airport express

  1. dantium

    Question Upgrade streamer or DAC

    I have a Naim 5i connected to a pair of kef ls50. As a source, I use the optical out from airport express which is fed from iTunes on iMac or my phone to an Arcam rDac. This can be controlled quite well by the remote app on my iPhone. Denon 2200 gets occasional use for cds, but an echo dot is...
  2. xmb

    AirPort Express now with AirPlay 2

    Just seen on Apple Insider website that a new firmware was released for the AirPort Express that now supports AirPlay 2! I am away at the moment so can test it out but if true will make a lot of people happy.
  3. waring192

    Question Looking for smallish speakers for Apple Airport Express

    I picked up three airport express boxes for £150 recently and they are great for spreading WIFI around our house (large, very old with think walls). Was just wondering if there was a sort of cube speaker which doesnt cost the earth that can sit aesthetically ontop of the Express? If not, what...
  4. waring192

    Question Single speakers to connect to Airport Express

    Hello all, managed to pick up a job lot (4) of the third* generation Airport Express boxes. Im looking to dot them around, one in the kitchen, one in the spare room x 2 and conservatory. Can anyone recommend a decent single powered cube speaker to attach to each one? Doesn't have to be amazing...
  5. B

    Question Split Output from Airport Express

    Hi I have an Airport Express device which I currently use to play music in one room of my house. I would like to take the output from Airport Express and send this to three amplifiers so I can play the same music to three zones in Sync. A chap a Richer sounds has suggested the following...
  6. Matt_C

    Not enough wifi!!!

    Sorry for the ambiguous title - trying to explain, even in a nutshell, the specifics was too long to display as a thread title, so the layman's title will have to suffice :D I've always been a little disappointed with the wifi coverage in my house. It's not a particularly big house (2 up 1...
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