1. F16K

    Optoma vs Sapphire ALR 120” Fixed Screen

    Hello all, I’m contemplating replacing my Optoma HD26 with an UST, namely the Optoma CinemaX P2, I like the idea of not having the projector fan noise directly over head as well as the upgrade to 4K. Whilst researching, I‘ve seen it’s recommended to get an ALR screen (though not essential)...
  2. PiotrKubic

    Looking for my graal : 100 inch Tab tensioned, motorised 4K ALR with black backing for a bright room

    Hey everyone, I'm new here, but I already found some great stuff. I'm currently making my first home cinema, albeit in my living room (not enough space). The room configuration is a little bit complex: it'll be bright, since it's a living room, and the screen will be in front of a window. I'm...
  3. A

    For Sale Optoma alr 100" screen

    Selling on behalf of a friend who's dad sadly passed away , for sale as far as we know it's a optoma 101 alr 100" screen ( I have the same one and it's identical) it is in excellent condition apart from one slight blemish on the screen which we have tried to show in the pics , Pic up only as...
  4. F

    Advice on ALR screens.

    I have a new room to set up, it's got to be wife friendly this time, So the room can't become and full bat cave. in fact, she does not even like the idea of a temp cover on things. Room 12.6 x 16.5ft I am projecting over the 16ft Egyptian cotton ceiling and matt green walls (managed to sneak...
  5. D

    For Sale VAVA Chroma 4k UST Projector & 100" ALR Screen - REDUCED

    Unopened VAVA Chroma 4k UST triple laser projector plus 100" ALR screen. Other than checking the contents of the box, and to see that there were no HDMI port alignment issues (reported on some early examples) this is a sealed, unused projector and screen. Selling as I didn't get my...
  6. Tyler Durden

    Fake ALR. Is there such a thing? / Are all grey screens ALR?

    In an attempt to improve contrast of my Epson EH-TW7300 projector I have bought a new screen. This one - Luxburg 120" Electric Projector Screen Ambient Light Rejection It is essentially the cheapest 120" ALR screen I could find and it has made me wonder if it is possibly just a grey screen...
  7. Tyler Durden

    Trying to find A 120" motorised ALR screen, suitable for use with a standard throw, ceiling mounted projector.

    I've found some but they all specify that the projector must be table or floor mounted.
  8. colinb4987

    Flush ceiling retractable (ALR) UST 100" options?

    Hi all, Looking to discover what options there are for UST-compatible ALR screens that retract into the ceiling. Looking at about 100" or less, as I'm limited to a max of 2600mm in-ceiling length. Equally open to learning about nonALR screens as this will be going in the "snug" so daytime...
  9. J

    Help! Looking for 110 "ALR screen

    Hi there, I am looking for 110" fixed frame ALR screen for a UST projector. I spent a lot of time online and I am really struggling to find one. I would appreciate if anyone guide me with the following queries 1. Any recommendation for a decent screen. By budget is £1000. I see different ones...
  10. Rocketrazor

    Benq W2700 and ALR Screen Query

    Hi All, Been looking into getting a projector in the lounge as finally got the approval from the 'better half'. Looked at the Benq 6050 UST, and now out of stock and don't look like returning from Richersounds. Looking at alternatives and not sure some of them meet my requirements, plus I may...
  11. C

    Partial batcave? ALR screen?

    Hello I am using a projector since 2009. Always in a non dedicated room with white walls/celiing. So I am used to washout and contrast destroyed in high APL scenes even though there is no external light (fully blocked). Now I have managed to reorganize my room getting a bigger projection...
  12. J

    White, ALR or grey screen?

    Hi all, I've gone to Ricky at Kalibrate to get a custom size pull down screen made to go in front of my TV. This will be paired with my Epson 9400 screen and will be in my living room, replacing my current 92 inch screen. I am able to get the room completely black from any external light...
  13. M

    Building a new Cinema room, should i go for an ALR Screen?

    I'm mid way through a renovation project on our new sitting room, I've had agreement that I can have a home cinema and pool table (was amazed on the latter!) however this will not be a bat cave, in fact I've had to try hard to hide as much stuff as possible, flush mounted screen etc. I've...
  14. G

    ALR screens, worthwhile investment

    After advice on ALR screens, I don't have a bat cave, my room has white walls and ceilings that I can't change, needs to be wife friendly. My projector is an Epson EH-TW7400, calibrated.My question is would I see a noticeable benefit from buying an ALR screen and if so does anyone have...
  15. theninjagecko

    ALR Screen for UST in UK?

    HI, Wondering what screens you guys are using? I'm on the look out for a 100 0 120 inch screen. It will be for a UST projector. My main viewing will be at night, I know UST isn't the best option for this but I'm space limited thus will be going with a UST. Any suggestions? Thankyou.
  16. D

    Bargain New deal on Hisense 120L5F Laser TV + ALR Screen

    I just got one of these a few months ago, and this Slickdeals deal is less than I paid, and that was a great deal! This is an awesome TV and screen...
  17. T

    120 ALR UST Screen advice

    I'm looking for a 120" ALR UST screen. I'm aware of the vividstorm floor rising screens but I'm fine with a fixed screen too. Screens I've looked at include: Elite CLR, Grandview Dynamique ALR, Screen Pro ALR from Keene. Any other suggestions that I can get in the UK? Thanks.
  18. L

    Richer Sounds warranty for vividstorm UST/ALR floor rising screen (creases)

    Hi, I am considering buying an Epson LS500 projector with a Vividstorm 120 inch UST/ALR floor rising screen. Richer Sounds sells both these items. I have done some research on the Vividstorm screen. It looks great, but some people have reported visible creases in this screen, even after...
  19. J

    BenQ 6050 + ALR v2 Screen - on offer!

    Hi all Thought I would post this as appeared a great bargain to me: The BenQ v6050 + the BenQ ALRv2 screen is currently £2999 at Richersounds, down from £5000, with 6 years warranty
  20. Darth Cardo

    Elite Screens 100" ALR type Cinegray 3D unboxing and impressions

    Hi guys. I just made this video unboxing my new screen. I got some mixed feelings on this, since their customer support is abysmal. But I want to share the unboxing process with you anyway. Maybe you are wondering how these are set up, so you might find it useful. I think the contrast is...
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