Input Verification Code On Amazon Prime.

    Don't know why keep having to deregister some stuff in my Amazon account setting and then get a new code when using my parents TV. They don't have the TV hard wired but have it wi fi with BT. All the devices in my house are wifi apart from the TV which is hard wired and all of them get in to...
  6. D

    Unable to play Amazon Prime videos on LG tv.

    I have recently been unable to play any Amazon Prime videos on my LG OLED 4k tv which is about 1 year old. If I use the Prime button on the remote and select a video, it will say 'something went wrong - try again later'. If I use the Web OS browser and go to the Amazon site, when I select a...
  7. LovingLife69

    Question Help Dolby Atmos config with Amazon Prime and Plex !!

    HI all, Hope you are all well.. I've just added speakers to my system to enable Dolby ATMOS and I use an Apple 4K box and Nvidia TV (2017) with ARCAM 550 + Power Amp. I understand I can get programs in ATMOS from Netflix (Netflix UHD subscription, Using Apple 4K) and Amazon Prime (Nvidia...
  8. J

    Trying to watch on Amazon Prime- Chrome update required

    Trying to watch Boston Legal but it says chrome update required. How do I do that?
  9. E

    Question Is the Amazon Prime Video app available on the TX-P60ZT65B?

    Hello, I've not been able to find the Amazon Prime Video app on my TX-P60ZT65B. Is it an app I'm able to install? The app offerings on this tv are worse than my cheaper Panasonic, which I find strange unless I'm missing something.
  10. Bernard_Shakey

    Amazon prime on Samsung UE46B7000?

    Hi there. I’ve cheated on Samsung, and bought an LG OLED for the living room (which has Amazon prime built in) We have moved our Sammy UE46B7000 to the other room, which doesn’t have Prime built in. What is the best way to access Amazon Prime on it? Can I get an app to download, or perhaps a...
  11. pesser

    Bargain Amazon prime 3 months for £11.99

    Worked for me
  12. Chimpkid

    Amazon Prime app not working on Apple Tv

    Hello. Just wondering if anyone on here has had issues with the Amazon Prime app on Apple 4K TV? I have been watching Carnival Row up until a few days ago, no problems. But now, evetime I try and watch something on the app it just says oops, something’s gone wrong but in Spanish! I have tried...
  13. MattQMcGovern

    Installing apk to Astell & Kern 70 (AK70)

    I'm trying to find out how to install apps to my AK70. I've downloaded the apk for Amazon Music & Pandora and copied it to my AK70. Now I'm trying to find out how to install it. Anyone succeed in doing this?
  14. sjws

    Freeview Play box with Amazon and Netflix

    Hi I need to replace my freeview box so I was planning to get a Freeview play recorder with Netflix and Amazon prime video however I'm struggling to find one. Does anyone know of any, preferably a relatively recent model. Finding one with Netflix is no big deal but there don't seem to be many...
  15. B

    Question Freeview play / youview with Amazon Prime?

    I'm looking for a Freeview or Youview box that has PVR, catchup TV and Amazon Prime and ideally Netflix and NowTV, which I subscribe to from time to time. Some reviews say the BT Youview boxes have it but Amazon Q+A responses say no, though they might just pre-date it being added. The Humax...
  16. Jokerr

    Question Can you see the "4K UHD" Row in Amazon Prime

    i used the 4K UHD row to select HDR content for Amazon TV Shows. This 4K UHD row vanished about 8 days ago. So now I cannot select or even search for UHD Prime TV shows. BOSCH, HOMECOMING, GRANDTOUR, JACK RYAN, ETC, ETC.
  17. Dazza

    Amazon Prime Audio Thru Xbox?

    Hi all apologies if this has already been covered but i've started to watch Homecoming the 4k version. It looks ok but the audio is displayed as PCM when the program info states 5.1? How can i ensure it plays DD5.1? The settings under audio just give English as an option. Netflix progs play...
  18. Recall

    Dolby Vision coming to select Sony TV via Xbox (ZD9, XE90, X940E, A1E)

    This is amazing news, the Xbox One is going to allow select; currently unsupported, Sony TV’s to display Dolby Vision content with the Fall update. Support for games, streaming apps and 4K blu-Ray! Microsoft Brings Dolby Vision to Xbox: Dolby Vision on the Xbox, Explained - Xbox Wire...
  19. M

    Question Can I play Amazon Prime Video 4K on an Nvidia Shield?

    I have the latest Nvidia Shield, however I can't see any 4K content on Prime Video. It works perfectly fine on Netflix. Is it a US limited service? As from a little Google Fu I see that a lot of users can play 4K but then I've seen mentioned of it being US only. Edit I've found the owners...
  20. C

    Question Using Amazon Prime Video with a Google setup

    I have a Google Home + Chromecast and I am able to walk in an say "Hey Google, Play Big Bang Theory". It will switch the TV on and start playing from Netflix. I am able to play/pause adjust volume etc....and I can switch off at the end with a voice command. To play content from the other...
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