1. S

    Returning my Philips OLED705 - Can someone recommend me an alternative?

    I'm sadly having to return my Philips OLED705 after only a week due to a bug with Dolby Vision. I verified that the issue was due to the TV after a call with Philips who confirmed it. I'm now looking for a replacement. I only use a Nvivia Shield (Netflix,Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Apple Tv ...
  2. C

    Alternative to a center channel ???

    Having a old but ideal set up of the KEF 3005se range and 8inch ceilings, I started a fire tv wall for my Media Lounge. Now I can create a shelf to sit the centre package but it had me thinking: if I have an 8 inch deep x 1.7m x 40cm space, could I put in a speaker like the atmos? Most centres...
  3. finnfather

    Alternative to a Humax recorder in 2021 for use in France

    Hey all, I haven't posted in a while, so there might already have been a thread dealing with this (not that I found). I live in France and have been using a Humax Foxsat in various guises since we've been here. My mum has had one since about 2008 and now she has friends asking her for details...
  4. R

    Alternative for Pronomic CLS-540 Speakers

    I bought a couple of Pronomic CLS-540 2-way ceiling speakers last year and they have been great as basic speakers in a multi-room audio system. I have been trying to buy some more but since Brexit they are no longer available in the UK and the german supplier Musikhaus Kirstein will not ship to...
  5. M

    Compact, modern alternative to a Paradigm PS1000 Subwoofer?

    Afternoon, Hoping somebody can help me find a subwoofer please! Current system: Harman Kardon Citation Amp Wharfedale Evo 4.3 Paradigm PS1000 Subwoofer The PS1000 belongs to my dad and eventually needs to make its way back. I love the sound and depth this subwoofer provides but it's far too...
  6. A

    Bose acoustimass 15 speaker system, bass module replacement help please

    Before anyone says anything about Bose speakers!! - YES I know they are not liked and there is a lot of hater out there :) The bass module of my old Acoustimass 15 died completely so I threw it away, keeping all the twin cube speakers and cables. I am looking for a replacement bass module...
  7. craig808

    Zen Stream - Would it work well with the Lyngdorf 2170?

    Just as I was professing to people how I am completely happy with my current set-up, the Zen Stream caught my eye 😏 The blurb says: "It has one purpose – to send music from the Internet to your DAC with no loss of quality. True hi-res performance of PCM384/DSD256 via WiFi/LAN. Just add your...
  8. A

    Football alternative training

    I’ve played football on and off my whole life, interspersed with periods of running (10kms several times per week) and weight training. I’m now 42 years old and finding myself bruised, battered, in pain or injured almost every day, due to the physical nature of the sport. For this reason, this...
  9. J

    Sony xh 9505 best alternative

    Hi,looking at Sony xh49 9505,but what is a comparative alternative.
  10. Philw101

    B&W 805s or alternative hifi speakers

    Hi all, I am looking to get some new/upgraded speakers. As someone who has had a set of B&W 805s before I know what I am getting but could I go for better around the £1.5K to £2K mark? With B&W upping the price three fold for the 805d3 - its out of my price budget. Any other compariable...
  11. A

    Finally fed up with Sonos - alternative sought for music collection etc.

    I bought my first Sonos components back in 2009. The idea was to rip about 3,000 of my CDs to Flac using dbpoweramp and put them on an NAS. I would play them through the Sonos system which would link to my old (Acoustical Manufacturing as it was when they were built) Quad 22/II amp. I bought a...
  12. Lin3ar

    Alternative motherboard

    My pc has decided to throw its hand in. It will power up, fans running but there is no display. I have been through the fault finding process and narrowed it down to either the motherboard or power supply. The motherboard that I have is a Asus P8Z77-V LX2 which is obviously quite old and no...
  13. I

    Alternative to HEOS to stream lossless library to Denon AVR

    I want to stream my lossless library from my Fiio M11 to my Denon avr-x3700h. HEOS in general is fine but for whatever reason some of my music is mislabeled in there, I have everything tagged correctly using MP3Tag I have looked for discrepancies on the affected albums and there is literally no...
  14. mickbirch2000

    Soho Radio alternative listen.

    For something different from music based internet radio try Soho Radio, it has no set playlists & streams on Tunein MP3 320kb/s so reasonable sound quality. Very eclectic & quirky listen.
  15. C

    KD-55XH9505BU legs to wide, alternative stand available?

    Having spend a day researching 55" TV's and set my mind onto the Sony Bravia KD-55XH9505BU (UK) only to realise the legs on this 55" are at the absolute outer corners of the screen (why Sony?!). My TV cabinet is wide but not as wide as the 'Ever Given' unfortunately. Is there an alternative...
  16. Lewisman

    Suitable alternative for Superuniti

    My current main hi-fi setup, is a Naim Superuniti, paired with Focal Aria 926’s. The system sounds great, but I mainly use Apple Music as my streaming service, so in order to get a lossless format, I subscribe to Tidal, which I exclusively use on my Naim system. With the news that Apple is...
  17. L

    Alternative to Monolith plus

    I know this sort of question is asked all of the time but I have some specific requirements. Well two specific requirements. -Must be child proof (I.e no forward firing drivers or ports where toys can go, also no cloth grills unless they’re very robust) -Cat proof, I used to have a couple of...
  18. T

    Alternative to NUVO NV-P3100

    I tried the NUVO NV-3100 and hated the user interface of the NUVO app. Plus it had tons of issues connecting to the speakers. I want to try a different brand but don't know exactly what kind of equipment I need. What I have set up are 4 zones of speakers pre-wired to my master bedroom closet...
  19. annekrijn

    Good alternative for Sonos: streaming Spotify and NAS files from 1 app?

    Hello all, I've used my Sonos Connect for many years and am happy with it. But now that Sonos is steering away from this "old hardware", I thought I'd treat myself with some new gear. My desired setup: the ability to stream from both Spotify and local NAS files (FLAC), from 1 app (Android)...
  20. T

    Alternative Histories

    There is a lot of drama predicated on the what might have happened if Germany won WW2: SS-GB and Man in the High Castle for example. Does anyone know of any fiction based on the assumption that the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand did not immediately lead to Austria-Hungary declaring...
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