1. M

    How to Pair a remote to Aiwa stereo system

    Hi all, I'm just curious if anyone is aware of how to Pair a remote control to an Aiwa Stereo Hifi system, the amp came with a RC-TZ1100 remote, which has broken and I have a replacement, it is a RC-TZ720, which I want to try and pair to the amp ( mx-z3100m ) Cheers all
  2. DarthPaul57

    Any advice for connecting Denon AVR 1907 to an old aiwa HiFi aux input please

    I am hoping to find an answer to whether it is possible to use any of the available outputs from my Denon AVR to connect to the AUX RCA inputs of an AIWA hifi i have located some distance away in another room. I have tried reading the manual and have tried various connecting outputs and managed...
  3. R

    Aiwa MX-Z9100M Amplifier- Op Manual?

    I've just bought this Aiwa (together with its sibling tuner, CG and equaliser) but without a manual :facepalm:. Looking on Google, I can find the service manual but no user manual. I've already found out that that there are lots of button on this unit which I just don't know what they do. If...
  4. Y

    Aiwa crt video recorder combination unit

    Dear forum members I have a Aiwa c r t video combination unit. and a video snapped today So I’m just if it could just be my ninties jvc video tape why it happened Or it could be a my video recorder Telly
  5. P

    Aiwa nsx f9 microcontroller

    Hello i have an old aiwa NSX F9 mini system and im looking for LC866560 cmos microprocessor. Any ideas where can i find this part?
  6. Jonny1981

    Aiwa MX-Z9100m

    Hey all I’m having an issue with my Aiwa amplifier. It appears the my left and right rear speaker connections on the amp itself have given up the ghost. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with somewhere to acquire the replacement parts. I’ll attach an image as I know my description is...
  7. bignorm6

    how do you get rid of safe mode on aiwa hv-fx5900k

    hi hope somebody can help me please my vcr has gone in to safe mode it is a aiwa hv-fx5900k how do i take it out of safe mode without the remote please help
  8. M

    Question Replacing an old Aiwa with Yamaha RX-V730 worth it?

    Hi, I am looking to replace my Aiwa XR AVH 1200 with something a "little" more modern with basically no budget. The Aiwa is 65 watts per channel, and sounds ok with a pair of Q Acoustics 3020s for the fronts, Linn 5110 rears and a Monitor audio WS-10 sub, I'm using the Aiwa center because the...
  9. Z

    AIWA HV FX2500 VCR not responding

    Hi I know this is probably a very long shot but i bought a second hand aiwa hv fx2500 vcr to watch some of my old tapes, i set it up and put in a tape and it jammed and wouldnt eject, i took the lid off and manged to get the video tape out but now the machine doesnt respond to any button...
  10. H

    Aiwa LP3000K power issue

    Hi I have an Aiwa LP-3000 that I want to set up. The turntable takes 240v AC. I would be thankful if someone could take pitty on me sand suggest a specific inverter or specific device to convert 240v DC to the AC I require. The Amp and everything else I’m using runs from DC. Many thanks
  11. JayLaFunk

    Answered Aiwa AD-F600 Stereo Cassette Deck

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can purchase (UK) replacement belts for this deck or any compatible belts that would work with it. Cheers
  12. H

    Question Aiwa 3000 turntable with Technics SU 8099K

    Hi I have inherited a Aiwa 3000 turntable and SU 8099K Amp from my wife’s grandad. I know little about electronics so wanted to know if I have set it up properly. From what I can gather the turntable is AC and the amp DC. Both the power cables have XLR ends? (male 3 pin connectors) Whats...
  13. S

    Aiwa LX-D10

    Hi Trying to find belt size/type for a Aiwa turntable LX-D10 Tone arm, and a service manual if possible. Thanks Steve
  14. S

    Aiwa dz500m speaker issue

    Help required. Just set up the unit and unfortunately the surround sound speakers and Centre speaker do not appear to be working. I've plugged them in separately as if they were added speakers ie. Into video sockets and sound does come out but when plugged into correct sockets they are not...
  15. P

    Question Need some advice on an Aiwa NSX-330 Please

    Hi All! I Offered to take a look at the in laws Hi-Fi, they leave it plugged in 24/7 run it 5 days a week and have so for the last 20 years but came back from a weekend away to find it wasn't working, as if it had no power/fuse blown? I can't bear to see old but good quality electronics thrown...
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