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  1. Waynester

    Amazon Fire TV Cube 2nd Gen issue!

    Hi 😊 I’m based in the UK, I’m sending my Amazon Fire TV Cube back to QVC next week for a full refund, only got it in October - it’s the 2nd generation model but It has the older remote control, not the one which has the Disney and Netflix buttons on it, when fire cube is in use it seems to be...
  2. nicke20

    fire tv cube 2nd gen add on usb 3 and ethernet ports via micro usb

    I have bought a firetv cube and set it up, very pleased, however i believe that you van replace the break out mini usb box that has an ethernet port on, with an aftermarket one that has 3 usb3 ports, and a gigabit ethernet port with the ability to be powered by a seperate power supply. this will...
  3. Soundhound811

    Amazon Fire TV 4k stick MAX - No ATMOS on Disney+ Workaround.

    After much frustration and no reply from multiple messages to Disney+ support I found a workaround myself for the sudden lack of ATMOS audio on my Firestick 4K TV Max. You’ll need to install Kodi on the firestick 4k Max. I’d put this on already to run PLEX. Once Kodi is installed you need to...
  4. nicke20

    Popcorn A300 and fire TV (original) upgrade

    For many years I have had a popcorn a300 and the original flat square fire TV I'm on 1gb fttp, Netflix looks terrible on the firetv and the popcorn is just long in the tooth, no h265 support just for starters. Would the new fire TV 4k cube improve things, is the decoding better than both my...
  5. MrMav11

    Anyone have a JVC Fire TV, have Apple TV+ app and AirPlay?

    Does anyone have a JVC fire TV edition? Does it have the Apple TV+ app on and AirPlay? I’m looking for a bedroom TV upgrade. at least 32” and wondering if I can get rid of the Apple TV HD I have at same time. I only use the Apple TV for streaming, Netflix, Now TV, prime, catchup TV etc, and...
  6. F

    fire tv cube atmos in HBO MAX

    Hello, I have a problem with the fire tv cube and it is that sometimes it does not play content with dolby atmos in hbo max, that is, it is very variable and most of the time I do not get dolby atmos. I have it connected to a samsung Q950A soundbar that usually warns when content is in dolby...
  7. M

    Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K plays stereo content as multi-channel

    I have an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K connected to a Marantz NR1508 AVR, and then on to an LG B9 TV. For some reason, it will often (but not always) play stereo content as multi-channel audio with sound only coming out of the front left and right channels, so I cannot select any of the Dolby...
  8. H

    TCL TS8011 2.1 soundbar with Fire TV - user experiences / help with tests?

    This soundbar is decent, but could be a little quiet unless used with the inbuilt Fire TV which sounds a lot more punchier, especially with the bass. Could anyone here with this soundbar and Prime Video help me test something please? If so, would you mind running the movie The Outpost on Prime...
  9. D

    How to enable 4k on kodi running on fire tv gen 2?

    When viewing Netflix, YouTube etc on my amazon fire tv gen 2 it displays 4k content without any problems however for the life of me I can't get it to display 4k content through kodi. I've checked the "whitelist" section and there's only an option for 1080p. Has anyone encountered similar...
  10. O

    Fire TV Cube 2nd Gen - best streamer for the price ?

    Just picked up one of these refurbished for £48 though it's on sale new for £60. All I can say is that I am impressed. Wasn't expecting much of an improvement over Fire TV 1st Gen I was replacing but it is. Obviously super quick with 6-core CPU, didn't think the older Fire TV was laggly till I...
  11. Scott Wright

    Bargain Fire TV Stick 4k Reduced from £49.99 to £26.99. Expires 22/06/21

    Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD with Alexa Voice Remote | streaming media player Must have amazon prime to receive this deal. Sign up for 30 days of Amazon Prime for free here - Amazon Prime
  12. Scott Wright

    Bargain Expired Fire TV Stick 4k Reduced from £49.99 to £26.99. Expires 22/06/21

    Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD with Alexa Voice Remote | streaming media player Must have amazon prime to receive this deal. Sign up for 30 days of Amazon Prime for free here - Amazon Prime
  13. O

    Certified Refurbished 4k Fire TV cube, £50 with full warranty.

    I've bought refurbish fire sticks from Amazon before and they have been like new. This one is half price, normall £100, currently £50.
  14. M

    Pioneer VSX-932 - Fire tv cube keeps disconnecting

    I just bought a Pioneer VSX-932 receiver 2nd hand, and I'm having an odd problem with my fire TV cube randomly disconnecting, and I can't pin down what's causing it. It seems to be a completely random thing, where it just loses signal for a second, and then reconnects and shows the dolby vision...
  15. B

    U8G Processing Power/Image Quality: Built-in OS vs Fire TV 4k Stick

    Excited to have pulled the trigger on this TV and it is on the way. I'm a big believer of using External Devices due to upgradability (such as a Fire TV Stick) and not using built in OS's. I'm not going to be connecting any additional devices to the TV, no external speakers, etc. Simply trying...
  16. A

    Fire TV - Now TV app disappeared?

    Hi, I have had the NOW app (nee NOW TV) on my Fire TV 4K stick for some time, and it is working great. I recently tried to install the app on my new Fire TV cube and was unable to find the app in the app store. I searched in the 'Fire TV apps and games' section on the Amazon website, and was...
  17. kingtj

    JVC LT-55CF890 Fire TV Edition ???

    Hi, Probably a silly question for here. But is this any good ...
  18. T

    No Atmos on Netflix Fire TV Cube

    Issue: Running Netflix/Tidal on Fire TV Cube through Marantz SR7015 to TV does not recognize Dolby Atmos, only 5.1 I installed my system in November and everything worked fine until about January, when all of a sudden I noticed I was not getting any Dolby Atmos support on certain apps (Netflix...
  19. G

    YSP 2700 problems with fire tv

    I have a Yamaha YSP 2700 soundbar connected to my LG tv and have a fire tv attached. I am having problems with the sound cutting out for a millisecond every now and then. Any ideas what’s causing this, please? Same happened with the fire stick. It’s fine on the aerial so it’s Wi-Fi related I...
  20. J

    How to connect Toshiba Fire TV audio via HDMI to old Samsung HW-C500 receiver?

    I got an older Samsung HW-C500 from my parents a few years ago, but this is my first time setting it up. I mainly wanted to use it for my turntable (done and it sounds good) and I though, why not hook it up to my tv too for better sound? In my mind this should be easy, both have multiple HDMI...
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