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  1. N

    Question Does Q symphony have an alternative besides a soundbar ?

    Hi just repaired my 13month old Qe55 Qn90 or whatever it is. So looking to get the best from the sound if thats possible. Thing is, not only do I think its a bit of a cheek for Samsung to flog their premium-ish telly on the basis you only get decent sound if you fork out a few more hundred...
  2. H

    Monitor Audio Gold MA14 MK2 Upgrade

    Hi, I have a pair of Monitor Audio Gold MA14 MK2 floor standing speakers connected to my TV via a Teac H500 and DAC. Sound is very good to my ears. It is used 80% for movies and 20% for music. However I have a great deal on a pair of the newer Monitor Audio Bronze 5 Speakers and was wondering...
  3. C

    65" for £750 - Anything better than the TCL C745K?

    I've exhausted my own searching and haven't been able to find a better alternative so have come to the folk that know. I believe the TCL C745K to be the best 65" screen for under £750 right now but I am more than happy to be told otherwise, so am I missing out on an alternative? The boxes it...
  4. BT@HOME

    Wanted Alternative brick building sets - cars etc (not the famous one)

    Looking at picking up a couple of bricking building sets. I’ve built the huge Bumblebee model, and really enjoyed it, so looking for another one (or more) to start in the evenings now The cars interest me most, so anything around that are good, and must be larger sets ~2000+ pieces are of...
  5. Rido

    iFi go blu cheaper alternative?

    Looking for a cheaper alternative of this - it’s just to pricey for me atm. It’s for work and needs to be able to - be a usb dac for my work laptop (for teams calls) whilst also a Bluetooth receiver so I can listen to music off my phone. My headphones are Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 In-Ear...
  6. J

    ARRIS Freesat box

    ARRIS Freesat box passcode 0000 does not work what is the alternative?
  7. T

    finally leaving sky.. what now for live tv and catch up?

    hi all, after 16 years i've finally decided i probably don't need sky. We don't use it that often and when we do we just flick through the recordings which are mainly on channels 1-5. I'm looking for alternatives and I have been looking at freesat (I have no aerial but do have a dish) recording...
  8. wolfie138

    Moto E5 Alternative?

    just dithering about upgrading - i have an E5 that was about £60, about the most i wanted to spend on a phone as i don't use it much, but it's seemingly starting to struggle now and seems to be getting slower and slower on start-up. was looking for suggestions for something newer/better/faster...
  9. DpM

    Question Alternative Dock Options?

    Hi all, The official dock I was using for my pinball setup seems to have died a death (looks to be the HDMI port). I know a few years ago unofficial docks would quite often stop working or worry people about bricking consoles, has that situation changed? I wouldn’t mind something smaller that...
  10. Stampax

    Question Best pre drink for gym

    Hi, I'm after a pre drink for the gym. I'm not a coffee drinker but feel I really do best with caffeine before hand, but looking for an alternative to red bull. There are tons available for lots of flashy marketing and many with tons of great reviews (very likely fake....) so I'd love to get...
  11. Trespass7663

    Question Alternative to B&O BeoLab

    Hi For a new setup (in our living room) that requires some sort of column speaker/super slender floorstander, I'm looking for an alternative to the B&O BeoLab's. Why an alternative? I like to use separates and the B&O's are active speakers. They need to have a high WAF and go down to (at least)...
  12. charentejohn

    Alternative to fresat/humax box with auto refreshing EPG ?

    I am in France and my Humax1100 is acting up again. I have seen here various options for obtaining the Freesat EPG but find them confusing sometimes. I have a VU+ Duo2 which I have had a while now, upsides over Humax Freesat boxes too numerous to mention :) I hate the way they encrypt HD so it...
  13. Stuart Wright

    Green Energy Is Cheaper…So Why Aren’t We Using It?

  14. M

    Question Pioneer PDP-436PE without black and white cables- is there a generic alternative?

    I have the chance to buy a Pioneer PDP-436PE w/ the media receiver included. The only problem is is that the cables to connect the screen to the receiver (the black and white cables, called the ADF1021) are not included. I have found original Pioneer replacements, but I am dubious about buying...
  15. A

    TCL C845 alternatives

    hi folks My trusty 60’ plasma has finally given up after loyal 14 years of service. It was a good tv and picture is always been good and no screen burn even after hours or ps3/ps4 time. This was a tv in a my home office/man cave and used to watch films and play some older consoles. I have...
  16. Davestar1

    Alternstive for Audio Monitor W10 subwoofer.

    Hi all, I currently have the two Audio Monitor bronze Bonze 2 bookshelves which i used for music. I'm trying to create a 5.1 AV system on a budget using these speakers. I'm just getting a used second hand bronze 2 centre speaker at a bargain price. Can anyone recommend an alternative black...
  17. Ilovewaffles

    Alternative peephole battery operated door camera

    I’m not going to renew my subscription with Ring.( which has increased) I haven’t solved my audio problems in the play back video recording. I’ve tried the contact cleaner on the microphone from outside. I’ve read ring won’t work properly with VPN, whereas others do. There seem to be a few...
  18. M

    Stereo alternative for the sony str-dn1080?

    Hi, one of my friend bought a pair of monitor audio bx2 and he wants a stereo amplifier for it, (bluetooth connection and/or spdif input would be great). is there anything out there in the sony's price range that sounds similar or maybe better and has that punchy sound? we tested it with an...
  19. M

    Mission QX-3 alternative in similar (+100%) price range?

    Hi. I am trying to find a replacement for my old Canton Chrono SL 580 speakers because I want 100% black speakers to blend into the room, and because one of the Cantons sometimes exhibits a wonky tweeter issue. FYI I am using a Marantz NR1606 to drive my speakers (thinking about upgrading to...
  20. J

    Question Looking for a single speaker that will match XTZ series

    Hi all, I’ve got an XTZ Cinema series 5.1 setup (M6 LCR and S5 on the sides.) I have a horizontal wall behind me that would take a sixth speaker to make it 6.1, however the XTZ only come in pairs. Can anyone recommend an alternative that would be a good tonal match? With thanks.
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