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  1. NJG999

    Dark Side Of The Moon on Amazon Music (and HEOS)

    Has anyone noticed what a mess Dark Side Of The Moon is on Amazon Music Unlimited (in their Ultra HD format)? Four of the nine tracks (I'm saying nine, but they're listing ten, because they've split the opening medley track into two) are 192/24 whilst the remainder are in 96/24. I'll use the...
  2. DodgeTheViper

    Decent music streamer with Amazon Music App

    I’m looking for a decent streamer that works and can take full advantage of the Amazon Music App. Any suggestions ? Cheers
  3. oldchalky

    Arcam MusicLife using Amazon Music glitches

    Hi, I'm using an Arcam AVR20 - connected to the internet using WiFi. The problem I'm having is when I play tracks using MusicLife app using Amazon Music as the source. There is a very occasional every three tracks or so) glitch in the playback - it's like the track skips half a second...
  4. W

    Amazon Music Download Queries

    A couple of queries re downloading Amazon Music to your device having never done it before. If I download music say to a phone and at some point in the future decide I'd rather pay a subscription to say Spotify or Tidal .... does anybody know what happens to the downloads and if they're still...
  5. D

    Atmos Music help for Sony STR-DN1080

    Hi all, Have always browsed these forums for support but have never need to post until now. I have recently purchased a pair of Dali Alteco C1 speakers to use as Atmos Speakers. They are up firing from my Oberon 5 Floor Standers, operating in a 5.1.2 set up. As the title suggests my receiver...
  6. P

    Spotify vs Amazon Music Quality

    Excuse me if this has been covered previously but I can't find specifics. I've been a Spotify user since day dot, but with the new system I have been drawing comparison against Amazon music to see whether I can really tell the difference. In short, I think I can, but it's fairly marginal. I am a...
  7. D

    RX-V679 and Amazon Music

    RX-V679 receiver updated to Firmware 2.86. Purchased Amazon Music with UHD. Playing through Fire Cube on HDMI 1. Cannot change DSP from Straight. Musicast App on Phone does not have Amazon Prime and it does not show in input menu of receiver. Any help appreciated.
  8. A

    Amazon Music HD - What resolution are you getting?

    From a review: "Amazon Music HD delivers lossless FLAC audio at 24-bit/192kHz." I have a Amazon Music HD trial and the highest resolution I get is 96 kHz. Only about 10% of the Ultra HD songs I clicked on today are above 44 kHz. What resolution are you getting? I'm streaming with a Node 2i...
  9. nodric

    DTS Gapless Update December 2021

    Having stumbled across discussions on this forum about Gapless Playback on an Audiolab 6000n and the (quite frankly crappy) DTS software I wrote to DTS, who to their credit replied in a few hours. In the meantime I did what I said I was going to do, well partly. I now have an iPad hooked up to...
  10. terencejames

    Sonos One stuck in Amazon Music hell

    I've got a pair of Sonos One's connected to Amazon Music and for some reason they're stuck in a weird deathloop. Whenever I ask alexa to play anything, it tells me what's playing but then nothing happens. So I've tried streaming from the app on my phone and it always defaults to the same song...
  11. Y

    Problem getting Yamaha rn 602 to play Amazon music hd.

    Is there any way I can get Amazon music hd to play through my Yamaha rn. 602 amp/ streamer? Unfortunately Yamaha updated lots of it equipment with support for Amazon music but mine wasn’t on the list. I’ve an echo show 5 first gen which plays Amazon music hd which has audio output . Would...
  12. R

    Amazon Music LG app

    LG55B7V Here's an interesting little quirk. I use the Amazon App to play background music from their playlists and suggestions. All fine. I also want to play my own purchased tracks. I can go into my library, select the album or tracks, click the play button, and watch the status bar move...
  13. MartinGH1369

    Amazon music HD skipping question

    Bonjourno. I have a Denon RCD-M41DAB system with some Monitor Audio speakers connected. When I try to use Amazon music HD via Bluetooth, the app or the system, not sure which, is skipping the first 10 or so seconds of every song. I've tried reconnecting the Bluetooth but the issue persists...
  14. Audiophile070

    Astell & Kern SR25 - Amazon Music HD

    Hi everyone, I have recently realised that many streaming apps can be loaded to the SR25 by loading an APK file to the open source folder on the player. Having loaded Amazon music onto the SR25 I have noticed that although many music files have a quoted track quality of up to 24 bit / 192 KHz...
  15. imac1971

    Amazon Music HD goes fully 3D

    It appears that the entire catalogue has gone '3D'. I have 2 Echo Studios/Sub in the kitchen. So far I have mainly listened to albums/tracks I know really well (hello the 80's!), and the sounstage is definitely bigger. I tried ' In the air tonight ' and it sounded like Phil Collins' voice was...
  16. P

    Cambridge CXN V2 problem streaming Amazon Music to Builtin Chromecast

    I thought that I should be able to stream Amazon Music HD to the builtin Chromecast on my CXN V2. Is this correct? I can’t get it to work. Chromecast is setup on my CXN, but when I click on the Cast button when playing a song in Amazon Music, it can’t find my CXN. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. Cantisque

    Issue with Sony AVR and Amazon Music

    I'm having an issue with my AVR, it's a Sony STR DH790 with a Fire TV 4K stick connected. The Amazon Music app only detects the AVR as capable of 16/192 when it should be 24/192. If I set the audio output to AMP+TV it changes to 24/192, assuming because the TV supports this and the app is now...
  18. M

    MusicCast app not playing Amazon Music

    I am running the Yamaha TSR-700 and using the MusicCast app. When I click the Amzn Msc button it takes me to a screen with a 'Get Started' button. When I click the button, I get a few swirls and then nothing. I even tried it after successfully starting the Amzn Msc app on my phone. I would...
  19. Scott Wright

    Bargain Expired 3 Months of Amazon Music Unlimited free (4 months with prime). Expires 22/06/21 9AM You can currently receive a 3 month trial of Amazon music, £9.99 per month afterwards. With Amazon Prime you can receive a 4 month trial and subscription cost only £7.99 per month afterwards. Link to sign up for Amazon Prime - Amazon...
  20. Scott Wright

    Bargain 3 Months of Amazon Music Unlimited free (4 months with prime). Expires 22/06/21 9AM You can currently receive a 3 month trial of Amazon music, £9.99 per month afterwards. With Amazon Prime you can receive a 4 month trial and subscription cost only £7.99 per month afterwards. Link to sign up for Amazon Prime - Amazon...
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