1. B

    Yamaha RX-V6A 2 zones/ airplay question

    I have 4 speakers inside and 2 speakers outside. I am trying to set up so I can have each zone show separately via airplay. I set up 2 zones via the MusicCast app, but only the main zone shows on airplay. Any suggestions on how to get both zones to show via airplay? Thanks!
  2. J@ffa

    For Sale Sonos Play 5, gen 2 in black, perfect condition

    Hi all. I'm selling my Sonos Play 5 (gen 2) speaker, which is in perfect condition, lightly used and running the latest Sonos S2 software. I purchased it in 2017 from Amazon directly and never had any issues, but I've sinced moved and gotten a Beam for movie/TV watching, so sadly this gets very...
  3. D

    Yamaha v577 airplay connection problems

    Hi, I have the above receiver and I’m trying to get it setup with Airplay but I can’t get it working. I have the receiver wired to the router, but it’s not showing on my phone as an option for airplay. I’ve just updated the firmware to the latest but even that was difficult because it wouldn’t...
  4. musketman

    Anyone here use Airplay with Chromecast Audio?

    Short story: I bought an old CCA so that I can stream Apple Music from my iPhone. Just two hiccups: (i) In the Google Home app, under 'Music', I can see the Apple Music icon, but it just plays some random track from Apple Music. How can I choose what I want to listen to? (ii) When I try to cast...
  5. C

    Chromecast / Airplay Question - iOS - CXN V2 Streamer

    Hi guys, Infrequent poster, frequent reader. I am setting my parents up with a new streamer, they've always had pretty good spec equipment but want to stream properly rather than just AirPlay via a very unreliable NA8005. Short story is they have bought Cambridge CXA81, CXC and CXN V2 streamer...
  6. E

    İphone 11 no Airplay on Phillips OLED 706/806 TV?

    I own oled 706. My phone turn on the screen mirroring setting, but the TV does not connect. Anyone with philips owners? Chromecast is turned on in TV settings still no screen. is there a solution? Or does the iphone phone not connect to philips?
  7. R

    Airplay issue on LG CX OLED

    I have an LG CX series TV with the latest OS which has Airplay 2. The TV has the latest software and is correctly paired with my devices. I have a Macbook and iMac both running the latest OS (Monterey 12.1) and both devices suffer exactly the same problems - which have existed in previous...
  8. N

    Simple airplay 2 speakers for kitchen

    I'm a new user so hope I've put this in the right place! I have searched the forums but couldn't find a similar answer to this. For context - at the moment we listen to all our music on the small Amazon echo dots... so we are starting from a very low bar in terms of sound quality. We're moving...
  9. KBD

    AirPlay audio from ThinkPad to LG-CX

    My LG CX model TV has Airplay 2 & it works fantastic with Apple devices. Apparently it's supposed to work with iTunes from a Windows machine, but mine will not: I've tried changing the Audio configuration in iTunes preferences, but that hasn't solved it. Tried adding the TV from the Windows...
  10. adann

    Airplay 2 and Bluetooth streamer

    Looking for a streamer that has Airplay 2 and Bluetooth - does anyone know of any? Closest I have found is the Yamaha WXAD 10 but from what I can see is only first version of Airplay. Device will be hooked up to the Cambridge Audio AXA35 amp. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hevanna76

    Arcam AVR20 with LG G1 TV & Airplay issues

    Hi Everyone Ok so we upgraded our tech recently & I am trying to use Airplay 2 for picture & sound, I can play movies from my iPad Pro & get sound from the Arcam & LG but what I want it to do is have the sound from the Arcam & picture on the LG. If I turn off the Arcam I can use Airplay 2 to...
  12. J

    So no Airplay on Phillips OLED TV?

    I've a new 806 and sharing video from my Mac seems to be another thing that my £250 TV from 2 years back can do, that my brand new £1000 cannot. Not sure if it's because it's Android? Google throws up various 3rd party apps as options but I don't really like that... And even then I'm not...
  13. bigbaddavid

    Cambridge Audio 851N and macOS Monterey Airplay bug - anyone else?

    I've got a Cambridge Audio 851N which among other things is used as an Apple Airplay target. Since upgrading to a M1 MacBook and macOS Monterey I occasionally get a frozen status bar in Apple Music where tracks continue to play but the time freezes and new tracks are not registered as having...
  14. W

    Can you Airplay 4K 60fps Dolby Vision to LG OLED from iPhone 13 Pro Max?

    Hi I just wanted to find out if this is possible before I buy one. I asked in the mobile forum but didn’t get any response. Thanks
  15. W

    Can you Airplay 4K 60fps Dolby Vision from iPhone 13 Pro Max?

    Hi I have an CX LG OLED which supports Airplay and I am thinking about getting the iPhone 13. Just wanted to know if it can cast 4K 60fps Dolby Vision via Airplay? Thanks
  16. C

    AirPlay won't stream Prime content?

    When I try to stream Prime content from my computer to my TV using the AirPlay function, it fails and I get this error message on the Amazon page.......... What the heck does this mean please? Everything else streams perfectly, just Prime won't!
  17. M

    Airplay without ethernet?

    Hi all, I have a Hegel H120 and Kef LS50 Meta speakers on order. While waiting for delivery, a sudden doubt crossed my mind. In the room where I'm going to place this system, there's no ethernet available (Wifi only). I would like to use my iPad to stream Spotify. My question is: will I still...
  18. MrMav11

    Anyone have a JVC Fire TV, have Apple TV+ app and AirPlay?

    Does anyone have a JVC fire TV edition? Does it have the Apple TV+ app on and AirPlay? I’m looking for a bedroom TV upgrade. at least 32” and wondering if I can get rid of the Apple TV HD I have at same time. I only use the Apple TV for streaming, Netflix, Now TV, prime, catchup TV etc, and...
  19. edgarisjamming

    How does one turn off AirPlay on a Yamaha Receiver TSR-700? I already have an Apple TV hooked up to it so it is redundant.

    I have a TSR-700 Yamaha Receiver and an Apple TV which I use as my main entertainment center. Having the receiver as an AirPlay target seems redundant and confusing so I would like to turn it off. The problem is that I can't find a way to do so. The [Settings] menu doesn't have anything related...
  20. ahaydock

    Bluesound Node 2i: Apple Lossless Airplay Vs Spotify Connect?

    As the title says really curious to know technically which would sound better when using my Node 2i: Apple lossless via airplay using my iPhone or Spotify Connect?
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