1. Sparky32

    LightwaveRF and Alex

    Anyone using Lightwave dimmers etc, with Alexa? It just stopped working and unable to get it to work again, disabled skill and reenabled and same thing, all devices still visible in Alexa but not working. Wondering if its just something with me or something has changed with Alexa, still all...
  2. M

    Horizontal yellow line flash - Alexa related???

    Tonight I noticed a yellow strobe like line flash across the bottom of my C8. Has anyone else noticed this? If you press & hold down the prime video button on the remote it looks like the same line which flashes up when you release the bottom. Is it related and could it be something to do with...
  3. C

    Sky q and Alexa

    Hi, I have a sony kd 55ag8 tv and a Yamaha rx v483 av and sky q 2 tb box. I’ve set up the tv and amp as a group with Alexa so they turn on together but I can’t suss out how to turn on Sky q with the same command, anyone know if this is this doable via hdmi/Alexa? thanks Chalky
  4. 1

    Question Alexa and Airplay issues 55UN73

    Is anyone else having issues with connecting to the LG ThinQ app for Alexa connection or connecting to the tv for airplay? I just bought the brand new 2020 55 inch UN7300 model and am having issues. My TV is not being discovered by the ThinQ app on my phone and is only sometimes discoverable for...
  5. DirectorsScarf

    Alexa voice control not working

    Hello My 50PUS7805 says Alexa is connected within the smart TV app and I tried logging in and out again of it but it won't pair with the remote for voice function? This software is driving me mad. I'd there a fix of workaround? Thanks again 👍
  6. RBZ5416

    Question Alexa + Chromecast?

    Obviously Amazon & Google won't support each other's systems but is there a third party box with Alexa & Chromecast?
  7. D

    Question Google Hello and Alexa

    Hi everyone, I have a Nest Doorbell (Now Google Hello) connected to a mechanical chime in the house for a couple of years. I have put up with not hearing the door when I'm in the office at the bottom of the garden and just relied on the alert I get on my phone when someone rings the doorbell...
  8. rogerh

    How do I get Alexa to control MyHome-Up/Legrand home automation?

    Hi. Alexa has the skill installed and active. It can't find any of the LeGrand/Vantage controls for the light & heating. Has anyone connected Alexa to MyHome-Up? If so could you please help.
  9. The Dreamer

    Ssshhh! Alexa is listening!

    I have an Echo Dot with in built clock on my bedside cabinet, it's a great device for setting alarms, and generally asking Alexa what the weather forecast is etc. This morning, I was sat in bed having my first coffee of the day, and quite unexpectedly in my right ear, got a touch of 'whistling'...
  10. S

    Denon 2400 will no longer pair to Alexa?

    Hi all, ...recently updated the software on my Denon AVR2400, since then I have been unable to pair it back to Alexa? ie Alexa is "unable to find it". I have re-loaded all the relevant apps and also re-set the AVR but still no joy. Initially I thought it was the bluetooth not working, but...
  11. N

    Alexa compatibility

    Ive recently bought a philips pus8555 65” which i am happy about. However what im not too happy about is its advertised to work with alexa but when i try to setup with my echo dot it says to install the amazon alexa app on the tv but no matter how i search it doesnt appear. Ive updated the...
  12. T

    Could use some help with iTunes, Alexa, etc. and a new network-capable receiver

    This forum was great helping me navigate through the technical terminology when I was looking to replace an older Denon stereo receiver. Have bought a network-capable stereo receiver (the Denon DRA 800H) and now have some questions about accessing a couple music sources. We have a very simple...
  13. P

    Samsung tv TU8000 - How to enable hands free Alexa Communication

    Hey Guys, Just got a Samsung TV TU8000. With regards to using Alexa, it says "To speak to Alexa press and hold the "mic icon" on your remote control. If you have hands-free enabled, just say "Alexa". Where do I enable "hands free"? I've looked everywhere and I cannot find how to do that...
  14. kvlq

    Philips 49pus6561 connect to Amazon Alexa

    Can someone help me connecting my 49pus6561 to an Amazon Echo dot 3rd generation? I dont have "Amazon Alexa" on the tv. How can i make it to work with Alexa? There should be some workaround or something.
  15. B

    Question Using Amazon show models for Bluetooth streaming

    I am building a new set of speakers and was planning to use an active crossover such as the minidsp line or maybe the Dayton 4×8 dsp, the money and time I've put into passive crossovers just doesn't seem worth it when I build new sets and have to buy it all again. Using a couple of DSPs means I...
  16. AndySymons

    Limited Alexa voice control of LG OLED TV (WebOS Thinq)

    I bought an LG OLED 65” B9 for my mother who is 91, visually impaired and hard of hearing. Sound and picture quality are very good but the main reason I chose it was the Alexa capability. It turns out to be rather more limited than I had hoped. It does not even do everything that the LG Thinq...
  17. AndySymons

    Alexa connection not robust – LG OLED WebOS Thinq

    I bought a 2019 LG OLED 65” B9 for my mother who is 91, visually impaired and hard of hearing. Sound and picture quality are very good but the main reason I chose it was the alleged Alexa capability. When I first set it up, it worked fine. It was rather more limited than I had hoped, but we...
  18. L

    Alexa LG Qthin remote control

    Alexa will not discover a LG TV but if you have done all the set up requirements (linked account ect) and the remote works on your TV, Alexa will control your Tv .It is how you ask alexa you must say (Alexa ask LG to mute TV ) you must use the name you have named your TV in LG Qthin remote app.
  19. G

    Smart switch sending Alexa command

    Hello ! I have a Carro smart fan. I control it with Alexa. My issue is that since the fan needs to always be powered, the switch always need to stay ON. So people always turn it OFF by mistake. I'm looking for a switch that would actually always keep the load, and just send an Alexa command when...
  20. jmueller0823

    Alexa has wrong Harmony Hub fav channel numbers

    Hey Everyone. Just successfully setup the non-Alexa functionality (activities, favorite tv channels, etc) -- now, I'm working on Alexa. 1) This works > "Alexa, tell Harmony to change to channel 200" 2) This does not work > "Alexa, tell Harmony to change to CNN" On the #2 action, Alexa does...
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