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  1. David Alexander

    Amazon HD claimed bit depth and sample rates.

    The Amazon HD app gives you info on the quality of the track, the device capability, and the quality of what’s being played accordingly. Has anyone independently measured the three variables? I’ve plugged a Firestick 4K directly into my 24bit+ 192+ capable AVR and the app limits the output to...
  2. K

    Tidal vs Amazon HD

    Have been using Tidal for quite a while and am very happy with it via my Node11i Rega Excel Kef R3s would it be worth trying Amazon Hd now its only £7.99 a month compared to £20 a month with Tidal ?
  3. canada16uk

    Does anyone have Amazon HD Music?

    Hey I have just seen that Tune my music is now allowing you to transfer your music, so I want to go from Deezer to Amazon as Deezer does not have HD music for family. What I want to know is: 1. When you add all your music will it auto put your normal music to HD if its available so you dont...
  4. MirekL

    Streamer with Amazon HD and Spotify without connected phone

    Hi all, I used to have Sonos as my streamed audio source. I was mainly using Spotify. Yes, I know about music quality limitation but the overall user experience was great. After I've upgraded my system I've ended up with Anthem and PlayFi. Don't get me wrong - it sounds amazing and I love it...
  5. McTrucky

    Streaming Amazon HD as primary music source

    My current hifi system is a Linn Sondek that has had various amps over the years, but now goes through the phono stage in my Pioneer SC77LX AVR that feeds Proac SuperTablette speakers with a BK Electronics 400xls sub. There are also B&W speakers making up the surround sound speakers. Recently...
  6. T

    Question Hardware to go with Amazon HD

    Hi, I am new to all this but care for better quality audio. Hi Res streaming looks very attractive. I am somehow confused as to what equipment is needed to enjoy that and am keen for your suggestions. Thank you
  7. Basquelle

    Marantz, HEOS and Amazon HD Music

    Hi, folks, More frustrations with the limitations of HEOS.... As the number of albums I favourite over the years increases, not being able to sort them in any way other than alphabetical, I began to look into the possibility of using MConnect instead. As I explored, I got into the TIDAL...
  8. B

    Amazon HD vs standard? Is it worth it

    Hi guys Is it worth paying extra for amazon HD music (vs their standard definition) if i am only listening on devices below: PC sonos Phone/headphones Does amazon hd only come into play when you have the equipment to play high fidelity music?
  9. S

    Question Arcam cds 27 , can it stream amazon HD?

    Hi jusy wondering if anyone knows a way of streaming Amamzon HD music to Arcam CDS 27. It is a UPNP streamer but not sure how to gwt amazon on it. Thank you for any help you can provide
  10. 69COU

    Streaming/DACs suggestions. Novice at this however like Hifi.

    Ok being dragged into the new world, And partly thick when it comes to latest in streaming etc., main hifi set up is Monitor Audio Gold speaker system , run by a Musical Fidelity M6si integrated amp for fronts and stereo listening. ( Turntable and also CDs via am Oppo93 blue ray player. ). AV...
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