1. johnhy

    Question Am i hearing hi res through phone and wireless

    Hi just a question I've got a Samsung s9+ with hi res audio dl on it eg 96khz 24bit If im listening to it wirelessly on bose quietcomfort 35 ii headphones without noise cancellation how good a sound am i actually hearing? Eg how would it compare to portable dac and wired phones or even to a...
  2. subsonicbassist

    Which 5.1 set ups should I look at if I am stuck with only speakers that have to be wall-mounted?

    I have some Yamaha HTiB speakers with an upgraded Yamaha RX-A680, and these speakers are relatively clear but a bit shallow and underwhelming. Plus, the center seems to be getting some distortion when big explosions happen and I think it is due to the rear porting on these speakers amplifying...
  3. IWC Dopplel

    Anyone care to share how many dB their EQ adjusts by

    I’m very curious about how many db to cut room modes is normal and acceptable, I just don’t like the idea of going above 10db ?
  4. N

    Question Am unable to download browsers

    Hello I have an old model 47LM8600-TA how do I get a new browser am stuck cant even run youtube attached is the tv details
  5. neemic

    Question Hi. I am looking for a small wall-mountable TV max. 27" wide which I guess is max. 32" screen size).

    Hi. I am looking for a small wall-mountable TV max. 27" wide which I guess is max. 32" screen size). I want it to be as flush as possible with the wall so no sticky-outy cable connections allowed! I have power and aerial points embedded in the wall but all the small TV's I have seen so far have...
  6. IWC Dopplel

    Moving form 5.2 to 7.3 (I am unable to install heights) worth the cost and effort ?

    I am in the process of upgrading my processor and wanted to think through if might look at adding some additional sides, I can pick up a set of some older sonus Faber speakers to match and if worth it yet another pair of naim 135 mono blocks (or maybe one 250). Which are more important, rears...
  7. C

    bic America mods

    whos the guy that does the Bic America crossover mods and how do you get in touch with him? thank you
  8. Smiffy 2

    Question Marantz NR1609. Am I missing a trick??????

    Have a Marantz NR1609 receiver. Recently purchased a new FreeSat box and connected to the CBL HDMI input but when I change inputs on the remote to CBL not getting anything at all on the TV (LG B9). Am I missing something??? Set top box works fine if connected straight to the TV. It's most...
  9. Alan Weir 1

    Question Am i going to audiophile hell?

    So been slowly putting thing together bit by bit and as the budget allows and my next upgrade was supposed to be a new amp to replace my 15 year old Cyrus 3i BUT I'm enjoying vinyl so much at the moment. I have a six month old Pro-ject essential 3i that I'm fairly happy with but have always...
  10. V

    £200-300 Turntables - am I expecting too much ?

    Hi I have recently taken delivery of an Edwards Audio Apprentice II lite. I am happy with the sound quality, and on a new record it has impressively low noise between tracks. But what I do have is a noticeable but fairly quiet hum when rotating, not through speakers, from the TT itself. And I...
  11. F

    Amazon musicHD

    Does anyone know of a simple device of good quality, which will allow me to hardwire into a high quality amp and speakers and stream amazon music in hd/ ultra HD. I just can't find anything. I have a high quality DAC already, but it is old, so only has toslink or old style USB (b??)...
  12. C

    Itv hub and tv freezing

    Hi, I am new to this forum and new top Hisense TV I purchased a H55U7BUK tv when I firt had the TV ITV hub worked fine. The TV recently updated now ITV hub freezes and freezes the TV the only fix is to turn off the tv and turn it back on, running the ITV hub app again just causes things to...
  13. Butch499

    I Am A Rock

    One of the soundtracks of my teens was "The Sounds of Silence" album by Simon and Garfunkel which features the track, "I am a Rock". The entry is a back-lit (complete with a bit of lens flare!) photo of Stag Rock, a limestone outcrop separated from the chalk cliffs of Freshwater Bay on the Isle...
  14. jack45

    am I expecting to much

    I have a Denon ceol n10 with q Acoustic 3020 speakers and I am thinking of upgrading my speakers I like the Klipsch 620f which cost £700 or would I be better sticking to a pair nearer £400 working on the 50/50 ratio of the component cost I have seen the Dali Zensor 5 advertised at £379.00 or...
  15. Member 328449

    Excel - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    The cells are formatted to General, but I've also tried Number. Why is this giving me such a crazy number?
  16. C

    Question Using Amazon Prime Video with a Google setup

    I have a Google Home + Chromecast and I am able to walk in an say "Hey Google, Play Big Bang Theory". It will switch the TV on and start playing from Netflix. I am able to play/pause adjust volume etc....and I can switch off at the end with a voice command. To play content from the other...
  17. raigraphixs

    I am Paul Walker (Paramount) Documentary

    UK date TBC US 11 August
  18. WeegyAVLover

    Its Friday night so I am looking for help with Excel & Tax

    Hi All, I have been doing IT contracting for about 3 years and have had an accountant who is what I can only describe as "patient Level 100" when it comes to me and understanding how tax works :D. Anyway they have an online portal that I enter all my pay and expenses, etc into and it...

    Question Netflix: Why am I getting such low bitrate and resolution on a LG TV?

    Netflix, same show, on a Samsung bluray player. Check out the bitrate and resolution: And now see on the LG TV: What is going on? LJ5500 model. 43"
  20. JamesLFC2018

    Am I being overcharged for my electric

    Hi there, whenever I go into my local newsagent, say I get £20.00 on my electricity key, I get told if I'm paying by my debit card it will be £21.00 yet in every other shop I got to, it would be £20.00 am I being overcharged, do I need to contact citezens advice about this?
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