1. RMCF

    All-in-one system for casual listening, up to £400 or £500

    I was going to post this in the 'system for a kitchen', but didn't want to hijack it on the poster. I recently bought and sold a CA Minx Xi and a pair of floorstanders. They sounded great but I simply don't have the room for them, or indeed any speaker separates. I need a system that is...
  2. K

    Remote control All in one

    Hi Just planning my loft cinema build and toying with the idea of having Amp,Sky Q,4k Blu Ray Player ,Ps5 in the room outside of main cinema room anyone got any ideas of how to control the devices from the main room or do I have to plan to keep devices in the main cinema room ? Any suggestions...
  3. xbel

    Please recommend me an All-In-One

    From looking at Bose Smart Speaker 500, slowly "evolved" to infinity options... My budget is £500 (can stretch to a 50%, £750) I was very close into buying the Naim Mu-so Qb, but preferably, I want something with HDMI arc too - is there anything like that? Due to the flat's current setting, I...
  4. fastfish86

    For Sale HP All In one Touchscreen PC

    HP 22-B065na desktop pc All in one touchscreen Complete with mouse and keyboard Windows 10 AMD A6-7310 Processor RAM: 8 GB / Storage: 1 TB HDD With built-in WiFi I have literally hardly ever used this pc due to no use for it and having laptops/tablets. Collection welcome or postage available
  5. W

    Cheap and cheerful all-in-one streamer

    Hi, looking for advice on whether the sort of device I want even exists. I bought a second-hand Philips Streamium WAK3300 a few years ago for about £30, and in terms of functionality it's spot-on for me. It's small, it's all-in-one with builtin speakers and screen for navigation, and it'll...
  6. reportwhipper

    Desktop speakers versus all-in-one system

    This is a novice's question on the subject and I hope that I do not violate any rule of the forum in asking. I'm in need of a delivery mechanism for music off my computer, coming from Amazon Prime Music or saved files on the computer. I understand that I can do this with a pair of speakers...
  7. gibbsy

    All in One for photographic editing.

    I tip toeing into this area of the Forum as almost a complete novice and wonder if anyone can recommend a 24'' All in One that has good colour reproduction for photo editing. I'll initially be running Nikon Studio NX then possibly Light Room.
  8. E

    Which sub £200 Class D 2.1 mini desktop amp all-in-one in 2021?

    The main ones I see discussed and available to the UK for under £200 appear to be below. I have only included ones that have at minimum a sub out and at least one form of digital input (i.e. include a DAC) and at least one form of another type of input so you can switch between a minimum of 2...
  9. MarwoodChap

    Headphone First All-In-One

    Hi, I am looking to add a new system to my current Schiit Modi3/Magni3 setup, which will be used with my Meze 99 Classics first and then have speakers added in 9 months or so, when I move house. I’m currently in a small flat, with paper thin walls. This means anything I buy has to have a small...
  10. DJT75

    Cat smashed our all-in-one PC - What to do?

    Our cats like to sleep on top of the cardboards that surround our fridge freezer. The youngest one went to jump down onto our worktop/breakfast bar area on Friday, but where he would normally land was a loads of stuff (ipads, pens, etc etc) so he instead went to hurdle our 24" HP Pavilion...
  11. A

    New All-in-one amplifier

    Hello everyone My name is Sebastian and I have an old system from my days as a student, which consists of and NAD 114 + 216 combo together with Dali 850 speakers. I have later added a Cambridge DacMagic for digital audio. With age comes comfort and while I am still happy about the sound of my...
  12. Garthy1982

    Amplifier v all in one streamer

    I wondered if anyone could help. I am currently looking to replace my Panasonic PMX152 with a proper sound system because I would like more power and better quality. I listen to most my music through Tidal using their HIFI 24 bit quality package. The system doesn't have Tidal integrated so it's...
  13. Philly112

    New PC to replace Dell All in One

    My current Dell All In One PC is 7 years old and approaching the end of it's life. I'm looking to replace it, but not sure what to do. Screen size. This one is 23 inches, ideally I'd want 27 inches. This one is touch screen, but I don't really need that. Usage. I don't game, and it's really...
  14. V

    Receomend budget All in One Amp + CD player with USB FLAC support

    Hi All, Thank you all in advance for your time and suggestions. My Marantz AMp + Cd player died on me, and Flac support is 50/50 working at times on that unit. Can anyone recommend an integrated Amplifier with CD player abd good unit that support FLAC audio via usb? Cheers. All
  15. RMCF

    Recommend an all-in-one or network amp to pair to Kef iQ5's

    Over lockdown and working from home this last year, I have got back into listening to music again. I used to listen a lot, but family got in the way for the last decade or so. I would have loads of CDs, but most of my listening would be internet radio and Spotify. I have been thinking...
  16. Pofadda

    Can I use an All in One Contour remote with my KDL-46HX853 and a Fire Stick

    I'm looking to buy an inexpensive universal remote to replace the Sony, Virgin TiVo and Fire Stick remotes. The All in One Contour seems to fit the bill. Then I read something about FS not using Bluetooth and A in One being IR-based andi was assailed by doubts... Hopeful mention was made about...
  17. A

    Question In stuck for next step, between streaming , all in one etc.

    I wonder what would be the general advice here. This is what i have. 1 Pair MA Bronze Bx5's 1 Pair MA Bronze Bx2 1 New pair MA Studio I would like to be able to play the same music on all 3 at times in 3 different rooms, but it seems that the likes of the Yamaha WXA amp, would not be able to...
  18. zero7

    Need a new all in one but which one?

    I used to have a Harmony 880 years ago, with multiple IR Extenders, and lots of little thin cables that came out of these and then stuck on each device, I found it very hit and miss so stopped using it. Roll forward 10 years and I now need something new, as got more devices, need something that...
  19. B

    All in one v separates

    Hi, I am considering buying the Kef wireless 2. The review sounds superb and as I have my Flac library on a NAS then it should be a very tidy set up as they are wireless. Richer sounds don’t offer there usual extended warranty in these though, probably because they have everything internal...
  20. SBanga

    Do I Get a Stereo or AV All-In-One?

    Afternoon all, lots of constraints with this one. As per the attached picture, I'm looking at replacing an old Edifier S730 2.1 setup, however, I only have speaker wires in the top corners, can only accommodate wall mounted (white) speakers less than 300mm tall, and require a slim amplifier that...
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