1. malcyplop

    Do you drink too much alcohol?

    I gave up drinking alcohol 9 months ago. I had turned into a secret drinker - hiding it from my wife and family, Pretty proud of myself - so I have made a youtube video. (self made - no money in it:-)) It tells you how I did it and I recommend the book by Craig Beck 'The fastest way to stop...
  2. steveizz

    The Cocktail Lovers Thread

    I have recently started making Negroni's at home and wondered if there was a particular favourite you make up for parties/weekends/or just for the hell of it? Negroni is a super simple one and requires very little effort, but the bitterness and also strength is a winner for me. i would also...
  3. Saldawop

    Question Old bottles of alcohol

    Any value to them? Not talking 200 year old bottle of wine. Have a couple of bottles of booze, unopened, could be 50+ years old? This one and another bottle of , I believe, Dimple whisky.
  4. S

    Alcohol at 14y party

    I'm separated (not that it matters), but my ex has just mentioned that my daughter has been invited to a party at where the mum hosting it has stated there will be alcohol there. My daughter only turned 14y a couple of weeks ago and it seems a bit young. It's seems only 6 girls and the mum...
  5. A

    Alcohol Expiry ?

    Got an unopened bottle of Malibu which I managed to find a date on the bottom of the glass bottle which said "2014/0" and another number, either a 7 or a 5 but its faded but could see nothing on my 1ltr bottle of unopened Disaronno. How long does this stuff keep for ? Stuff is probably a good...
  6. N

    Tips and Tricks for Sobering Up

    I'm a 36 year old mom and have been caught in the habit of having a "few" drinks every night after work. It's begun to escalate to the point where I think I might have a slight drinking issue. Quitting cold turkey is tough but I'm giving it a real go. These tips I've found pretty useful - 10...
  7. T

    New Year Resolutions 2017

    Will there be a huge surge of fitness products appearing in the 'post pics of your recent purchases' thread over the coming days? A slew of Wondercore Smarts maybe? Have you made a (sober or drunk) decision to change your life for the better in the New Year? Maybe to join Rousey's 'Dry-anuary'...
  8. Eric

    Real Ale club?

    Back working now and going to treat myself! So, I drink the ales from the local tesco, which I know a few people on here also enjoy.. However, I am sure I have exhausted the selection tesco have and want to try some different. So I have been looking at online clubs. I have found a few via...
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