1. jayday

    Question Sky Q Mini Alternative

    Hi, I am looking to leave Sky, I'm on their basic package and think £45 quid is a bit steep when I watch mainly free to air channels. They still charge £5 a month for HD! Anyway, I have the Sky mini in a bedroom, and really like this feature and don't want to lose it. Looking around Huax do an...
  2. pmk23

    Question Any decent alternative to the fire stick remote?

    Hi all, my voice enabled fire stick remote has stopped working , done all the usual checks and it’s dead. Just wondered whether anyone has found a decent alternative remote? I know I can use the app but that doesn’t turn it on and off and I would rather not pay £20 just for a new original remote...
  3. D

    Office365 or alternative

    Purchased a new laptop which has office 365 with a free trial. This has now expired but I only use Microsoft Word and don't want to pay a fortune for office 365. Is there a free version of Word or does this come as a package. I have an old version of Microsoft office but that is on a disk and...
  4. J

    Question 43XG8305 or alternative 43” TV advice

    I’m now on my second Samsung 43Q60R from John Lewis. The first set was returned due to awful build quality: there were significant gaps between the panel and bezel which led to awful edge lightbleed. This was exceptionally distracting in darker conditions, or even when watching letterbox content...
  5. D

    Looking for alternative to 55” Samsung Q70R

    Hi all, I was just about to order my 55” Q70R and pick up from either my local John Lewis or Richer Sounds & to my horror, it has had it’s 2nd price increase since the start of the year. At the start of the year it was £699, then a couple weeks ago it went up to £799, when I went to order...
  6. J

    Question Kef Coda 80 Tweeter Alternative?

    Hey everyone - first post on this forum. I've owned a pair of KEF Coda 70's for donkeys years now and love them to bits. I had a broken tweeter on one of them for a long time and managed to find a Coda 80 on gumtree which I bought to cannibalise and replace my broken tweeter. However now I...
  7. T

    Question Looking for an alternate launcher for PCVR

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a launcher to be used for commercial purposes (think VR arcade). SteamVR is too much for new users. I've tried SpringBoard out, but it's honestly more robust than I need/want. The country we are operating in won't work for any payment processing...
  8. T

    Panasonic GX820 vs Sony XG8096 49"

    Hi. I need some help to decide which TV to buy. I need it mostly for SD/HD stuff, like cable, sports and movies and a bit of gaming. These two TVs are roughly the same price. Any advice would be grateful.
  9. Bob George

    Yamaha RN-803D alternative

    Hello Looking for some advice on here. Looking to upgrade my amp. I've got a Yamaha RN500 paired with Q Acoustics 3050, and a Technics SL-1700 MK1 and a Yamaha CDS300 The 500 has some network functions but requires an ethernet cable. The official wifi dongle is useless, but I fancy an update...
  10. M

    Alternative to Monitor Audio MASM Speaker Mounts for R90

    Hi, I'm looking for wall & ceiling brackets to mount the Monitor Audio Radius 90 speakers (R90). Am I limited to using the Monitor Audio brackets, due to some proprietary fitting/thread, or are there recommended universal brackets available? I find it ridiculous that the MASM brackets are...
  11. pixelpidgeon

    Alternative or adult Christmas films...

    I'll get the ball rolling with... https://m.imdb.com/title/tt3163336/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
  12. E

    Alternative to KEF LSX

    My sister is about to buy the KEF LSX , but is there a better alternative in the same Price range , must have AirPlay 2
  13. A

    LG C9 Alternative?

    As the title, which TV would you recommend as an alternative to the C9, either another OLED or a QLED/Nanco cell. Almost bought a 65" C9 on black friday but the burn in issues put me off.
  14. H

    Alternative to MusicLife

    The stability of streaming with my Arcam CDS50 has gone from not very good to unusable. Not sure it’s because of update to IOS, Windows or MusicLife. Is there any alternative app to MusicLife that could be more stable? I use iPhone and windows PC (which has my music) and prefer WIFI connection...
  15. lpoolm

    Is there an alternative to Maplins?

    Hi, so I have seen a video on how to fix old ps3's but I need a certain smd capacitor. It might/might not have been sold in Maplins but would have liked to have checked, so is there any shops that sell this kind of part now? Obviously I can order online but with Christmas post I am too impatient...
  16. F

    Question LG C9 alternative

    I am shortly going to buy a C9 65” and was wondering if they is any others I should consider. HDTV year rate this years model highly again and I’m wanting the HDMI 2.1 with eARC for future proofing. I quiet liked the Sony ones when I’ve just been in curry’s but can never gauge a tv in store.
  17. bernado

    Surface Go alternative - small sexy form-factor laptop options

    My son has seen the Surface Go and fancies one for Christmas but I can't helping thinking there will be better spec'd £500ish options worth considering. He likes his tech and is attracted to the form-factor of the Go which I'll admit is nice with the add-on keypad cover, so whatever I choose...
  18. M

    Alternative Stand for LG 49SM8500PLA

    Hi Everybody just joined. Great forum here! Got a bit of a problem. Bought the 49SM8500PLA but it came with the two little feet stand. TV arrived. After jumping around excited about how big it was realised my TV table was too small. Was wondering if there is another stand that can be fitted...
  19. C

    Question Alternative to Marantz RX101 IR extension/receiver

    Marantz offers a product called the RX101, which provides an IR extension/receiver for their AV receiver, which could be used to extend the range of the remote control. I have a few problems with this specific unit: 1. It offers Bluetooth, which I don't need - I have perfect Bluetooth range...
  20. S

    All in one alternative

    Hi, im looking for suggestions to power Klipsch rp 6000 speakers Or similar. I was going to go for marantz melody x but have been warned that this may not give the right amount of power to fill my large room with good quality bassy sound. What are everyone’s suggestions on network receiver and...
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