1. PC1975

    Albums You Used To Like But Can No Longer Listen To

    Pretty self explanatory. Albums you can't listen to anymore and why.
  2. B

    Achieving Gapless playback for mix albums copied to USB

    Hi, I have a large digital library of files, all of which I own and are DRM protection free etc. All of these have been imported to Apple Music which I use as the management platform for correcting all tags, updating file metadata etc. Most of the files in my library are AAC or a few MP3...
  3. O

    List of 'true' hi-res albums

    Hi all, I'd like to propose to start a list of 'true' high res albums: albums recorded, produced, and mastered digitally at at least 24bit and 88.2/96kHz. HDtracks has a nice catalog but is not immediately clear what albums were produced in standard definition and upsampled/remastered at a later...
  4. Thumpermawer

    What Hi-Res albums are available on Apple Music?

    Now that Apple Music includes a Hi-Res option, I thought it would be helpful to point people towards such albums if anyone wants to try them out. I dabbled in Hi-Res with a Tidal subscription but came back to apple as I preferred the software, recommendations and catalogue management, so I'm...
  5. Helix Hifi

    Test albums.

    What albums do you use to test your amplifier, source, speakers. I use the drum into on Time by Pink Floyd. Or Peg by Steely Dan. There are of course tons of other albums to use. I also use classical music to see if opera voices don’t sound sharp. Same with the violin. Also some swing jazz by...
  6. T

    How to random play albums

    I have an (astell &kern) A&Norma sr25. I'm trying to figure out if the player itself can randomly play albums in my library on the SD card. If so how can it be done? I have been able to figure out continuous album playing, but it only plays order they are in in the library not randomly. Example...
  7. Delta38

    Music DVDs Collections.

    Hi all Just wondering what people have a Music DVD Collection ? If so what do they have , How many ? I hope this was not already a Thread ? There are some good Concerts / Albums out but You Tube seems to be Cutting the choices back Heavily ? Nice to Listen to your Favorite Music without Ads or...
  8. Saxo Appeal

    Restoring from iCloud backup - how to stop music albums downloading

    Hi guys I received my iPad mini 4 last week while on the Rig and it's been downloading my albums from iCloud Restore Backup ever since. The Wifi is pretty bad on here and I'm munching up all of the bandwidth, can anyone tell me how I can stop the albums being downloaded as it's taking...
  9. AndrewH13

    Recommended Artists & Albums

    I think it's fair to assume that most of us in this sub-forum are music lovers and that's why we enjoy playing guitar, bass, drums etc. We are aware of the classics, DSOTM etc but we often come across an unknown band, album or side project that we really like and might be good to share. I've...
  10. B

    Ipad 3 albums

    Can anyone please help. I am new to i pads. I need to put some photo albums on the i pad. They need to be in folders. I added some using i tunes. They have put the folders in the album section of the photos icon. They are in the folders, so thats fine. Problem is, is all the photos in them...
  11. S

    Cant delete albums from New iPad (3rd Gen)

    Hi, Hopefully someone can help me out. I have 4 albums that I cant remove from my iPad (3rd Gen). I have tried the following. 1. Deleteing albums from iTunes then syncing iPad: Removes from itunes but does not remove from iPad 2. Change settings to manually manage songs. Deleted songs...
  12. D

    Transfer iphone photo albums to new ipad

    Hi folks, I have taken approx 2000 photos with my iPhone over the years and have organised them all into new albums created on the iPhone photo app. I've just bought the new iPad and now want all these iPhone created albums containing pictures taken with the iPhone - transferring to my new...
  13. Tufty McTavish

    Six New Albums Coming to Rock Band ??

    Just read over on that there are apparently 6 new full albums coming to RB soon. This comes from G4 apparently. Not much beyond speculation really, but hey, something to keep an eye out for I guess...
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