1. G

    How to stop Alexa from popping up on LG G1

    Does anyone know how to stop Alexa from popping up on LG G1, its making me want to send the TV back.
  2. S

    Samsung tv won't turn on via HDMI CEC or Alexa

    Hi, I’m new to AV Forums but needing help if possible please. My set up is: Samsung UE50TU8500 Shy+ HD box Firestick 4k All working fine, including HDMI CEC switching on TV when I switch on Sky. Then just before Christmas I introduced a Sonos Beam Gen 1 – still okay for about a...
  3. G

    LG GX Soundbar Wont Connect to Alexa

    Hi can anyone please help me. Ive had a LG GX Sound bar installed along with my LG G1 TV but I cannot see or add the sound bar to the Alexa app. Please can anyone help. Thank in advance
  4. Showoff

    Philips Hue bulb, Ikea Gateway with Alexa control?

    I have a load of GU10 Ikea Tradfri bulbs in my kitchen connected to an IKEA Gateway and an Ikea remote. Using the Alexa IKEA skill, I was able to discover all the bulbs and set up a group called “Kitchen” and can turn them all off/on and control the light temp with my voice. I updated my...
  5. Harkon321

    Issue with Sonos 1 Alexa and Hue

    Got a weird issue that I'm struggling to solve. Got four Alexa dots in the house, two Hue hubs and Hive heating. No issue with any of the Alexa dots controlling anything. I've bought a Sonos One Gen2 secondhand. I can play Spotify, use Alexa to check the weather etc. but I can't get it to...
  6. Sign of the times

    Ring doorbell and alexa show set up nightmare ,

    Hi all Its being a utter PITA to set up ! The app says I'm connected but the alexa show says it cant find the doorbell 🤷‍♂️ Any ideas where I'm going wrong please ?
  7. meagabyte

    HEOS with Alexa problems.

    So for the last few weeks I’ve noticed more and more issues with the link between Alexa and HEOS speakers. Started with the odd glitch but has devolved into total lack of communication. Seems to be all over Reddit as well. Can stream to HEOS speakers fine from iOS using Spotify or the HEOS...
  8. thekilljoy

    Identifying Alexa DOTs

    I have a number of DOTs spread around the house, moving them from room to room. How do I identify individual ones, there doesn't seem to be a command to a DOT for it to return its name.
  9. G

    using alexa to use siri shortcuts...

    So, here is the main problem I need to boot, and make my pc sleep without the tv on, using my voice. I do not like siri, it won't work all the time, unless I unlock my phone and that is what I don't want to do. I have alexa flex in my room, where I call a bed time routine and that turns power...
  10. D

    Alexa. And vpn

    Hi guys how can I get my Alexa working with a vpn on my router any help guys be great
  11. B

    Help Please! Alexa being picky over names .. again

    I bought 2 Hue lights. Created a new Room "Office" Set up the new light one called "Desk Left" Set up the new light two called "Desk Right" Ran discovery, everything found ok. "Alexa - Turn on Office Lights" - Nothing ???? "Alexa - Turn on Office" - hey presto everything works. Now this...
  12. B

    Best TV with Alexa Built-In?

    Hi My daughter is blind so struggles to use the menu on a standard tv therefore I’d like to get her a tv with Alexa built in so she can control it with her voice. We currently have a Samsung UE65H6400 which has served us well but needs to be replaced not anyway. I’d like another 65-70” and...
  13. hoisin

    Will Samsung Soundbar with native Alexa decode Dolby Atmos music?

    Amazon music unlimited now offers music in Dolby Atmos. I have a Atmos ready Samsung Q70T Soundbar which is Alexa enabled. I also have the rears for it. So I wonder if it’ll decode Atmos. The problem with the Soundbar is there’s no button to tell you what signal it’s outputting DTS, Atmos or...
  14. C

    Alexa commands

    Hi, Any Alexa experts out there? Not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not? I have commands via Smart life and an IR sender, to send commands to my amplifier to turn it on/= or off. I've created a scene in Smart Life called "Hifi" which turns on/off my amplifier. When I say...
  15. N

    58PUS8105 Alexa broken after TV software update

    Hello. When I got my 58PUS8105 the latest software was TPM206E _ and everything worked fine. I could control the TV volume, channels, turn it on or off and a couple of days ago it had a software update to TPM206E _ The problems started when I couldn't turn the...
  16. andybailey1972

    Alexa / Harmony issues

    Evening all For the last few years I’ve turned on my tv, amp and Sky Q by telling Alexa to turn on TV utilising the Logitech Harmony hub. Now for some strange reason I have to say turn on television. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this has happened and how I go back to being able to say...
  17. W

    LG OLED55B16 - Alexa and Sonos

    I have the new LG OLED55B16, replacing an older LG OLED. On the previous Tv, I could control volume and power using Alexa via the Sonos Beam. The new LG, with upto date WebOS is able to be controlled using Alexa. I have added the LG Basic and Complete skills to Alexa, and some commands do work...
  18. DJ Dave

    Sonos Alexa Not Working On Sonos 1 Gen 2

    Hi Got a black Sonos One G2, a few months old. For the last 24 hours I’ve been getting “sorry, I’m having trouble, please try in a little while” if I ask for the time or anything. I’ve tried powering the unit off twice and also restarting the router. No joy. Can anyone advise please? Thank-you.
  19. L

    Idiots guide required to get my friend Alexa into my shed!

    Hi all. This is not at all my area of expertise so please be gentle! I have a small workshop about 15m from the house down the garden in clear line of sight. My bt router covers the house with wifi pretty well but does not extend down the garden. My shed is insulated with foil backed insulation...
  20. gordon115

    Alexa Echo gen DC extention

    Hi. We have an Amazon echo 4th generation (not the Echo dot) in our living room. I want a longer lead from the 3 pin plug adaptor so we can just lift the Echo up and place it through the Patio doors when we are in the garden rather than unplugging it and the plugging it back in.(the plug socket...
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