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  1. Naqv

    For Sale Apple lightning to 3.5mm cable for airpods max

    Purchased new from apple and used once. Selling as have sold the max headphones. New it was £35, yours for £20
  2. Rikwaller

    For Sale AirPods Max Space Grey - now £320

    For Sale - AirPods Space Grey purchased at end of March from John Lewis Also included is a hard case that i purchased to store then in (you still use the official case but this gives greater protection). I can send a copy of the receipt. Boxed and hardly used. £375
  3. D

    Wired vs Wireless when using Airpods Max with PS5?

    So I already have the Pulse 3D headset but it hurts my head when used for long sessions. I also have the Airpods Max so I'm trying to see if I can get these to work instead of buying another headset. From searching the internet, the two options are to either get the lightning cable for a wired...
  4. D

    No Atmos for Disney Plus & AirPods Max. Anyone know why?

    When using the AirPods Max with Apple TV 4K box, I can check if atmos is being outputted by going to the control centre (similar to using an iPhone). From here I can confirm that when using Netflix or PrimeVideo they output the audio in Atmos. However, when I use Disney Plus, I only get...
  5. D

    Can AirPods Max really simulate height with Atmos?

    So I have AirPods Pro and have watched videos on Netflix / AppleTV+ & Disney. I listened to videos with height in them like See to test the height channel, I also had atmos confirmed to be active by looking at control centre. The "height" from the Pro's was completely unconvincing. Didn't sound...
  6. D

    In the market for a streaming device and a pair of wireless headphones, is ATV + AirPods Max actually worth it?

    Basically for the streaming device, I need 24hz match frame rate (for Netflix, prime, Disney plus, Apple TV plus) I'd also like Dolby Atmos, vision and a fast menu. For the headphones I just want good Dolby Atmos & good soundstage. However, I'm not sure how great the soundstage is with AirPods...
  7. Fade In

    Cheaper (better?) alternatives to AirPods Max?

    I know AirPods Max aren't exactly the audiophiles' cans of choice. I've had mine since summer and whilst they are great, I'd like to try something new and possibly cheaper. I'm looking for a cheaper (<£350) set of wired or wireless headphones that provide superior sound quality to the AirPods...
  8. R

    Head up - AirPods Max on offer

    Amazon are doing the blue ones for £433, which has to be the best price from a major retailer. I’ve been itching to try these for a while, so gone for it. There are actually other people doing them for £380, but I’m not keen on buying from what I presume is a grey-importing setup.
  9. J

    Best Upgrade- iPhone DAC or apple Airpods Max

    Morning, looking to spend some allocated cash and find myself a Father’s Day gift! I use my home cinema solely for AV duties but I’m listening more to music since lockdown. Can’t justify getting a separate home stereo system so was looking to upgrade my headphone experience. I use my iPhone...
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