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  1. R1DDS

    For Sale Apple AirPods Pro with MagSafe charging case (2021)

    Brand new sealed from Amazon
  2. E

    Wanted New AirPods Pro MagSafe 2021

    Looking for the latest AirPods Pro 2021 with the MagSafe charger. It has to be new.
  3. D

    Wanted AirPods pro

    Anyone selling. My daughter wants an upgrade
  4. Grale

    Wanted AirPods Pro or series 3 -New-

    Anyone selling a new and sealed set of AirPods. Pros or series 3 would be great. Thanks 👍 Can pay BT or PP
  5. kah22

    AirPods pro ditch them or not

    I’m using AirPods Pro with my iPhone and iPad but I’ve been having difficulties with them. I couldn’t get a good fit and a fault also developed in the charging case giving me a reason to return! I’m beginning to ask myself should I give the AirPods Pro another try or go for say on ears...
  6. flax

    Apple AirPods Pro vs. Klipsch T5 II

    :) Flavio
  7. kah22

    AirPods Pro Creating Tunnel Sound

    I received my AirPods Pro at the weekend, my first in ear speakers, and have been experiment to find the correct fit for my ears, and I’m not to sure whether I’m there or not. At the moment it seems to be one medium and one large. The fit guide might indicate a good fit but if I’m answering a...
  8. mij

    Airpods Pro failing ear tip test.

    Hi, I am curious to know if others on here are having problems with their ear tip test failing? To explain, I am now on my third set of Airpod Pros since last september. When new they pass the ear tip test first time and everytime and sound good with good noise cancelling, but within a month...
  9. P-P-S-S

    Are AirPods Pro any good for calls?

    What is the opinion on the AirPods Pro please? Mainly worried about call quality. Worth getting or should I wait until the next model?
  10. TimeForAChange

    Bargain Expired Apple Airpods Pro £166 From Very

    Popped on to Very this morning and there are doing Apple Airpods Pro for £196, If you add the code R37UX at checkout it gives you 12 Months BNPL and £30 back to your account in a months time Making them £166, As long as you pay within a year. Hope this helps someone. Thanks
  11. E

    Question XBOX Series X Bluetooth adaptor for Airpods Pro

    Hello I would like to test out the AirPods pro on the Xbox series X, but I want to try a Bluetooth adaptor. Can I get any USB one and plug it into Xbox and then just sync them with the Airpods Pro or do I need to get a dongle that plugs into the 3.5mm jack on the controller? If anybody can shed...
  12. R

    Apple AirPods Pro battery life

    Hi,I’ve had a pair of these for Xmas and the battery life doesn’t seem that good ,after 3 hours they were down to 10 %,any ideas
  13. E

    Foam Tips for Airpods Pro

    I am looking for recommendations for Memory Foam Tips for my Apple Airpods Pro. I have just bought the Comply ones. What a load of rubbish, they just will not stay in. Nightmare.
  14. V

    AirPods Pro repair/recall (Mfg: < October 2020)

    Just stumbled across this... which is interesting as in the past few weeks I’ve experienced ’crackling’ which sounds like you’re out of range of the Bluetooth device. I need to establish if this is the crackling they refer to...
  15. P

    AirPods Pro Spatial Audio

    I think this is a fantastic feature but there's some uncertainty as to what it will be compatible with. As of today it works on ios14 on recent iPhones and iPads on the Apple TV app, Disney + and HBO Max. Please report here any other apps you manage to get SA from and if these are playing your...
  16. E

    Question AirPods Pro on PS4?

    Hi, my son has AirPods and on a quick look it seems that he'd need a Bluetooth dongle to use them for gaming on his PlayStation, can anyone recommend one or guide me as to any specifics I need to look for? Thanks
  17. Skyrider

    Latency Issue with Sennheiser TW2 (But Not with Apple AirPods Pro)

    Hi, I have recently acquired a pair of Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 earphones, which are showing quite a degree of latency when viewing movies/video via my Windows PC, i.e. obvious lip-sync issues. I'm aware that this is inherent with Bluetooth devices, however, I do not experience this...
  18. P

    AirPods Pro Firmware Updated to 2D15

    So Apple just slipped in a new firmware for the AirPods Pro. 2D15. I might let a few ginea pigs go first before opening mine after the last debacle. if anyone updates let me know how you get on.
  19. bakayaro

    Bargain Expired Apple Airpods Pro - £186 at Amazon

    Saw this on HUKD, looks like a decent discount. Airpods Pro With Wireless Case-Isp: Electronics
  20. virtual_boy

    Question Does anyone own this iPhone charger and know if it will charge the AirPods Pro?

    As per thread title, just wondering if the position of the lower horizontal charging coil would allow for charging of AirPods Pro. Thanks in advance :smashin:
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