amazon fire stick 4k

  1. lexgoldie

    No device connector option

    Hi all, Hope you can help. I have an LG 49UN73906LE with a magic remote and I'm trying to setup the magic remote to control to control my Amazon firestick. All of the tutorials say that you make sure SimpLink is on (apparently it should be on by default anyway) and then go to Device...
  2. staffspete

    Amazon Fire TV and Xbox One S Passthrough

    Strange one this or maybe really simple, hence the post. I have a 4k Amazon Fire TV stick (The 4 Sided one) connected to the HDMI In on my Xbox One S. Connection to TV (A Samsung UE55NU7400) via HDMI Out to TV. All available HDMI input on TV used up with 1/ Xbox, 2/ Sky Q and 3/ ARC to my...
  3. EddyHorn

    Question One box replacement for Shield TV & Dune HD Max + more?

    My device count is steadily increasing to the point where I am running out of HDMI inputs on my AVR. My current input devices are as follows: NVidia Shield TV Dune HD Max Panasonic DMP-BDT-300 Xbox One X PS4 Pro Nintendo Switch Wii U I also have a 4k fire stick on pre-order (and a HD-DVD...
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