1. kah22

    AirPods Pro Creating Tunnel Sound

    I received my AirPods Pro at the weekend, my first in ear speakers, and have been experiment to find the correct fit for my ears, and I’m not to sure whether I’m there or not. At the moment it seems to be one medium and one large. The fit guide might indicate a good fit but if I’m answering a...
  2. J

    Best Upgrade- iPhone DAC or apple Airpods Max

    Morning, looking to spend some allocated cash and find myself a Father’s Day gift! I use my home cinema solely for AV duties but I’m listening more to music since lockdown. Can’t justify getting a separate home stereo system so was looking to upgrade my headphone experience. I use my iPhone...
  3. V

    AirPods Pro repair/recall (Mfg: < October 2020)

    Just stumbled across this... which is interesting as in the past few weeks I’ve experienced ’crackling’ which sounds like you’re out of range of the Bluetooth device. I need to establish if this is the crackling they refer to...
  4. bakayaro

    Bargain Expired Apple Airpods Pro - £186 at Amazon

    Saw this on HUKD, looks like a decent discount. Airpods Pro With Wireless Case-Isp: Electronics
  5. virtual_boy

    Question Does anyone own this iPhone charger and know if it will charge the AirPods Pro?

    As per thread title, just wondering if the position of the lower horizontal charging coil would allow for charging of AirPods Pro. Thanks in advance :smashin:
  6. Ste7en

    Question So, these AirPods with Wireless Charging Case...

    ... aren't actually 'wireless'? Is this correct? Daughter wants some for Christmas but I'm so confused. Help! :D
  7. Sonic67

    Apple Airpods could cause cancer.

    Apple's and other brands. Maybe. Problem is cancers may not show for decades, it can be down to the amount of use, individual genetics and a lot more. Do AirPods and other EarPods cause cancer? Here's the scary research Moderator edit: This is for final reminder to please cease copying and...
  8. B

    AirPods Killing Me! Where do I adjust receiver bluetooth volume?

    I can't adjust the volume of my Yamaha RX-V383 receiver bluetooth volume to my Apple AirPods. Of course, I tried Volume control, nope. Searched the manual AV Fourms, no luck. Where do I adjust the volume for bluetooth? Help? Thank you in advance for your help!
  9. B

    Question Bluetooth receiver that works with airpods?

    Does anyone know of a 3.5mm Bluetooth receiver that will work with Apple AirPods on a tv? There’s quite a few on Amazon but I can’t see how they will be able to connect to it.
  10. Flashy

    Considering AirPods – alternatives or avoid altogether?

    I generally listen to podcasts and audiobooks in bed, and invariably fall asleep listening to them. Then I’ll wake up in a tangle of Apple EarPod wires and lying on my phone. I’d like to go wireless – not necessarily true wireless but can’t get away from the AirPods. Them working seamlessly...
  11. Saxo Appeal

    Plux: Charge Your New Apple Devices Simultaneously

    Hi Guys, Worth a punt which I have just backed, pretty cool charging stand has now arrived for backing, estimated delivery time will be April. I have ordered one in White and one Black, at only $69 for 2 (Super Early Bird Double Plux Offer) Charges at 10w and is a fraction of the price...
  12. TheDarkKnight01

    Question Earphones with Zero wires, similar to AirPods?

    My brother wants some earphones for Christmas that have zero wires. Similar to the Apple AirPods. Budget is under £100. Could anybody recommend some? I have had a look online but I am not too sure myself as I have always favoured the wired headphones and have a pair of AKG's myself. He is...
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