1. A

    Analog alarm auto-dialler into VOIP

    I'm thinking of moving to Virgin BB with VOIP line. I have an alarm with and auto-dialler wired into my current phone socket. Is it possible to route this into a VIOP adapter similar to what a phone would plug into? I'm assuming the auto-dialler derives power from the phone line. Do VOIP...
  2. Z

    Infinite prime alarm removal ? Do I need to pay to remove old alarm installed by previous owners

    I have code for infinite prime alarm set by previous owners of house we bought , we got new alarm system installed as old one was outdated . Now old infinite prime alarm keeps flashing and I cannot silence the flashing even after following guide , I had enough of this would like to disabled and...
  3. Saldawop

    Garage alarm system

    Trying to find a decent alarm system for garage that isn’t going to break the bank . Will have to be battery powered as no power to garage. Although garage is at end of garden so probably about 60ft from house if that can widen my choices. Must have an external alarm and two door sensors. App...
  4. X

    Moving to virgin - Location and connecting alarm

    Hi, posting here after long time.. I am thinking of moving to virgin from BT for broadband and phone. My current BT master socket is in hallway and I have my security alarm wired into the socket so as to call us when alarm is triggered. The house had virgin phone line many years ago by previous...
  5. M

    Moved into house with ADT alarm

    Apologies if this is in the incorrect forum but I moved into a house a few years ago and it had an ADT alarm system. The previous owner had monitoring in place but this was cancelled when they moved out. Since then I've just had it switched off. However I now want to use the system as a...
  6. S

    Issue with house alarm siren.

    hi all iv got this alarm system in the pics attached, was installed many years ago, its a wireless one where the sensors need battery power. last 2 days the siren keeps going off with error message saying: Tamper WL_SIREN. i got no manuals for this system and dont even know what brand it is. iv...
  7. brodders1979

    Replace alarm motion sensors

    Looking to see if it is doable job by myself or if need to get a professional in to do it. Basically redecorating most of the downstairs rooms and I don't want to leave the aged looking motion sensors on the walls with them looking quite tired. Has anyone replaced them thereselves?
  8. P

    Got burgled - Alarm system help required

    Long story short, based in UK. someone came into our house took our car keys & stole 2 cars. I was lucky enough to track down both cars thanks to having a Tile Mate on my car keys and recovered both cars with the help of the police. I live in a small 3 bedroom house. Initially I was thinking...
  9. P


    HIVE SECURITY HOME ALARM SYSTEM We live in a large, 2 storey, detached house that is approached via a 130 ft (40 metre) private drive. The property has 5 bedrooms, two reception rooms and a large kitchen. The overall square footage of the house is 3,000 sq ft (280 sq metres). There are 6...
  10. D

    Alarm, CCTV and Smart home setup

    Any recommendations/suggestions on a all in one Alarm, CCTV and Smart home setup? Thanks
  11. V

    Disabling Honeywell Alarm

    Hi All Wondering if there's an alarm installer who can help. My mums alarm system keeps going off randomly and shes totally fed up with it. Shes lost the code etc and would like to disable it completely. Is this a DIY job or will she need an electrician to remove it for her safely does...
  12. 7

    Visonic PowerMaster33 + Powerlink3 - lost Panel - keeps looping on update

    Hello, I've been hiting my head against the wall for several days now. With my PowerMaster33-Powerlink3, I have a panel (KP-250) to control it. A week ago, I decided to set the clock correctly, because of daylight saving time (summer time => winter time). The User configuration menu on the...
  13. VastGirth

    Best basic smart alarm clock

    I'm sick of having to fiddle around with my alarms constantly so would like a smart alarm clock with the following features. I've been looking at the dots, echos, levonos, etc and am a bit confused as they either seem to not do what I want or do way more. These are my requirements: Set up...
  14. chriskan

    Using accessories from old alarm and sonoff RF bridge

    Hi pls tell me if below remote accessories (433mhz ) from old alarm work with sonoff RF bridge to send alarm through app. 433MHZ Wireless Doorsensor Anti-Theft Emitter Alarm System with Magnetic Strip The previous alarm cannot work with voip telephony so it is useless. Do you know if these...
  15. M

    Ring alarm contact sensors

    Hi I have two ring contact sensor 2 and they are both saying tampered, I have recently moved house and they might have got knocked but they are not damaged. I have tried removing the batteries and pressing the little button with a pin and removed them from my system. Once connected back to my...
  16. P

    Apartment alarm system

    I'm looking for recommendations please for an alarm system for an apartment. Specifically one that can : be set at night when home with an audible alarm to wake us (not just mobile phone alert), with door open and movement sensors. be set when leaving the apart to make NO audible alert but to...
  17. L

    Visonic 360r pin problem

    Hi guys. I have a Visonic 360r alarm fitted. The problem I'm having is that the pin code I've set for the alarm never works to deactivate the alarm. When I come home and key in my pin it says wrong pin. It's only after the alarm has gone off that it will accept the pin. I also added a second pin...
  18. sep8001

    Solar Powered Shed Alarm

    Hi Anyone have a solar power solution for a shed alarm? I have one of these which takes 3 AAA batteries and the batteries do not see to last enough: It has a 5v micro usb socket at the back so am thinking if I could get a small solar panel that I could use to plug into the micro usb port...
  19. D

    yale smart alarm

    Hi i have the yale smart alarm, have lots of problems geo notification works intermittently, plus i get alert from the app when alarm not be used i.e siting there on idle, from persistent status notification, have been onto yale they are unable to sort the fault (over a year now) can any one...
  20. N

    Telephone transmitter for Hivsion alarm system

    Hello, I am currnetly using wired Hikvision central security Alarm (ds-pha64-m). The aim is to connect the main box to telephone tramsitter so that i can receive notification or call on my phone. The thing is this Hikvision transmitter is not available in local market and I would like to...
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