1. S

    Add (non-musiccast) Airplay 2 compatible speaker to MusicCast Controller

    The Airplay 2 MusicCast page says the following: I would like a MusicCast enabled speaker for my bathroom (with IP-rating). Yamaha does not provide such devices. Would I be able to connect the JBL Link Portable (or any other airplay 2 compatible device) to MusicCast Controller app as a...
  2. C

    No Sound with AirPlay to Sony XBR 65x90CH (65x900H)

    I'm new to these forums so apologize if I missed a prior post which answered this question. I tried a search and did find one post but it didn't help. So here is my question: I just bought a Sony 65x90CH TV and have tried streaming content to the TV via AirPlay from my iMac (running Mojave OS)...
  3. J3mmo

    Volume when connecting to airplay

    Hi whenever anyone connects their device via airplay the volume jumps to 100. Happens every time, anyone know how I stop this? It’s the LG NANO
  4. B

    LG TV: request Airplay for 2017 models

    Hi, this information is for anyone who has an LG TV which currently lacks the Airplay 2 app for screen mirroring a display from a Mac or iPhone to an LG TV set. Many like to use it for streaming videos but it's also very useful for reading the books in your Apple library. You may have seen that...
  5. Autopilot

    Airplay - terrible buffering and stuttering? Any fixes?

    I did post this in the C8 thread, but as I didn’t get much response and it also effects my mothers cheap LCD LG, thought it worth asking the wider LG owner community... I’ve now got Apple Airplay on my C8, and the performance is absolutely terrible. I can not achieve smooth playback. Issue is...
  6. R

    Airplay stutter

    Hi all I have a 2020 A8 OLED. I'm trying to stream videos from my macbook Pro to the TV via Airplay but there is stuttering when I do this - quite annoying when watching football for example. Any way to fix this? My router is in the same room so no issue with signal or speed.
  7. M

    LG 55UN7300PTC - cannot connect to TV with Airplay

    This is a new TV ... got it all setup and was connecting my iPad and iMac to it via Airplay and it worked just fine - for about three weeks. Then suddenly I could no longer connect via Airplay, getting the error msg "Unable to connect to LG ....". I switched off all devices, restarted the...
  8. S

    Question How do I get AirPlay to work with my Yamaha RX-V6A / TSR-700?

    I just can't figure this out. Every other feature I've tested works. I've tried to set it up in Home app, and just trying to send something through AirPlay to the receiver, but the receiver never pops up for anything. I don't see a lighted AirPlay symbol on the receiver display, but not sure if...
  9. S

    Question Is my TCL tv s535 compatible with screen mirror feature from an iPhone?

    Hello! I recently bought a TCL 65s535 and I wonder if AirPlair and Screen Mirroring from an iPhone (iPhone 8 - version 14.3) should work!? Is it really compatible? or my tv has a problem? Im able to airplair videos from Youtube, but when I try to airplay other stuff or do screen mirror...
  10. R

    Question No audio when streaming via AirPlay to Sony KD43XH8505BU

    Hello, When streaming from macOS (Big Sur 11.1) over AirPlay direct to a brand new Sony KD43XH8505BU we get video but no audio. It was working for the first week but now isn't. However, when doing the same thing via a hardware AppleTV box it works just fine. Online searches have only yielded...
  11. N

    Airplay 2 - be aware!

    It turns out that Airplay 2 can stream music to my Apple TV, LG TV, and Sky Q box - all of which can play through my Hi Fi system. And sound quality is excellent. Crazy that I didn’t realise this before I ordered a Bluesound Node 2I. I’m sure the BS would have many excellent features and might...
  12. M

    Active Speakers with Airplay and HDMI Arc

    Looking into Active speaker options that have both Airplay 2 and HDMI Arc input. Was looking at KEF LSX however the lack of grills is a show stopper for me as will be in a family room with young kids. What other options are out there? Whenever I find a decent active speaker option its missing...
  13. marcogodles

    Question Yamaha WXAD-10 Airplay keeps disconnecting

    I have been using the WXAD10 without any issues since purchase almost a year ago. Suddenly as of a couple days ago, Airplay will only stream for about 30-60 seconds before disconnecting. This occurs with both my Macbook and iPhone. Wondering if an iOS update is to blame. Bluetooth connection...
  14. 1

    Question Alexa and Airplay issues 55UN73

    Is anyone else having issues with connecting to the LG ThinQ app for Alexa connection or connecting to the tv for airplay? I just bought the brand new 2020 55 inch UN7300 model and am having issues. My TV is not being discovered by the ThinQ app on my phone and is only sometimes discoverable for...
  15. D

    Hands-On With Roku OS 9.4: HBO Max via AirPlay and Speed Improvements Tested

    Thought I would share this article with others
  16. V

    Question Airplay ‘crash’ on TU8500?

    I’ve an NU8000, from a couple of years ago, in one room, and airplay works just fine... the TV is connected to structured cabling and feeds back to a managed switch. Airplay works whether the TV is wired/wireless, and works from a series of playback devices. I’ve just bought a TU8500, and...
  17. X

    Airplay anthem mrx720

    Hi, Does anyone know how to use Apple Music with the MR X720, it looks like it cab be done with PlayFi, but I wasn’t successful yet. thanks, Bart
  18. R

    Airport Express + Cambridge Audio 540R DAC / Amp - Airplay optical output issue

    Hi all, I’m in the process of putting together a simple system for my study, using stuff I already own. It’s to stream either from my computer or AirPlay with the following components: My old Cambridge Audio 540R V2 receiver as a 2 channel amp & DAC Celestion F10 bookshelf speakers Deezer...
  19. Helix Hifi

    Spotify best audio settings? Audio Normalization only works when using Airplay 2.

    Hey everyone. I’m using Spotify Premium. When I use Spotify Connect I notice that the sound volume is maybe 3db louder then when listing trough Airplay 2. I have Audio Normalization on in the settings. Its a green color when it’s on. If I turn the Audio Normalization option off then adjust the...
  20. R

    Samsung TV Airplay 2 Speaker

    Hi, does the Samsung Airplay 2 feature allow to connect to Airplay 2 Speakers? Has anyone tested it? thanks Ray
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