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  1. danjstratford

    Yamaha WXC50 and Alexa/spotify

    Hi new to forum here to please excuse me if Ive posted in wrong area or anything. have just bought a couple of the wxc50 streamers to use in our new home bar and outdoor area. I can get these to work with Alexa and ask them to turn volume up and down etc and change input HOWEVER.... I can’t...
  2. Soundworthy

    Nad M10 with Voice Assist

    Has anyone paired Google Assistant or Alexa with the Nad M10? I'm debating over which one to use? How well do they work?
  3. M

    Sonos S1 S2 split system

    Am contemplating the way forward as I have a load of legacy zones - 3 Connects and 2 Amps which even with the discount is a large outlay to upgrade. Already have Move, beam and One S2 ready zones but am unsure of the way to go. We use Alexa for voice control of a number of systems. I initially...
  4. S

    What speakers Should I choose?

    Hi There I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to speakers but have been doing some research and I thought I would ask you guys your opinion. Current setup Bose Soundtouch 10 with Alexa. - this is the only speaker I have in my home - criminal I know! Basement: - PC & Mac & Laptop - Headphones...
  5. K

    SONOS Move owners: Your opinions please!

    Any SONOS Move owners on this forum? I'm looking to get one of these for my niece, her 30th birthday is coming up. It would be a joint gift from me and a couple of other family members. Keen to know what any forum members who own one think of it? I've read reviews and watched some YouTube...
  6. dantium

    Question Upgrade streamer or DAC

    I have a Naim 5i connected to a pair of kef ls50. As a source, I use the optical out from airport express which is fed from iTunes on iMac or my phone to an Arcam rDac. This can be controlled quite well by the remote app on my iPhone. Denon 2200 gets occasional use for cds, but an echo dot is...
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